How to Transcribe Google Meet Recordings & Live Transcribe Google Meet Calls

Michael Chen
April 30, 2022


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Are you looking for an efficient and easy way to live transcribe your Google Meet calls? In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to transcribe your Google Meet recordings. We will also discuss services that offer live Google Meet transcription. Let’s dive right in!

How to Transcribe Google Meet Recordings with Notta

Transcribing your Google Meet recordings is very simple with Notta. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: First, we’ll have to locate the recording we want to transcribe. You can locate your recordings on your Google Drive. Go to your Google Drive and click on the ‘Meet Recordings’ folder.

Step 2: Right-Click (ctrl + click on Mac) the recording you’d like to transcribe and click ‘Download’.

Step 3: Go to Notta’s website and click ‘Log In’.

Step 4: Click ‘Continue with Google’.

You may go through a short onboarding process so Notta can customize your account for you. It will then bring you to your Notta Dashboard.

Step 5: Click on ‘Import Files’.

Step 6: Drag and Drop your video into the “Import Files” box.

Wait for it to finish uploading. It should take less than 10 minutes.

Step 7: Click ‘Close’ and you will see your transcript on your dashboard.

Step 8: Click on your transcript to view it.

Great! Now you can see the transcript of your video. You can edit, download, and share it however you’d like.

How to Review and Edit Your Google Meet Recording

You'll want to make sure that you're able to review and edit your video recording as well. You can use a free app on your computer, such as OpenShot video editing software or YouTube Studio. Alternatively, iMovie is also available for both Mac and iOS users. 

With these tools, you can cut out unnecessary portions of your recording. You'll also want to add an introduction before your recording and an end screen. That way people can know what information is of importance. They will also know where to take notes if they missed anything.

How to Live Transcribe Google Meet Calls

There are Google Meet transcript extensions that can help you transcribe your meeting. Once installed, it may transcribe your meeting as it happens. The quality of these extensions varies depending on many factors.

They are typically not very accurate. They're helpful in a pinch if you miss something important. The problem is that the most important part may not transcribe correctly.

You can also use the closed captioning feature in Meet to transcribe the meeting. The problem is you will not be able to download the Google Meet closed captioning transcript.

One thing Google Meet doesn’t have is a way to transcribe conversations effectively. Audio transcriptions are a valuable tool for recording and managing calls. However, Google Meet isn't built to do that. 

The good news is there's an easy solution. The Notta Robot can join your Google Meet and automatically record and transcribe it. Best of all, it does so in real-time so there's no need to wait until after your meeting has ended!

How to Automatically Record and Transcribe Google Meet with Notta Bot

Let’s send a Notta robot to transcribe and record our Google Meet:

Step 1: Click ‘Meeting Details’ at the bottom of the Google meet screen.

Step 2: Click ‘Copy joining info’.

Step 3: Go to your Notta Dashboard and click ‘Join Live Meeting’.

Step 4: Paste the URL of the Google Meet Session.

Step 5: Click ‘Transcribe Now’.

The robot will join the meeting and transcribe audio to text in Google Meet. When the meeting ends you will see your transcript on the dashboard.

Step 6: Click on your transcript to view it.

Awesome! Now you have a full Google Meet transcription free of any effort. You can edit, share, download, or listen to it.

Why Choose Notta as a Meeting Transcription Tool?

Notta is a convenient, multilingual, highly accurate, and low-cost solution. It also uses cloud storage so you'll never lose your data. Businesses all over the world trust this software. 

Automatic Meeting Transcription with Notta Robot

The Notta robot’s transcription gives your business a powerful advantage over competitors. Automatic meeting transcription provides real-time access to information not available anywhere else. 

You could attend one meeting in person and have your robot attend another meeting.

This allows you to streamline productivity at every stage of your business process. The Notta robot makes transcribing Google Hangouts simple and effective. Don't have time to go to a meeting? Just send a Notta robot and read the transcript later!

Notta Records the Audio of the Google Meet Also

Notta will automatically save audio files from any meeting in Google Meet. To access your recording, go to your Notta Dashboard and select your transcript. Then press play and listen to the meeting.


Where Does Google Meet Save Recordings?

Google Drive saves recordings from Google Meet in the "Meet Recordings" folder. If you're using Google Drive, you can also download files in that folder directly to your computer. 

How to Record a Google Meet Session?

Just ask a Notta robot to record your meeting and send you the recorded audio file as well as a text transcript. After the meeting, simply open the audio file in Notta. Then you can listen to it while following along with the transcript. 

As you listen, click on any word to highlight it in the text. Right-click (ctrl + click on Mac) on a word to copy and paste it into other applications. 

When you’re done listening, simply download the audio or share it. You can do this by pasting a link directly into an email or instant message window. You can also download the transcript or export it as a .docx (MS Word) or PDF document for further editing if needed. It's that easy!

Is it Possible to Transcribe a Meeting on Google Meet?

Yes, it is possible to transcribe audio to text in Google Meet. You can send a Notta robot to automatically transcribe the meeting. You can watch it transcribe the meeting in real-time. 

With Notta, there’s no need manually transcribe the conversation. It’s super easy. All you have to do is invite Notta to your Google Meet and let it do all the work for you.

What's the Difference Between Google Hangouts and Google Meet?

One big difference between Google Hangouts and Google Meet is how many people can join a meeting. While Hangouts can host 25 people at a time, Google Meet can host 250. 

If you're working on a project that requires several key players to attend, it might be best to use Google Meet. If you're hosting an informal video call or doing some work with a small team, stick with Hangouts.


Sending a robot to transcribe your meeting is the future. You can sit back and let Notta do the hard work for you. The meeting will be automatically transcribed with AI technology.

If you want productivity, consider Notta for real-time Google Meet transcription.

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