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Whether you want to enhance team collaboration in virtual meetings or keep notes in a searchable knowledge base, Notta has got you covered. Notta is your feature-rich Sonix alternative.

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Android & iOS

Chrome extension

Meeting Record

Record with meeting bot

Notta bot can join and help record Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex meetings.

Built-in event scheduler

Record audio and video

Download audio and video recordings

Adjustable playback speeds

Meeting Transcription & Summary

Real-time transcription

Transcribe pre-recorded audio/video files

Support importing formats: WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, AIFF, AVI, MP4, RMVB, FLV, MOV, WMV, and WMA

Support importing formats: WAV, MP3, M4A, AVI, MP4, AAC, MOV, and WMA

Transcribe audio/video files from cloud

Speaker identification

Edit & export transcripts

Support exporting formats: MP3, DOCX, TXT, PDF, SRT, XLSX.

Support exporting formats: DOCX, TXT, PDF, SRT.

AI summary

Multilingual transcription

Support 104 languages.

Support 38 languages.

Transcript translation

Support 42 languages.

Support 39 languages.



Google Calendar



Pricing & Support

Free trial

120 minutes/month

A 7-day free trial with 30 transcription minutes.



1,800 monthly transcription minutes

Standard pay-as-you-go plans for project-based work start from $10 per hour.

Customer support

Email, live chat

Email, live chat(only in Premium and Enterprise plans)

Why Teams Choose Notta over

Notta and Sonix are great speech-to-text transcription tools that convert important meeting discussions into readable text. Despite the common features like team collaboration, note-taking, and real-time transcription, Notta offers more features and hence is highly preferred. Below we compare and contrast Notta and Sonix to choose which AI transcription tool is ideal for your needs.

1. More length to enjoy the features

As one of the best Sonix competitors, Notta offers a free plan for individuals to test the features before investing their hard-earned money.

The Free plan provides 120 minutes of free transcription every month (with a limitation on the transcription duration per recording to 3 or 5 minutes). Some other features included in the free plan include live screen recording, speaker identification, and more. 

Unlike Notta, there's no such free plan available in Sonix. Although you get a 7-day free trial to determine if the tool is worth your time and money. The free trial offers 30 minutes of free transcription. Once the trial ends, you can choose the Standard plan with a pay-as-you-go model.

2. Support more transcription languages

Notta is an excellent recording and transcribing tool that helps you automatically record virtual meetings and generate transcripts in 104 languages. 

Sonix is a great transcription tool for generating transcripts in 38+ languages. It also features an in-browser editor to search, play, edit, and organize transcripts.

Support more transcription languages

3. Real-time transcription

What differentiates Notta from Sonix is the AI-enabled Notta bot that lets you record and transcribe live meetings. You can connect your Zoom account with Notta in just a few easy steps. 

The Notta bot will directly enter, record, and transcribe your Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, or Microsoft Teams meeting in minutes. In addition, it also supports real-time transcription of virtual meetings with 98.86% accuracy. 

On the contrary, Sonix does not support real-time transcription and live captions. But the platform will soon release the feature. Currently, you'll have to upload the meeting recordings to quickly transcribe them.

Real-time transcription

4. Mobile App Available

Notta extends its services to mobile users. The mobile application for Android and iOS lets you transcribe audio to text at any time using your smartphone. The Notta app can streamline recording and transcribing audio to text in real-time. 

With Notta mobile applications, you can also export and share transcripts with your teammates to make the most out of your conversations. On the other hand, Sonix does not currently offer mobile apps. 

Mobile App Available

Crafted for Every Prospective Role



Convert audio and video into easy-to-read, editable documents and share a transcript of your lectures, interviews, or presentations with your entire class. Notta has got you covered!



Let Notta handle the transcription and summarization of your interviews and voice memos in minutes, not hours. Save time and focus on your reporting instead of transcription!



Stay on top of your calls and meetings at every stage of the sprint. Notta can create meeting summaries and action items and keep everyone in your team engaged and on board.

I used to spend hours transcribing long audio or videos manually until I found the AI tools. While Sonix lets me transcribe meetings, it falls short in scheduling and other features. Sonix's alternative, Notta, has been a lifesaver. It lets you generate transcripts of my live Zoom meetings. Its ability to transcribe audio and videos through URLs is commendable.

Save Spend and Get More with Notta

Record, transcribe and summarize your audio, video, and meetings in real-time.

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