We Are Notta

The leading AI note-taking tool that converts conversations to written text with collaboration capabilities.

Experience a revolutionary way to capture and organize information, boosting productivity like never before.

we are Notta

Our Vision

Discover the infinite value from conversations.

We recognize that despite being the most basic form of communication, many conversations in our lives and work remain inefficient, hindering productivity.

There has to be a better way to facilitate these conversations. That’s why we created Notta, a tool that combines human creativity and Artificial Intelligence.

The name Notta comes from a combination of the English words ‘Note Taking,' and that’s what Notta does — utilize automated note taking to help people capture information effortlessly so they can concentrate on the conversation and maximize its value.

With Notta, individuals and teams can save time and and focus on the content, leading to more productive and successful outcomes.

2 million+

Over 2 million people trust Notta to convert audio to text.


More than 700 companies, big and small, choose Notta.

3 million+

Over 3 million hours of transcribed content.

Notta users around the world

Core Values at Notta

Core Values at Notta

“ Move fast and break things ”

Don’t be afraid of failure in the pursuit of innovation.

“ If a user is having a problem, it’s our problem. ”

“ Whatever the problem, be part of solution. ”

“ Focus on the highest value things ”

Know what’s important and do it.

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