AI-powered Video Translator for Content Localization

Effortlessly translate your video content across 15 languages with Notta Showcase.
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One solution for various video translation needs

The applications for voice dubbing are limitless, but here’s just a few.

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Easily create multilingual versions of your promotional videos, grow into the global market and scale your customer base with less efforts.

video translation for marketing
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Social Media

Translate YouTube/TikTok videos into multiple languages to expand your global influence, engagement, and opportunities. Language is no longer a barrier.

video translation for social media
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Make online educational content accessible to a wider audience by delivering courses in their native language, facilitating knowledge sharing worldwide.

video translation for education

Why localizing your content with Notta Showcase

Powered by advanced machine transcription, translation, and generative AI, we take video production efficiency to the next level.

translate different languages

15 global languages covered

Record in only one language, you can connect with a global audience by dubbing across languages in one go.

voice clone feature

Maintain speaker’s style with voice clone

Communicate with the audience in your own voice and style to ensure a natural listening experience, say no to robotic AI voices.

upload video for translation

Easy to get started

You provide the video by simply uploading it or pasting a link, select the language, and our AI does the rest. Enjoy an automated process.

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Start localizing your content

Break down language barriers and make your video content universally accessible and engaging, start from today.