How to Get Closed Captioning Jobs Netflix Easily

Netflix is available in more than 190 countries, and people there speak different languages. How do they make it work? Well, they use captions or subtitles on their videos. This makes closed captioning jobs for Netflix very popular. To explain how important captioning is, let's look at some numbers.

In 2011, Netflix had 20 million subscribers, and by 2020, they had 203 million! Captioning played a big role in this growth. Netflix hired experts from different countries to write subtitles for Netflix videos. This helps viewers understand the content, even if they don't speak the video's original language.

Netflix is on its way to becoming the biggest client for captioning among streaming services. They aim to have half a billion subscribers and over 400 million viewers by 2025. In this guide, we will describe how to get Netflix captioning jobs easily.

Requirement for Captioning Jobs for Netflix

Captioning is when you put words on a video to help people understand it better. It can be for translating or helping people who can't hear well. This job gives more chances for people who write captions. Here are the requirements for captioning jobs for Netflix-

1. Transcription Knowledge

Transcription is when you change spoken words in a video into written text. Before adding subtitles to movies for Netflix, you need to change the spoken words in the video into text. Transcription needs someone who can listen carefully and write down everything correctly. You'll need tools like a laptop and good headphones. Once you get good at transcription, you can become an expert at adding subtitles.

2. Captioning or Transcription Tools

Get the right tools for transcribing. Most captioning work is done by freelancers, so you won't get an office or equipment provided for you. To be able to do captioning jobs, you need to get the tools you need. You'll need a laptop or computer with internet access because captioning involves typing. You should also get good headphones for better sound quality. Captioning also uses special software, and there are different options available.

However, we would suggest you use Notta. Notta is a tool that turns spoken words in videos and audio into written words. It makes subtitles that are very accurate. This tool works with more than 104 languages, so you can easily transcribe any language into words. This tool will transcribe all your words onto the page with up to 98.96% accuracy.

Transcriptions automatically match up between the website and the app, and you can change them in either spot. Using Notta, you can change spoken words into text by talking into your microphone, uploading a file, or pasting a web link. You can also add pictures to your written records.

Here are steps for how to write subtitles for Netflix using Notta extension-

Step 1: Begin watching the movie or TV show you want to write down. Check that you can hear the sound from the speakers on your device.

a screenshot of a video

Step 2: Jump to the specific section of the video you'd like to write down and then stop it.

click the pause button

Step 3: To use Notta on Chrome, start by opening the Notta Chrome extension, and then either sign in if you have an account or create a new one if you don't.

log in lotta

Here are steps for how to write subtitles for Netflix using Notta Web App- transcribe for real-time-

Step 1: First, open the tab you want to write down. Then, choose the language for transcription and click the "Start recording" button to get started.

write subtitles for Netflix using Notta

Step 2: Visit "Recent records" on Notta's website to see live recordings and transcripts. You can change, show, or save them in various ways.

live recordings and transcripts

3. Types of Content

Television programs, new series, films, real-life stories, and big movies, all without any interruptions from ads or commercials.

4. Caption file format

Subtitles and SDH files for all languages need to be in TTML1 format (use .xml or .ttml), except for Japanese, which should be in IMSC1.1 format (use .xml).

5. Duration

To display captions at the right time on Netflix, they must last for at least 5/6 of a second (about 20 frames for 24fps) and no longer than 7 seconds.

6. Glyph List

You can only use the text and characters listed in the NETFLIX Glyph List.

7. Line Breaks & Treatment

Normally, keep text in one line unless it's too long. When text needs to be split into two lines for subtitles on Netflix, follow these rules:

  • Split the line after the punctuation marks.

  • Split the line before conjunctions.

  • Split the line before prepositions.

But don't split the line in a way that:

  • Separates a noun from an article.

  • Separates a noun from an adjective.

  • Separates a first name from a last name.

  • Separates a verb from a subject pronoun.

  • Separates a prepositional verb from its preposition.

  • Separates a verb from an auxiliary, reflexive pronoun, or negation.

8. Positioning

Make sure the words under pictures are in the middle and at the top or bottom of the screen.

9. Consistency

Netflix needs to make KNPs and formality tables so that when they translate, the episodes and seasons are consistent.

10. Technical Requirements

TTML files made for Netflix subtitles must follow these rules:

  • Use percentages, not pixels.

  • For positioning, use tts:textAlign and tts:displayAlign with static values for tts:extent and tts:origin.

  • Set tts:fontSize to 100%. Don't use pixel values.

11. Captioning Experience

Netflix is a big and popular company. They hire experienced people to stay on top. Working as a caption writer for Netflix pays well and brings in skilled writers. To work for Netflix, you need to be really good at captioning. Netflix likes experienced caption writers because they can work faster and produce high-quality captions because they know the rules well.

12. College Education

Captioning isn't like schoolwork. But it needs someone who knows how it works in a job. Going to college gets you ready for the tough captioning job. College experience helps you get better at captioning.

13. Membership to a Hiring Platform

Netflix doesn't hire people on their own. They work with hiring agents or websites for freelance captioning. So, if you want to work for Netflix, you need to join one of these freelance captioning websites. These websites can be specialized for captioning or general freelancing. Usually, you'll need to provide some personal information and take a test to get started on these websites. It's pretty easy to sign up, and it can lead to well-paying captioning jobs.

Where to Get Hired in Closed Captioning Jobs Netflix

Netflix is a really big company, so they don't hire people to work in one place. Instead, they use different places to find people who can add captions to their videos. Here are some tips to get hired in closed captioning jobs Netflix -

  1. Netflix Website

Netflix has a website where they tell you everything about what they do. On their website, you can find out how to get a job writing subtitles for Netflix. Netflix changes this information often, especially when they're looking to hire people directly. You can apply for these jobs either through Netflix itself or through other companies that work with Netflix.

2. Freelancing Websites

The easiest and most popular way to get captioning jobs for Netflix is by signing up on freelancing websites. Netflix relies on agents and these websites to find caption writers. Sometimes, people who have their shows on Netflix also use these websites to find good caption writers.

However, there's a lot of competition for these jobs on freelancing sites because they pay well. So, only writers with great ratings and good reviews can get these jobs. 

To get started, you need to sign up as a caption writer on these freelancing sites and provide your personal information. Then, keep an eye out for Netflix-related jobs or make an appealing profile to catch the attention of the agents who hire for Netflix. Having positive reviews from previous clients and experience working with Netflix-related projects will increase your chances of getting these jobs.

3. Freelancing Agency

HR agencies and outsourcing companies hire people to write captions for Netflix. They don't say the job is for Netflix when they advertise it. Instead, they just say they need caption writers. You only find out it's for Netflix after you start working on the project. Freelance and outsourcing agents expect high-quality work. They also make sure the captions are done on time. To get Netflix closed caption jobs, you usually have to sign up or register on their platforms.

4. Media Production Companies

Video companies hire people to add captions to videos. They do this secretly, so you won't know it's for Netflix until it's out. To do this, they need you to keep it a secret. Netflix won't want you to share the videos early, so you might need special tools and extra security to do the job.

netflix captioning jobs

How Much Should You Expect to Earn in Closed Captioning Jobs Netflix?

Netflix closed caption jobs pay a lot online, which makes many freelancers want to do them. Since Netflix has many videos, there are lots of these jobs available. But, how much you make doing this isn't easy to say. Several things decide how much money you'll earn when you write captions for Netflix. These things include:

  • Experience in Captioning

Caption writers who have done this for a while make more money because they can do the job easily and quickly. If you're good at writing captions and have a history of doing a great job, Netflix and its friends like to hire you because they know you'll do well. So, if you've got experience, it helps you when you want to get a captioning job for Netflix.

  • Captioning Speed

How quickly can you watch a video and write captions at the same time? To be good at this, you need to pay close attention to details and type the captions fast. The best caption writers use the software quickly, so they finish the job faster and make more money. Companies prefer to hire caption writers who can work quickly because it helps them complete projects faster. If you can type at a speed of 100 words per minute, you'll earn more money, so practice to reach that speed.

  • Direct Hire or Through an Agent

Who pays you to add words to videos? Is it Netflix, a website where you work as a freelancer, or the people who make movies? If Netflix and movie makers hire you themselves, you get more money. Here's why:

Normally, a middleman like an agent or a freelancing website takes some of your money from the payment you get. If they weren't involved, you'd keep all the money. But if Netflix or the movie producer hires you directly, they don't take a cut. This is rare, though. Most of the time, caption writers find jobs through freelancing websites and middleman agencies.

  • How Much You Do

Are you ready to spend a lot of time doing captions? It's the only way to make more money from this job. Captioning work is divided into small tasks. If you have more time to do captions, you can do more of these tasks and make a lot of money in return.

What is the Additional Skills besides Captioning

Creating captions is not just about writing a few words below a picture or video. To become a highly sought-after caption writer and make more money, you need some extra skills.

  • Translation

Knowing how to translate is useful for managing projects in different languages. Netflix is making videos in languages besides English to reach a bigger audience. If you can both translate and add captions at the same time, you'll have plenty of job opportunities at Netflix. For translating Netflix videos, you can use the Notta AI tool. This program uses AI to give you 98.96% accurate results in real time.

  • Attention to Details

Captioning needs to be extremely accurate. You can't skip any words or expressions when making captions. Employers want caption writers who can be super precise.

  • Graphic Design

Can you make the captions more exciting? This makes captions more interesting for people, which leads to a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Final Word on Closed Captioning Jobs Netflix

In this guide, we have described how to get Netflix captioning jobs easily. The best Netflix caption writers need excellent computer skills. Find out where to find these jobs and improve your abilities to become a better caption writer by mastering extra skills.

Consider using Notta to caption or transcribe Netflix videos. Notta is an easy-to-use app that helps you turn spoken words in videos and audio into written text quickly. It's great for people who want to put words on their videos. Join for a free account right now.

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