Online Video Converter

Use the free online video converter to change your video file format.
How to Convert Video Files Online and Free
1 Upload Video Files
Click the 'Upload' button to select video files, or you can drag the files directly to the upload area.
2 Select Video Format
Select the video format and video definition you want to export.
3 Convert & Download
Click the 'Convert' button, wait for the system to convert the format, and then download the files.
Why Choose Notta Online Video Converter
Free and No Watermark
Notta Video Converter is free of ads and watermarks, giving you the best video experience.
Convert Any Video
Our converter supports all popular video formats, it can export files such as mp4, avi, flv, mov, wmv and more.
Privacy and Security
Notta processes data through the local browser, the files will not upload to any cloud and server, so there is no need to worry about data security.
Multi-platform Supported
You can use the converter on any device and any browser, we support Mac, Windows, Android or iPhone, and support browsers Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge.
High Quality Video Output
The converter will keep the highest video quality, you can also choose the video definition you want when converting.
Easy to Use
Complete online, the interface is simple and intuitive. You can easily get the converted video files.
FAQ About Online Video Converter
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