Notta Web Update V2.8.0

January 19, 2022

Notta Web 2.8.0 has been released. Several new features will be introduced to improve the service. Let's try it now.


  • Feedback can be submitted in more detail
  • Exported content can include images

Include more details while submitting feedback

If the problem is clear, the development team can easily find and fix the problem, where the steps to raise the problem, the expected behavior, and the actual behavior (error messages, etc.) are detailed. The feedback provided in is a great clue for the development team to investigate the problem and is more likely to resolve the problem early.

We will work to fix bugs and reflect more feedback in the next release. If you find a problem or have any ideas on how to make Notta more comfortable, let us know.

Exported content can include images

With this update, you can now export images and records together.

* If the data format is DOCX or PDF, you can export the image.