Notta Chrome Extension

Record & transcribe audio played on any website instantly.


If You'd Like to...

Get the transcript of an online course or podcast

Install a productivity tool without too much hassle

Get the best of every conversation

Notta Chrome Extension Can...

Record & live transcribe audio from any website

Be added as Chrome extension quickly

Make every conversation more valuable for you

Notta Lets You Get the Most
Out of Every Conversation

Turn Audio into Searchable Information

Want to capture speeches from an online course, a streaming YouTube video or a podcast episode?
Notta's Chrome extension records audio on the current tab and generates transcripts simultaneously, allowing you to access and search key messages more efficiently.

Transcribe Webpage

Playback, Edit, Export & Share

Recordings and transcripts are saved to your Notta account. You can play them back at different speeds, edit or translate the text to 40+ languages, add bookmarks in paragraphs, and export and share the files to your friends or colleagues.

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