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Effortlessly translate English videos to Korean using Notta Showcase. With voice dubbing and automated captions, this English video translator makes your video more accessible and engaging.

translate video with AI

Break language barriers with AI-powered English video translation

As professionals and content creators, localizing your content to connect with a wider audience is essential, and our online video translator empowers you to do just that. With Notta Showcase, you can effortlessly translate English videos into Korean or other languages through the inclusion of a natural dubbed voiceover—complete with matching subtitles.

Translate English videos to Korean in easy steps

upload a video to Notta Showcase for translation

1. Upload your video

Upload your video file directly or provide a link from YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Loom. We support a variety of file formats, including MP4, MOV, and AVI.

2. Start translation

Select English as the source language and Korean as the target language, then click ‘Translate’ to start processing.

3. View & download

You can review the dubbed video, then download it or share the file link with others. It’s that easy to make your video accessible to Korean speaking world.

Expand your global audience with video translation

translate video automatically using AI

Automatically translate videos with high accuracy

With Notta Showcase AI video translator, you can automatically translate your video in English into Korean, with accurate translations that maintain the clarity and authenticity of your content.

We also incorporate automatic subtitles to increase accessibility and create a richer viewing experience.

voice cloning feature

Maintain the original voice tone and style

Our next-level voice clone feature allows you to maintain the original speaking style and emotions while translating video content. The result is a dubbed version of your video that sounds natural and authentic, ready to resonate with audiences globally.

different use cases of video translation

Satisfy different video translation needs

Whether it's translating promotional videos to expand customer bases, making online learning resources accessible to non-native speakers, or dubbing your YouTube videos/Shorts to grow audience globally, the applications of video translation are limitless.

Why Choose Notta Showcase

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Easy to use

You provide the video by simply uploading it or pasting a link, select the language, and our AI does the rest. Enjoy an automated and seamless process.

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Time saving

Automate the translation process so you don’t need to re-record your videos or audio track just to support a different language.

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Cost effectiveness

Our English video translator delivers translated videos at much lower cost compared to traditional video dubbing, without compromising on quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app that can translate English videos?

If you're looking for an app that can translate English videos to Korean or vice versa, look no further than Notta Showcase. This online video translator utilizes advanced AI algorithms to translate video across multiple languages. A free version is available for you to explore our services.

How do I translate a video from English to Korean?

Translate a English video to Korean is efficient by using Notta Showcase. Simply upload the video file you want to translate, specify the language from out list of 15 languages, and hit the ‘Translate’ button. Our AI-powered video translator will automatically translate the content, replacing the original audio in your desired language.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a Free plan that allows you to translate up to 30 minutes of video per month. And you can purchase the Pro plan to get more minutes and advanced features.

How long does the video dubbing process take?

The duration of the dubbing process depends on the length of the content; however, our AI video translator is designed to deliver results swiftly.

Does Google translate a video?

Yes, Google Translate offers the ability to translate video content, but it has limitations. Google Translate primarily focuses on text translation, so it may not provide accurate translations for spoken words. Additionally, Google Translate does not offer features specifically designed for video translation, such as automated subtitles or voice clone.

Start localizing your content

Leverage Notta Showcase to translate English videos to another language instantly, expanding your reach and impact like never before.

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