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How to Extract Sound From a Video

Have you ever come across a video file but only wanted the audio part? You’re not alone. Sometimes, you might love the soundtrack of a video file but are clueless about how to extract audio from video. But, like most technical issues, there’s a solution, and this article covers it.

Extracting audio from video is easy with the right app. Many apps have tools to simplify this extraction process. This article will explain how to extract audio from video online and on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

How to Extract Audio From Video Online

An online extraction tool is one of the easiest ways to extract audio from video. This eliminates the need for downloading and installation of any app. Additionally, an online tool works across all platforms so that you can rip audio from video on your smartphone or PC.

One of the best audio extractors you’ll find is the Notta Online Audio Converter. This tool is ideal for all your extraction needs because it supports many popular audio and video formats.

Furthermore, to protect your files, Notta Online Audio Converter processes data through the local browser without storing any of your files in the cloud or on any server. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about data security.

You can also select the audio output for your audio file and the bitrate you prefer. With this converter, you can convert up to five video files to audio format at the same time. Overall, this audio converter is easy to use due to its simple and intuitive user interface.

If you’re curious about how you can extract sound from a video using the Notta Online Video Converter, follow the steps below.

● Step 1: Start by visiting the Notta Online Audio Converter site.

● Step 2: On the main page, click ‘Upload Files.’ You can find it in the center of the page. This will open your device storage, where you can navigate to the location of the file you would like to extract audio from.

Notta Online Audio Converter - Expected format highlighted● Step 3: Once you select the file, it will load on the page. Select the output format on the left side of the page. There are different audio formats available.

Notta Online Audio Converter - Audio Quality highlighted● Step 4: You can also choose the quality of the output file to ensure it meets your preference.

Notta Online Audio Converter - Audio Quality highlighted● Step 5: Once you’re satisfied with your options, hit the ‘Convert’ button, and Notta Online Audio Converter will get to work extracting the audio from your video file.

Notta Online Audio Converter - Convert Button highlighted● Step 6: Now, click ‘Download All’ to save the audio file to your preferred location.

Notta Online Audio Converter - Download Button highlightedYou might want to eliminate the background music when extracting audio from YouTube videos. With Notta Vocal Remover, you can separate vocals from background music. This online tool uses AI to remove vocal tracks from songs accurately.

Like the Notta Online Audio Converter, you don’t have to download clunky software to access this feature. Instead, you can convert audio files online, hassle and cost-free.

How to Extract Audio From a Video on Windows

Extracting audio from video on Windows is easy with the right tool, like Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro is a household name when it comes to editing videos. This software can extract audio from YouTube videos and add effects to the audio track.

This professional tool is the ideal option for social media creators wondering how to take audio from video and use it for their self-made videos. To learn how to extract audio from Adobe Premiere Pro, keep reading.

● Step 1: Download Premiere Pro on your PC. Then install and launch the software to get started.

● Step 2: On the home page, click ‘New Project’ and create a name for your project. It would also request that you choose where you would like to save it. Click the ‘OK’ button when you’re done.

Adobe Premiere Pro Interface

● Step 3: Import the video file you would like to extract audio from by clicking ‘Select File’ at the top of the app screen, and from the options that appear, click ‘Import From Media Browser.’ You can then navigate to the right location of your device and choose the video file.

● Step 4: Once you import the media file, click the ‘Clip’ section on the menu at the top of the page, select ‘Audio Options’ and then choose ‘Extract Audio.’

Adobe Premiere Pro Interface - Extract Audio option highlighted

● Step 5: The extraction process usually takes a few minutes because Premiere Pro creates duplicate files rather than changing the original file.

Adobe Premiere Pro Extracting Audio

● Step 6: Head to the ‘File’ tab, click ‘Export’ , and then ‘Media.’ 

Steps to export audio extracted by Premiere ProYou’ll be required to choose the output format and location for saving the file; hit the ‘Export’ button once you’re done.

Premiere Pro Export Button Highlighted

How to Extract Audio From a Video on Mac

Mac users might wonder how to take out audio from video on their PC. Well, that’s easy with QuickTime Player. Although most people think of this software as a video player, you can also use it to record audio, movies, and screens. Additionally, the app works to extract audio from video in just a few minutes.

Follow the steps below to extract audio from video on Mac.

● Step 1: Launch the QuickTime Player and hit the ‘File’ tab at the beginning of the page.

● Step 2: Click the ‘Open’ button and choose the video you want to extract audio from.

Extract Audio using QuickTime Player on Mac

● Step 3: Once the video file opens, click the ‘File’ menu again and select ‘Export.’ This would provide you with new options; select ‘Audio Only.’

Extract Audio using QuickTime Player on Mac - Export Audio Only

● Step 4: Select a folder location to save the new file and then hit the ‘Save’ button.

Name the export file on Quicktime player

How to Extract Audio From a Video on Android Devices

You can extract audio from video on Android devices using the famous Video to MP3 Converter app. It is free and allows you to choose your resulting file format from several options. Below are the steps to use this app on your android device.

● Step 1: Download the Video to MP3 Converter on your device and install it.

● Step 2: Launch the app and hit the ‘Video to Audio’ option.

Extract Audio from video using Video to Mp3 converter on Android

● Step 3: The app would then access your device storage, so you can choose the video you want to extract audio from.

● Step 4: Select the form you want the audio to appear from the ‘Format’ dropdown menu. You can also choose the bitrate before you start.

Settings for extracting audio from video on Android

● Step 4: If satisfied with the output menu, hit the ‘Convert’ button to begin the conversion process.

Convert button highlighted on Video to Audio converter

● Step 5: The conversion app will notify you once the audio file is ready, and you can playback it if you want.

Option to used the extracted audio on video to audio converter

How to Extract Audio From a Video on iOS Devices

If you want to extract audio from video on your iOS device, you need an app that effectively completes the job. Although there are editing tools on the device, they don’t perfect the extraction process on your audio files. But the story is different with Audio Converter – Extract MP3.

These steps show how this app can help you rip audio from video.

● Step 1: Search for the app on the App Store and install it on your device.

● Step 2: Launch the app and click the button at the top of the homepage after installation. From the options that appear, click the ‘Import Videos’ option.

Import videos to Extract MP3 apps on ios

● Step 3: Browse through the folders on your device and choose the video you want to extract audio from. This app supports all file types, so select any video on your device.

● Step 4: Once you find the video file you want, hit the three-dots icon next to the file to open a new menu.

● Step 5: Select ‘Extract Audio’ from the list of options that appear. The app will get to work, detaching the audio from the video.

A red rectangle around the extract audio option

● Step 6: You can choose to trim the audio file if you want. This is quite helpful if you only want to extract a specific part. Tap ‘Start’ afterward to begin the extraction process.

A red arrow points to the start button.

● Step 7: Once the audio is fully extracted, you can access it on the ‘Processed’ section of the app and play it back whenever you want.

The exported audio result.


1. Can VLC extract audio from video files? 

Yes. VLC can also convert the video file to a new file format for users. From the media tab at the top of the page, select ‘Convert/Save’ and choose the media file you would like to convert from the list. Select ‘Audio to MP3’ and click ‘Start’ to begin the extraction process.

2. Can I extract audio from the video for free? 

Yes. There are several free tools for extracting audio from video, but some contain ads. One of the is Notta online audio remover. It is ad-free and allows you seamlessly extract audio from videos for free and within a few minutes.


3. How can I convert the extracted audio file format? 

To change the format of the extracted audio, you can use Notta audio converter tool. It offers several formats to convert your extracted audio file. It is also easy to use and will convert your audio file within seconds.


This article covered all there is to extracting audio from video. Therefore, when you come across a video and like its audio, you can use any of the above tools to extract the audio file. Since there is no video content, these audio-only files are usually smaller, making them easier to utilize and share with friends.

If you don’t want to download clunky software to extract audio from video, use Notta Online Audio Converter. It is quite effective in converting video to any audio format you want. In addition, it is a free and simple tool that makes the extraction process easier for users. So, sign up today to start using the Online Audio Converter.

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