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Easily transcribe meetings, record online sessions, and generate summaries in a secure space. Notta is your simple and AI-powered alternative to

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How does Notta Compare with


Conferencing Platforms


Google Meet

Microsoft Teams


Meeting Transcription & Summary

Real-time transcription

Max 5 hours of transcription per conversation

90 minutes of transcription per conversation

Transcribe pre-recorded audio/video files

Unlimited file imports per month.

Only 10 file imports per month.

Transcribe audio/video files from cloud

Support Google Drive and Dropbox.

Support Dropbox.

Speaker identification

Edit & export transcripts

Audio & Video: MP3, MP4


Audio: MP3


AI summary

Multilingual transcription

Support 104 languages.

Only support English.

Transcript translation

Support 42 languages.

Automatic text correction

Meeting Record

Record audio and video

Only record audio.

Download audio and video recordings

Only support audio recording.

Built-in event scheduler

Adjustable playback speeds

Pricing & Support

Free trial


$13.99 1 User Per Month

1,800 monthly transcription minutes

$16.99 1 User Per Month

1,200 monthly transcription minutes

Customer support

Email, live chat


Platforms Supported


Andriod & iOS

Chrome extension

Why Teams Choose Notta over

Notta and are both speech-to-text tools that can help you transcribe audio and video files. They also have differences that can make it challenging to decide which app is right for you. To help you make an informed decision, here we compare and contrast Notta and in more detail below.

1. Most cost-effective

As the best alternative, Notta provides lower pricing on Pro plans, starting at $13.99 per user billed monthly. Within the quota of the paid plan, you can enjoy unlimited transcription minutes per recording and import an unlimited number of audio and video files. We also offer a 50% discount on our services to education users, as a way of supporting their causes. offers Pro plans, which start at $16.99 per user billed monthly. However, it applies transcription limits on the Pro plan, including 10 files imported per month and 90 transcription minutes per conversation. This will make it hard for users who have longer meetings or are used to importing audio files.

2. Awesome appointment scheduling

With Notta, you can seamlessly integrate scheduling into your work process without shifting back and forth between various platforms. Notta's easy-to-use Scheduler allows you to create your own scheduling link and share it with anyone who wants to book a meeting with you. The invitees can then choose a time slot at which you’re both available, and the meeting will be automatically added to your calendar. Just bring Notta along whenever your calendar reminds you.

Notta also integrates with various tools such as Google Calendar, Zoom, and Notion to help you stay on-task and productive. You can use Notta for various cases, such as scheduling interviews, setting up demos, booking appointments for consultations, booking coaching or therapy sessions, etc.

Instead, only asks you to connect calendar apps and sync events or meetings from your calendar. You still have to toggle between the app and other tools or emails to verify the time of a meeting or a chat with others.

Notta schedule

3. Better transcription experience

If you are looking for the best tool to use in conjunction with your calls, chats, and conferences, you may have heard of But if you want the best transcription experience, you should try Notta.

Language - You must need a tool that can handle many languages, especially when you work with people from different countries or cultures. Notta lets you transcribe live conversations in 104 languages and quickly translate them into other languages. This makes Notta more versatile than, which is limited to English only. You'll appreciate the difference when you use it.

Accuracy - With an increasing push to AI transcription technologies, transcription apps can reflect the words in the audio more precisely. The accuracy also depends on the quality of your audio file, like recording in a noise-free environment. Notta provides up to 98.86% accuracy for most transcripts. While, although the accuracy is not stated on the official website, users mentioned that the accuracy is 85-95%.   

Speed - When we use transcription apps or services, we want to save time, not waste it. That’s why the transcription speed matters a lot. Notta and both do a solid job with the turnaround time, albeit with slight differences. Notta can transcribe an hour of audio or video in just 5 minutes on average., on the other hand, takes 6 minutes to transcribe a 45-minute video, according to user feedback.

Transcription Options - Another area where Notta shines brighter than Otter is in how users can turn on the transcription feature. If you have your media files stored in cloud storage services or recording devices, Notta lets you upload these files (like WAV, MP3, M4A, MP4, etc.) or enter the sharing link, and generate transcripts automatically., however, restricts the number of file imports and works more as a dictation app for live conversations.

Notta transcription

4. Multiple ways of recording currently only supports recording and transcribing voice or audio that it captures from a phone or computer. 

By comparison, Notta, besides audio recording, can also record video that is captured from the screen or camera and lets you save recordings on local devices for easy sharing and uploading. 

Notta recording

Crafted for Every Prospective Role



Convert audio and video into easy-to-read, editable documents and share a transcript of your lectures, interviews, or presentations with your entire class. Notta has got you covered!



Let Notta handle the transcription and summarization of your interviews and voice memos in minutes, not hours. Save time and focus on your reporting instead of transcription!



Stay on top of your calls and meetings at every stage of the sprint. Notta can create meeting summaries and action items and keep everyone in your team engaged and on board.

Notta is a powerful and convenient tool for journalists who need to work fast. It lets you browse through a transcript with ease, listen to segments, and edit the transcript within the interface. Notta allows you to pause the recording anytime and easily resume when you're ready. This can be a real lifesaver, especially when dealing with lengthy and detailed discussions.

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Record, transcribe and summarize your audio, video, and meetings in real-time.

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