20 Best AI Assistants to Improve Personal Productivity in 2024

Juggling work, social life, and self care is overwhelming. Distractions are the worst if you’re trying to remain productive. Before long, you’re frazzled, stressed, and procrastinating. Do you ignore it or hire someone to handle everything for you?

The solution might be easier than overhauling your entire life—that’s what AI assistants are for! AI tools can do wonders for handling your schedule, repetitive tasks, and those jobs that you really need an extra pair of hands for. Keep reading, as I’ve tested and narrowed down the 20 best AI assistants for all kinds of jobs. Plus, I’ve answered the most common questions about using AI personal assistant apps.

What Makes a Great AI Assistant?

The best AI assistants can make a world of difference in both your personal and professional productivity. Some apps can do lots of different, simple tasks, while others specialize in one particular area, like content creation or email management.

Personal Productivity

  • Manage your time with reminders for appointments, dates, and events

  • Schedule your day by creating automated routines

  • Get instant access to news, facts, and entertainment

  • Find out what the weather’s going to be like this week

  • Plan a route to your friend’s house or that new restaurant

  • Read and send texts and calls on the go

  • Track your fitness and wellness data

  • Plan healthy meals

  • Manage your personal finances with AI-powered open banking

Productivity at Work

  • Schedule meetings with your team based on mutual availability

  • Record, transcribe, and summarize meetings

  • Perform research with AI tools

  • Automate repetitive tasks like filing emails and documents

  • Generate content

  • Manage your passwords

  • Learn with AI powered course assistants

The 20 Best AI Assistants: Our Recommendations

1. Notta

Best for accurately transcribing speech into text

Notta transcribes speech to text in 108 languages

Taking manual notes is an unproductive use of your time. Instead, Notta automatically transcribes speech for you, with up to 98.86% accuracy. You can record directly into your microphone or upload an audio or video file to Notta. Within a few minutes, Notta prepares a full transcript with speaker tags and timestamps. From there, you can search for keywords, add notes, to-do items, and even create a summary with AI.

Notta Best Features

  • Transcribes speech to text in 104 languages

  • Notta Bot auto-joins your Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom calls to transcribe the conversation in real-time

  • Create a summary and action items from your transcript with Notta AI Summary

  • Works on Web, Android, iOS, and Chrome extension

  • Add notes and images to transcript text, then share with your team via a URL

  • Supports major audio and video formats

Notta Limitations

  • There’s currently no desktop app

  • You have to have an internet connection to use Notta

Notta Pricing

Start for free. Pro plans begin at $8.25/mo billed annually for 1,800 minutes per month.

Notta Rating

4.2 out of 5 stars on Apple App Store

2. Google Assistant

Best for avid Google users

Alt text: Ask Google to control smart devices, manage your calendar, and more.

If you own an Android smartphone then you’re probably familiar with “Hey Google!”. Google’s AI voice assistant, Google Assistant, can be a great boost to your productivity as it’s available anywhere you can log into your Google account and can understand a wide range of tasks. Personally, I use mine to set timers, but you can also add events to your calendar, or send that important email to your boss. Ask Google about the weather, the quickest route to work during a traffic jam and much, much more.

Google Assistant Best Features

  • Personalize your Google wakeup phrase and name

  • Sync with smart devices to control lights, plugs, and other appliances at home and work

  • Send and read texts, emails, and calls

  • Consult Google search with your voice

  • Organize your tasks and calendar

Google Assistant Limitations

  • You must be connected to the internet to use it

  • It uses a lot of data

  • Occasionally it’ll activate on its own, without using the wakeup phrase

  • It doesn’t understand complex commands

Google Assistant Pricing

Free with your Android smartphone. You can buy standalone smart devices with Google Assistant built in such as the Google Nest Mini or Nest Hub, but these vary in price.

Google Assistant Rating

3.9 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

3. Amazon Alexa

Best for users who already use Amazon products

Alexa can manage your groceries, order repeat purchases, and send you reminders

Alexa is an Amazon-based AI personal assistant app that has similar functionality to Google Assistant. It’s a cloud-based assistant that recognizes your voice and can perform all kinds of commands, from setting your morning alarm to controlling cameras, plugs, and bulbs. 

As it’s linked to your Amazon account, you can use it to streamline your grocery shopping—repeat purchases and manage your orders with a simple command. I was impressed with the routine feature that allows you to create sequences of actions that you can trigger with your voice—handy for starting your day or winding down before bed.

Amazon Alexa Best Features

  • Productivity commands to set alarms, reminders, events, and routines

  • Search the web

  • Order, cancel, and repeat purchases from your Amazon account

  • Make visual sticky notes and video messages on screens with Alexa

Amazon Alexa Limitations

  • You must be an Amazon customer to use Alexa

  • Alexa often misinterprets words

  • The Alexa app is quite slow

Amazon Alexa Pricing

Free on Android and iOS, plus built into many Amazon devices like the Fire Stick, Echo Dot, and Ring security systems.

Amazon Alexa Rating

4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

4. Siri

Best for all-round assistance for Apple users

Ask Siri for directions, type up a text, and explore deep questions, all with your voice

Just like Google and Amazon, Apple has its own AI assistant that’s built right into your iPhone. Just ask Siri a wide range of simple commands and it’ll help you make and answer calls, send texts and emails, surf the web, and plot a route home. It integrates with your apps like Reminders and Calendar to streamline your agenda.

Siri Best Features

  • Send and receive texts, calls, and social media posts

  • Integrate with apps like Calendar, Reminders, and Apple Maps

  • Search the web for answers and advice

Siri Limitations

  • Like other AI assistants, it sometimes struggles to interpret words

  • You have to be connected to the internet to use Siri

  • Siri ignores silent mode—you can’t use it until you enable sounds

  • Siri can still send messages and make calls if your phone is locked

Siri Pricing

Free, with iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

5. Jasper Generative AI Chatbot

Best for personalized content writing

Jasper’s a popular writing-focused productivity AI assistant made for streamlining your workflow. Just like ChatGPT, it’s learned from billions of resources on the internet and can communicate with you in a natural, conversational chat. Unlike ChatGPT though, it can understand and produce content in context, as you’ll also teach it about your brand’s processes and tone of voice.

You can ask Jasper to write a blog post, explain a theory, or generate ideas. Jasper uses billions of data points—including the ones you train it on—and it’ll provide an accurate response in a few moments. Copy the results to use elsewhere or turn it into a document at the click of a button.

Jasper Best Features

  • Conversational chat that feels familiar

  • Enterprise-level security

  • 99% uptime

  • Train Jasper on your knowledge

  • Interface feels nice to use

Jasper Limitations

  • Like many writing assistants that use web-based data in training, some of what it writes might not be factually correct

  • It’s pricey compared to some other competitors for similar features

Jasper Pricing

Free 7-day trial. Creator plan starts at $39/mo, billed annually.

Jasper Rating

4.7 out of 5 stars on G2

6. Motion

Best for users who get distracted by tasks and enjoy using time blocking

Use Motion AI to generate tasks and events in your calendar

Motion makes a bold claim to boost your productivity by 137%! It does this by automating the planning of your day into a calendar, consolidating all of your planning apps into one dashboard. It’ll prioritize your tasks so you’re not distracted and jumping between your responsibilities for the day. You can access this AI business assistant anywhere, making it a good choice if you’re on the go a lot. Plus, you’ll receive reminders when it’s getting close to a due date and a weekly report to show you how you spent your time.

Motion Best Features

  • Auto-prioritizes your work

  • Uses time blocking to help you focus on deep work

  • Color-coded calendar

  • Access on desktop, iOS, Android, and Web

  • Weekly report to track your time

  • Reminders for when something’s due

  • Collaborate with your team and find out what they’re working on

Motion Limitations

  • The calendar doesn’t show your availability across all projects at once

  • The app is buggy at times

Motion Pricing

Free 7-day trial. Individual paid plan starts at $19/mo, billed annually.

Motion Rating

4.3 out of 5 stars on G2

7. ClickUp AI

Best for teams wanting to streamline project management with AI

ClickUp is already a widely used project management tool but its AI features help boost your team's productivity even further. There’s an AI agent for every role in your business to help automate specific tasks like writing social posts, fixing a bug, or developing an email sequence. ClickUp AI summarizes tasks, comments, meetings, and notes, while letting you assign tasks to team members. I love how much time its writing assistant saves, helping you brainstorm new content ideas and copy to deploy in a few minutes, not hours.

ClickUp AI Best Features

  • Role-specific prompts for accuracy and context

  • AI assistant works all over ClickUp’s platform

  • AI can write, edit, and summarize text

  • Translate into 12 languages

ClickUp AI Limitations

  • The AI can be slow to generate answers at times

  • There’s a risk the AI produces content that’s not factually correct

  • Not available on ClickUp’s free plan

ClickUp AI Pricing

Add it to a paid plan for an additional $5 per user/mo. Paid plans start at $7 per user/mo, billed annually.

ClickUp AI Rating

3.5 out of 5 stars on PCMag.

8. ReclaimAI

Best for managing your whole team’s availability with AI

Schedule meetings, habits, and breaks with Reclaim AI

ReclaimAI is another AI assistant for business that protects your team’s time by optimizing everyone’s calendar and work week using AI. It minimizes the time you spend in meetings and schedules them when it suits everyone, without eating into overtime. Plus, as it focuses on deep work, it blocks time to focus and even turns off notifications when you’re busy trying to hit a deadline. I was impressed that it integrates well with lots of other apps like Slack, Asana, and Google Tasks.

ReclaimAI Best Features

  • Set time windows for recurring habits and tasks

  • Flexible meeting times

  • Sync work and personal calendars together

  • Integrate with popular apps

  • Shareable calendar links for booking

ReclaimAI Limitations

  • Lacks advanced project management tools

  • Lots of setup options when you first join, which can feel overwhelming

ReclaimAI Pricing

There’s a limited free plan. Paid plans start at $8 per user/mo, billed annually, to unlock full features.

ReclaimAI Rating

4.8 out of 5 stars on G2.

9. Copy.ai

Best for streamlining copywriting

Write all kinds of content in your brand’s voice with Copy.AI

Copy.ai is a writing and workflow assistant that boosts your productivity, particularly if you spend a lot of time creating content for socials, sales, and marketing. You can train it to understand your brand’s product, services, procedures, and tone of voice to create content that’s relevant. This means you’ll spend less time tweaking and rewording content manually compared to using a generic AI assistant! That’s not all—Copy.ai also generates workflows for you, like an ecommerce abandoned cart email sequence, for example.

Copy.ai Best Features

  • Conversational chat that feels similar to ChatGPT

  • Prompt library if you’re stuck for what to ask

  • Train Copy.ai on your own data

  • Over 90 writing templates

  • Supports over 25 languages

Copy.ai Limitations

  • It doesn’t auto-save your work

  • Generated information may not be accurate

Copy.ai Pricing

There’s a limited free plan for one user, with the Pro plan starting at $36/mo, billed annually.

Copy.ai Rating

3.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.

10. Parrot AI

Best for turning meetings into searchable content

Write all kinds of content in your brand’s voice with Copy.AI

Taking meeting minutes can take a huge amount of effort and time when you do it manually. Parrot takes this off your hands, freeing up your time for more important work. Parrot AI records, transcribes, and summarizes each meeting so you’ve always got a record of exactly what was said. Plus, you can use the conversation as a knowledge base to craft follow up emails, schedule action items, and create reports.

Parrot AI Best Features

  • Create and send snippets of a meeting via a link

  • Works in Webex, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom

  • Transcribe in 37 languages

  • Chat to your transcripts and pull up searchable data

Parrot AI Limitations

  • No way to schedule meetings with Parrot

  • Transcription isn’t in real-time

Parrot AI Pricing

Limited free plan. Paid plans start at ‘Personal’, which is $24/mo, billed annually.

11. Murf

Best for creating lifelike voiceovers with AI

Parrot AI virtual assistant records and transcribes meetings

Voices make content more engaging and accessible but hiring a voiceover artist can be costly and time-consuming (I should know, I am one!). Murf AI voice assistant makes the voiceover process more efficient, giving you full control. Just type in your voiceover script and choose a realistic AI voice from Murf’s library. In a few moments, you’ll have a voiceover complete and ready to add to your podcast, video, or website! No studio or special equipment needed.

Murf Best Features

  • Create voiceover just by typing your text

  • Add emphasis, inflections, and change the pitch and speed

  • Supports 20 languages

  • High-quality, studio-grade audio suitable for any project

  • Up to 120 voices available to choose from

Murf Limitations

  • Some generated speech doesn’t have the right emphasis, even after playing around with the settings

  • Foreign languages have limited customization options

Murf Pricing

Basic plan starts at $19/mo, billed annually.

Murf Rating

4.6 out of 5 stars on G2.

12. Taskade

Best for managing multiple kinds of task in one place

Turn text into speech with a variety of Murf voices and save time on recording voice overs

Taskade works like a second brain that can automate hundreds of tasks. It’s like having your own team of AI personal assistants to perform different tasks like writing copy, creating a to-do list, structuring your notes and loads more. It’s based on ChatGPT as its language model so you can use it in any language. Access Taskade from any device to keep you productive—plus it integrates with thousands of apps. For me, the layout makes this stand out as a great option—I love the way the menu and content is structured so it’s easy to navigate.

Taskade Best Features

  • Team of AI agents to help with over 700 tasks

  • Share and collaborate on unlimited projects across all devices, in real time

  • Assign tasks to team members

  • Make video calls inside Taskade

  • Keyboard shortcuts

Taskade Limitations

  • Lacks advanced project management tools

  • Requires an internet connection

Taskade Pricing

Limited free plan, personal p[aid plan starts at $4/mo, billed annually

Taskade Rating

4.6 out of 5 stars on G2.

13. SaneBox

Best for keeping on top of a busy inbox

Automate workflows, tasks, and mind maps with Taskade’s AI

If you’re like me, you’ll check your inbox every single time there’s a notification. You can waste a lot of time by checking constantly—that’s why you might benefit from SaneBox. It’s an AI virtual assistant that helps organize and prioritize your inbox so you only read the important emails. Train it to understand what’s important to you and it’ll also send you a daily report of what you missed. SaneBox never reads sensitive information and emails always stay in your email server.

SaneBox Best Features

  • Works with any email client

  • In SaneBox is down, it doesn’t affect sending or receiving emails

  • Train Sanebox by moving emails around to where you want them to be and it remembers for next time

  • Daily report on your inbox activity

  • Available for multiple email addresses

SaneBox Limitations

  • Customer support is slow to respond

  • No option for additional customized folders

Sanebox Pricing

Paid plans start at $7 per month for one email address.

Sanebox Rating

4.8 out of 5 stars on Capterra.

14. TextCortex

Best for neurodivergent users

SaneBox organizes your email inbox to save you time

TextCortex is like a writing assistant on your shoulder while you work, saving you time on tasks like crafting copy or researching products. Train it on your own data to have it converse in context. You can access it on any device with an internet connection and even converse in 25+ languages. What I love about this is the accessibility features, where you can customize how it looks and operates to suit your learning style.

TextCortex Best Features

  • A library of community-made templates for writing all kinds of content

  • Chrome extension available

  • AI text editor

  • Library of rewriting tools

  • Customize your own personas and knowledge base

TextCortex Limitations

  • Replies that aren’t useful can waste credits

  • Requires the internet to use

TextCortex Pricing

A limited free plan is available, with paid plans starting at €23.99/mo (around $26), billed annually.

TextCortex Rating

4.8 out of 5 stars on Capterra.

15. Alli AI

Best for simplifying your website’s SEO

Alt text: Alli AI assistant for business manages your SEO with no coding, all from one dashboard.

Both the research and implementation of SEO to make your content visible is taxing, but Alli AI aims to simplify things. It’s a tool that’s designed to improve your SEO in bulk, with no coding necessary. It works with any CMS—add it to your site and review the suggested changes that Alli AI generates. In a few minutes, the changes are live.

Alli AI Best Features

  • Automates SEO analysis of your website and offers suggestions

  • Make SEO changes in bulk

  • Works with any CMS

  • Recommends sites for backlinking

Alli AI Limitations

  • Some suggested changes might negatively affect other areas of your site such as UX

  • You can’t export the SEO data in bulk

Alli AI Pricing

Paid plans start at $2,990 per year, or $299/mo.

Alli AI Rating

4.3 out of 5 stars on Capterra.

16. Zapier AI

Best for connecting any platforms

Combine over 6000 platforms and make automated actions with AI

Zapier connects thousands of platforms to perform countless actions from triggers, called ‘Zaps’ (automations). For example, you could have Trello create a new card on your board when someone pays you through PayPal. Or send a personalized thank you email to a new customer when they buy from your Shopify store. Zapier AI lets you write in natural language what you need and Zapier creates it.

I use the Zapier AI assistant religiously for my work and it’s a game changer for customizing my productivity the way I want it.

Zapier AI Best Features

  • Type in conversational language what you need and Zapier creates a new Zap

  • Connect thousands of tools from across the Web

  • Integrate with OpenAI to become part of the automations you create

Zapier AI Limitations

  • Complex zaps are hard to configure

Zapier AI Pricing

Basic free plan for single-step Zaps, with paid plans starting at $19.99/mo, billed annually.

Zapier AI Rating

4.5 out of 5 stars on G2.

17. MindPal

Best for building and interacting with a collection of data

Make personalized AI agents to help you with all kinds of tasks, just by uploading documents, videos, URLs, and more. MindPal AI assistant online combines this with web search abilities to make a hub for all your knowledge. It can even transcribe your speech to text and save it in your knowledge base, instead of storing everything in different places.

MindPal Best Features

  • Upload any file to your knowledge base

  • Customizable AI agents

  • Multilingual support

  • Search and chat with your notes

  • Writing assistant

MindPal Limitations

  • Core and Chatbot are priced separately

MindPal Pricing

Pro accounts start at $120 per year.

MindPal Rating

4.9 out of 5 stars on Product Hunt.

18. BeeDone

Best for making personal productivity fun

BeeDone gamifies your productivity with AI

Productivity doesn’t have to be boring—BeeDone makes a game of it with rewards and recognition of your progress! Its AI virtual assistant personalizes your to-do list and helps motivate you to achieve your goals and build habits. It’s smart in the way it handles your time, offering flexible time slots of tasks, meetings, and your daily routine instead of a rigid schedule. If you work from multiple devices, you can sync BeeDone in real time across the Web, apps, and desktop.

BeeDone Best Features

  • Creates a personalized to-do list

  • Timer tracks your progress

  • AI chooses a task for you to do, to avoid procrastination

  • Rewards and badges for your achievements

  • Available for desktop, Android, iOS, and Web

BeeDone Limitations

  • Requires an internet connection to work

BeeDone Pricing


BeeDone Rating

Product users rated BeeDone 5 out of 5 stars.

19. Floutwork

Best for freelancer productivity

A Windows-based AI tool to minimize distractions and help stay on task

Switching between several platforms to get work done gives you ‘software fatigue’. Floutwork is designed for freelancers to simplify your work day by combining your tools and tabs into one, distraction-free workspace. AI schedules your tasks in the most efficient way, categorizes your email inbox, and even assists you with writing notes. As a freelance writer, I find Floutwork’s interface delivers what it promises as a distraction-busting AI assistant for business.

Floutwork Best Features

  • Drag and drop favorite apps into your sidebar

  • Gamify productivity with achievement bars to measure progress

  • AI organizes your email inbox

  • Time tracker keeps an eye on your activities

  • Multiple workspaces for different kinds of work and study

  • Doesn’t track your data

Floutwork Limitations

  • Can’t sync with apps like ClickUp or Asana

  • Requires an internet connection

Floutwork Pricing

There’s a limited free plan and Pro, which costs $5 a month.

20. Notion AI

Best for analyzing and editing existing Notion pages

Notion’s AI can brainstorm ideas, write all kinds of content, and summarize your workspace

Notion is a powerful platform for creating databases, wikis, and even whole websites. I personally use it as a dashboard for running my freelance business. AI boosts its functionality with a huge range of commands that you can use on any Notion page. Write, summarize, change, expand, and translate content. Ask AI to generate ideas for anything, craft emails, product descriptions, to-do lists, and action items. There are custom AI commands, too.

Notion AI Best Features

  • Keyboard shortcut menu for AI commands

  • Add AI blocks to your Notion pages

  • See recent AI commands you used

  • Use on any Notion page

Notion AI Limitations

  • Notion AI assistant is charged separately to subscriptions for Notion

Notion AI Pricing

You can add Notion AI to any paid plan for an extra $8 per user/mo.

Notion AI Rating

Originality.ai gave Notion AI a score of 8/10.

FAQs about the Best AI Assistants

What is an AI Virtual Assistant?

An AI virtual assistant uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand commands and questions. It can respond by helping generate content, automate tasks, or offer answers and advice from around the web. It’s like a smart companion that’s powered by a language model.

What is the Best AI Assistant?

There are all kinds of AI virtual assistants, so choosing the best depends on your needs. For a good all-rounder, ChatGPT is a popular choice as you can chat with it in conversational English and ask it to provide answers and generate content. For an assistant that can perform simple tasks to help with productivity, Google Assistant or Siri are built right into your smartphone and work alongside apps you use.

Is There a Free AI Assistant?

There are many free AI assistants to help with productivity. ChatGPT is free if you need basic help with generating ideas, lists, outlines, and content. Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are all free options to schedule your day, help you communicate, and send you reminders.

Many paid apps also have free plans, like Zapier for automating processes and Notion AI for organizing web pages and wikis.

How Can AI Be a Personal Assistant?

AI personal assistants use different kinds of technology to perform certain tasks. First there’s natural language processing (NLP) to understand how we speak and write in conversation. Then task execution to perform specific jobs like sending an email or optimizing a blog post for SEO. AI then learns and adapts from these past interactions to understand context better.

AI assistants can integrate with apps and devices to control and adjust how they work, saving you time and energy compared with doing these things manually.

What Is the Most Advanced AI Personal Assistant?

According to PAT Research, some of the most advanced AI personal assistants are those made by Google, Apple, and Amazon, thanks to their capability to understand a wide variety of tasks and integrate with other apps and services.

AI Virtual Assistants, in Summary

AI has completely overhauled the productivity space with an AI assistant for pretty much every task you can think of. As I’m someone who loves to try out new AI tools when I hear about them, my advice is to try to find tools that work for you comfortably, instead of trying to fit your life around a tool. Many tools like Zapier work with almost every online app you can think of, so this would be an easy way to automate what you already use. Have fun with it and find what works!

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