Releases and Updates

See the latest Notta feature releases, product improvements and bug fixes.

Version History: Notta app 5.7.0
Nov 18, 2021

• Display nickname of Notta Bot.
Auto join, record, and live transcribe Zoom calls.
• More adjustable playback speeds.
You can slow down your recording to 0.5x, 0.75x, or speed it up to 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x, 3x as you like.
• Optimize user experience.

Version History: Notta app 5.6.0
Oct 27, 2021

・Free 3-minute real-time transcription is available for basic users.
・Basic users can import audio/video files and play them back. However, live transcription will not be available.

Version History: Notta app 5.5.0
Oct 20, 2021

・The app now can automatically switch between light and dark mode according to phone settings.
・Global Search is now available, allowing you to search key information across all conversations.
・Sends a Notta Bot to your ongoing Zoom meetings for live transcription. You can get the full transcript after the meeting.

Version History: Notta app 5.4.0
Sep 26, 2021

・Feedback optimization
・Bug fixes

Version History: Notta app 5.3.0
Sep 14, 2021

・Notta app is now available on the iPad.
・You can now select multiple records or phrases at once by swiping up or down on the Home or Record Details screen.

Version History: Notta app 5.2.0
Sep 10, 2021

・Import video files to transcribe.
・Support auto-save when editing transcript.
・Fixed some issues during recording conversation.

Version History: Notta app 5.1.0
Aug 15, 2021

We're thrilled to announce the release of a brand new Notta!

・NEW LOGO and UI & UX improvements.
・The bookmarks on audio and text help you to locate key moments.
・No limit on real-time transcription to ALL users.
・Updated Help Center
・Updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
・Notta web also works best on Microsoft Edge now.