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Notta Web is the all-in-one platform to organize your recordings & transcripts,
record Live meetings and sync from Google Calendar events.

Notta Transcription

Life before Notta

Transcribing voice to text is a lot of work

Meeting notes are unorganized & incomplete

So much valuable info got lost in conversations

Life with Notta

Record & transcribe audio in real-time

Edit, organize & export transcripts quickly

Make every conversation more valuable for you

Turning Audio into Manageable Text,
Notta knows best.

Get Transcripts in 5 Minutes

Upload audio or video files to the dashboard, and Notta will get the transcription ready in just a few minutes. No need to juggle multiple recording converter tools - let Notta do the heavy liftings so you can concentrate on the text that matters.

Import Files

Sync with Google Calendar Events

Grant Notta access to your Google Calendar and see all the upcoming meetings organized on the Dashboard. Ask Notta Bot to join a Live meeting to record and transcribe the conversation. Never miss a single word.

Calendar Meeting

Skip Silence & Organize Transcripts

Notta's AI identifies different speakers in the conversation. You can edit the speakers' names and skip silence in the recording when playing back. Press-hold-drag over the text blocks to merge the lines into a coherent paragraph.

Merge Block Edit Speaker

Editing Made Easy

Edit the text as you see fit. Use timestamps and Search option to locate keywords quickly. Insert bookmarks and relevant pictures to paragraphs to help yourself understand the context better.

Edit Anywhere

Highlight Key Messages

Bookmark important text as Key point, To-do or Project in the transcripts, and the progress bar will automatically show highlights in the corresponding moments.

Mark Comment

Export as Various Formats

Export recordings and transcripts as different file types. Customize options to include key elements in the exported file to generate a richer transcript.

Export Save

Make Every Conversation More Valuable for Everyone

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