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Notta captures the moments that matter. Quickly transcribe voice to editable, searchable, and shareable text that frees your mind.
Start recording and live transcribing from your phone, anytime, anywhere.

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Transcribe audio to text in real time & Import audio files. Unleash the power of voice

Notta always generates live transcription for you, fast and secure whenever you attend online meetings, interviews, and lectures.

In addition, Notta is also capable of converting existing audio to text. Upload your files to get transcripts in minutes.

Key Features

  • Voice recorder
  • Export files (wav, txt, docx, srt)
  • Edit transcript, insert image, share with others
  • Sync across devices (Smartphone, PC, Tablets, etc)
  • Speech to text, 98% accuracy (104 transcription languages)

Mark transcript, never miss out important message

It is super handy to mark your transcripts. When you come across "key points" in a meeting or interview,  Mark Transcript makes it much easier for you to review important points.  

Improve your work efficiency by only checking what matters.



Online courses

Hearing loss

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Sync across devices

Seamless workflow, sync across multiple devices

If you need to access Notta on multiple devices, log in with the same account and your data will be synced automatically.

After recording and transcribing voice with mobile app, you can head to Notta Web to edit text on PC, Mac, and tablet, as long as you're using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge browser.

We also offer you flexible ways to preserve your essential data such as sharing with your family, friends and colleagues, or exporting them to TXT, PDF, SRT or DOCX to save them offline.

Works perfectly for

  • Remote worker
  • People who have a lot of meetings
  • Blogger, freelance writer, journalist
  • People who have hearing loss
  • Multilingual speakers or language learning lover

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