Notta Audio Clipper- speech to text, transcribe webpage

Notta Audio Clipper —— Save any webpage's audio to Notta. Preserve sound that fades out.

one-click transcription

Smooth, minimalist workflow

Any audio content on the current tab such as YouTube videos, podcasts, or Zoom online classes -you name it- can be turned into text automatically.

  • You can record and transcribe anything you want on up to 5 tabs simultaneously.
  • For each tab, 5-hour-long transcription is supported.

98% Transcription accuracy rate

High transcription accuracy save you the time to double-check or edit transcripts manually.

  • Punctuation marks are automatically inserted between pause and sentences.
  • You can even translate the transcript to up tp 42 languages. For example, it is possible to translate from Japanese to English and from English to Japanese. Best way to learn a new language.
98% transcription accuracy
Sync data across devices

Sync across all devices

Sync data from your Windows PC, Android smartphone, Android tablet, Mac, iPhone, iPad through your Notta account.

  • We offer you flexible ways to preserve your essential data such as sharing the records with your family, friends and colleagues, or exporting them to TXT, PDF, SRT or DOCX to save them offline.
  • To sync data across devices, all you need is a Notta account.

Transcribe webpages in seconds

pin Notta Audio Clipper Extension

1. Pin Notta Audio Clipper

Click the pushpin icon to pin Notta extension to your Chrome toolbar for quick access.

Click the Sign up for free button to create a new account

2. Log in to Notta Web

Open the webpage you want to transcribe. Then click the Notta extension icon to sign in or sign up.

Click the start recording button to transcribe

3. Start recording

Click "Start recording" and Notta will record and transcribe the video/audio on the current tab.

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