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Overwhelmed by manual transcription?

Leave it to Notta!

Focus on current conversations

Convert audio to text in seconds. Notta frees up your mind and allows you to engage positively in meetings or online classes.

Set your hands free from typing

Save data to multiple formats such as TXT, DOCX, PDF, SRT as you like.

Organize info in a flash

With enhanced editing functions, you can edit transcripts on smartphone, laptop, tablet anywhere, anytime.

Utilize your transcripts

With Notta, you can generate video subtitles, meeting notes, reports in minutes.

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Any audio source

  • Live recording from microphone

  • Audio files

  • Web meetings

  • Webpages audio

Edit & Organize

  • Edit text in real-time transcription

  • Transcribe up to 104 languages

  • Change playback speed

  • Insert images

Sync across devices

  • PC, Mac

  • Smartphone (iOS/Android)

  • Chromebooks

  • Access to recordings and transcripts anywhere, anytime

Save & Share

  • Export to TXT, DOCX, SRT, PDF format

  • Live stearm text sharing

  • Share transcript with others

  • Export audio files

Main Features

Real-time transcription

Import Audio/Video Files

Sync across devices

Edit/Mark transcript

Notta Bot — Live transcribe video calls

Export Files

Live stream text sharing

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Support communication for people with hearing loss

For hard-of-hearing people, communication can be smoother if there is a tool that converts voice into text. 

Boost your business productivity

Video conferencing has become a common practice for most businesses today.  In the flood of hours-long video calls, Notta can help you record and turn audio into editable and sharable text.

Change the way to take medical records

AI-powered transcription service like Notta helps medical transcriptionists work behind the scenes with your healthcare provider to make sure your health history is correctly documented.

Improve the effiency of copywriting

Nothing is trivial when it comes to dictating. Upload all interviews, and you will be surprised at the structured and detail-oriented transcripts done by your transcriber, Notta.

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