The Best Audio to Text Converter

Notta mobile app lets you transcribe audio to text at any time and on any occasion,
making the best of your conversation.


If You'd Like to...

Record calls/meetings and take notes simultaneously

Playback recordings to get the interview transcripts

Get the best of every conversation anytime, anywhere

You Can Use Notta App to...

Record & transcribe audio to text in real-time

Export transcripts & share with teammates

Make every conversation more valuable for you

Turning audio into searchable info,
Notta knows how to make
every word count.

Record & Live Transcribe Audio

Notta can record audio and generate the transcript simultaneously.
In addition, import audio & video files to Notta and it'll have the transcript ready in just a few minutes! Never miss a single word in the conversation.

Import Audio

Bookmark & Edit Transcripts Efficiently

Add bookmarks for important moments during a recording as a reminder. When playing back, you can speed up the conversation up to 3x, mark lines in the transcript, search keywords, and translate the text into 40+ languages.


Sync Across Devices

Notta automatically backs up all your recordings and transcripts and syncs on all platforms, allowing you to work seamlessly from anywhere, anytime across different devices.

Multiple Platforms

Export & Share Made Easy

Export recordings and transcripts in various formats. Share important files with your colleagues or friends on other platforms in just a few clicks, keeping them in the loop at any time.

Notta Mobile App