200 Best AI Tools - Complete AI Tools Review (2024)

No matter what task you’re facing, whether it’s technical, creative, or just plain repetitive admin, you’re bound to come up against a roadblock along the way. From writing a story and expressing your brand through art, to navigating complex research for your studies, getting from start to finish can cost considerable time and money.

Without the best AI tools in your arsenal, you risk wasting valuable resources and not achieving the results you expected. It’s disappointing to say the least, and potentially damaging to your reputation.

I alternate between several AI tools for organizing work life and expressing my creativity, like automating my work schedule, enhancing short stories, and creating AI YouTube thumbnails. All these tasks would either take me far longer, or would feel impossible, without the help of AI. 

Paid and free artificial intelligence tools have revolutionized virtually every area of life and business. That’s why we’ve tested countless AI tools, narrowing down our favorites into this guide.

Here are 200 of the best AI tools, broken down into popular categories.

The 200 Best AI Tools and Software Currently Available in 2023 

Best AI Tools for Video Generators and Editors

Best AI Tools for Image and Art Generators and Editors

Best AI Tools for Writing and Text Generating

Best AI Tools for Music Generating

Best AI Tools for Designing

Best AI Tools for Face Generating

Best AI Tools for Avatar Generating

Best AI Tools for Painting and Drawing

Best AI Tools for Character Generating

Best AI Tools for Audio Generating

Best AI Tools for Automating Business Processes

Best AI Tools for Researching

Best AI Tools for Everyday Management

Best AI Tools for Podcasting

Best AI Tools for Productivity

Best AI Tools for Animation

Best AI Tools for Video Generators and Editors

Videos transcend language barriers and break down complicated theories and processes into simple chunks.

But the video creation process? Not so enjoyable. You’ll scour never-ending libraries of stock footage,  spend hours recording your own footage, and have to learn complicated software.

Before you know it, you've tried and failed to get the results you want. Customers are confused by your bad videos and you produce fewer videos than you'd planned. Meanwhile, your competitors are churning out engaging, interesting videos on the daily while you miss out on marketing opportunities.

AI has revolutionized the video creation process. Editing that used to take hours is complete in a few clicks, skipping the frustrating learning curve of tricky technical software. Here are some of the best AI websites for video production.

1. Pictory

Pictory is a browser-based video editor for long- and short-form content. Take text from a blog post and prompt Pictory to create a video—it’ll choose footage, images, music and captions, with voiceover, too. Highlight interesting sections of your Zoom meetings or webinars and turn them into shareable short-form snippets. It supports a few languages with more to come in the future. 

  • Free trial included

  • Subscriptions start at $19 a month

2. DeepBrain

DeepBrain’s homepage showing how to create avatar based videos

Create videos with AI avatar presenters, just by sharing your text in DeepBrain’s uncluttered, easy to use browser editor. There are a wide variety of lifelike avatars and voices to choose from, with controls to adjust the speed and tone of the speech. Just drag and drop into slides to create your finished videos.

  • Free plan to create one test video

  • Plans start at $24 a month, billed annually


Transcribe your existing video, then cut it by editing the text in VREW. Add royalty free stock resources and even add one of 200+ AI voice overs or translate into over 100 languages. Make short-form videos in a few clicks. You can try it out in the browser or download the open-source software for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

  • Free forever plan

  • Paid plan starts at $5.58 per month, billed annually

4. Kaiber

Screenshot taken from Kaiber’s video creation homepage

Beautiful videos are a few clicks away in Kaiber creative video lab based in your browser. Choose your animation style and prompt videos with text, or even upload your own audio to have your video respond to the rhythm with audioreactivity. Completely change your video style with AI effects. Adjust the aspect ratio, duration, and create prompts using clickable settings. Interface is smooth and steps are broken down to make it easy to generate videos.

  • Plans start at $5 a month for 300 credits

  • Free 7 day trial with 100 credits

5. Nova A.I.

Nova A.I.’s homepage showing their simple video editor

A suite of AI video editing tools to automate video resizing, merging multiple videos, generating subtitle files. Translate videos into 75 languages and create realistic AI voiceovers. With your Nova A.I. plan, you get access to royalty-free stock digital assets to create unique videos. Integrate with YouTube and Tiktok for instant posting or export in MP4 format. Nova AI’s interface is clean and easy to navigate, even for beginners.

  • Subscriptions start at $8 a month, billed annually

6. Runway

Runway’s AI-assisted video editor

Make professional videos from text or image prompts in Runway, then use AI powered editing features to remove background and clean up the audio. Try more advanced features such as blurring faces, motion tracking, and color grading with text prompts. Runway tells you in advance how many credits each action will use with a preview before you commit.

  • Subscriptions start at $12 a month, billed annually

7. Rizzle

A screenshot taken from Rizzle’s video editor

Rizzle is a super simple text to video generator with an aesthetically pleasing interface that beginners will love. Provide a text or audio prompt to create your videos, then adjust the aspect ratio and duration. It’ll take a few minutes to process, but you can navigate away and receive an email when it’s processed. Download in 1080p or 4k in higher plans. Access millions of stock assets with your paid plan.

  • Free to try

  • Pro subscription starts at $25 a month, billed annually

8. D-ID Creative Reality

D-ID’s generative AI video tool

Creative avatar-based video tool, great for training and explainer videos. Either choose a presenter and enter your text script in D-ID, or use the AI presenter creation tool to generate a custom presenter and script. Choose an AI-powered voice over and create a professional-looking video in multiple languages. Connect with Powerpoint or Canva, share with a link, or export the video in MP4 format.

  • Free trial for personal use

  • Commercial use subscription starts at $34 a month, billed annually

9. Descript

Descript’s video tool homepage

Descript is a simple interface for creating and editing videos, for web, Windows or Mac. Upload your video and edit the footage by changing the automated transcript. You can remove filler words, enhance the audio, and add a green screen effect. Overdub AI is my favorite feature to use—correct a word from your text and Descript clones the voice and adds them into the video as audio.

  • Subscriptions start at $12 per month, billed annually for the Creator plan

10. HeyGen

Customize professional-grade landscape and vertical videos in HeyGen’s drag-and-drop creator. Choose an avatar, type in your script, then select an AI voice or simply record your own. You can adjust the speed and add elements and text to your video in a similar interface to Canva. Download from the dashboard in up to 4k quality or share via a link. You can even export the caption file.

  • Try for free

  • Subscriptions start at $48 a month, billed annually

11. Reface: Face Swap Videos

Examples of the videos you can make with AI in Reface

A fun video editor that swaps any face with the faces in popular videos. In Reface, upload your selfie into memes, famous movies, and iconic vintage videos. Processing is super quick and you can export the finished videos to your device. It’s free to use on Android or iOS devices.

  • $5 for a week’s pass to remove watermarks

12. Tensorpix (previously AImages)

Tensorpix’s video editor in use

Enhance your videos with AI on Tensorpix. Upload your video file and choose your AI filters from the simple menu, such as noise reduction on grainy video, boost the framerate to a smooth 60fps, and even upscale SD format videos to 4k. Receive an email once your video is ready and download it to your device. As I’d never used something like this before, I appreciated the guide showing a visual of what a video would look like before and after applying a filter.

  • Starter subscription starts at around $12 per month for 25 credits

13. Fliki

Fliki’s official video to show you how their video creation tool works

Fliki makes video creation as easy as copying and pasting your script. It takes your text and transforms them into ‘scenes’ where you can add individual ultra-realistic AI voice overs for each scene and choose the language, accent, and gender. Add videos, images and GIFs from the extensive stock library or generate your own using the inbuilt AI tool.

  • Standard subscription starts at $21 per month, paid yearly, and includes up to 180 minutes of video content with full HD 1080p videos

14. Lumen5

A screenshot taken from Lumen5’s AI video editor

Designed for corporate style videos. In Lumen5, upload your brand kit fonts, colors and logos to create animated videos using the extensive stock and template library. Input your script or blog post and Lumen5 generates a video based on that written content. Unique script spin off feature that analyzes your current video and generates new ideas for future content. One of our team said it feels like PowerPoint for video creation. Everyone can use PowerPoint, right?

  • Plans from $19 per month, billed annually

Best AI Tools for Image and Art Generators and Editors

What’s any kind of content without a captivating image or informative drawing? Art evokes specific emotions and enhances visual appeal, whether that’s for a book, a website, or a blog post. 

Sourcing the right image takes a lot of effort and a chunk of your budget, whether that’s paying for stock imagery or hiring an artist or photographer to capture your creative ideas. If you want to create your own, be prepared to learn tricky art software and practice your art theory.

Budget and time constraints often don’t allow you to spend too much time collaborating and tweaking images until they’re just right. Poor quality art either doesn’t convey your message effectively, or images don’t keep a consistent look throughout your projects, hurting your brand identity.

Thanks to the surge in AI art tools, platforms can automate a lot of the artistic process. As a creative person, I love how AI art tools help me come up with new concepts. I’ve often tinkered with AI art to make truly unique-looking YouTube thumbnails that I wouldn;t be able to achieve on my own. 

From making simple enhancements to inspiring new ideas, here are our favorite AI art tools.

15. Midjourney

The Midjourney Bot in use on Discord

Midjourney’s a powerful Discord bot that creates high-quality images from text prompts in any style you can think of. Each text prompt generates four images you can upscale inside the bot or use as a starting point for further generations. Even upload a starting image to influence the results. Midjourney was my first proper foray into AI art and I enjoyed the public server to help me get inspiration for my own prompts.

  • Free account provides 25 credits

  • Subscription starts at $8 per month billed annually and includes a private bot, faster and simultaneous generations

16. Nightcafe

Creating an image using AI in Nightcafe

Nightcafe’s art creator combines OpenAI DALL-E models such as OpenAI DALL-E and VQGAN+CLIP to generate all kinds of images for personal and business use. Use it right in your browser—type a text prompt and use the advanced mode to add styles and parameters in a few clicks. In a few moments you’ll see your finished images on your dashboard. Download the images directly to your device or use as a basis for more generations! Nightcafe helpfully shows you how many credits each generation costs upfront.

  • Free to use, claim 5 free credits daily and earn more with other actions

  • $4.79 a month, billed quarterly for 100 credits

17. Leonardo AI

Generating photorealistic images using Leonardo AI’s PhotoReal engine

One of the most powerful tools for AI art generation, Leonardo AI includes high definition photorealistic models, background removal, and upscaling. More advanced features allow you to tweak the image rendering to specific models to create pixel art, isometric fantasy art, and spirit creatures among many others. Leonardo is my go-to tool for art generation as I love how much control I have over the end result.

  • Generous free plan with 150 credits every day

  • Paid plan starts at $10 a month billed annually for 8,500 credits a month and advanced models

18. Canva AI

Generating a beach scene with Canva’s Text to Image AI tool

If you’re already using Canva, did you know it has a built-in text to image tool? If none of the existing elements take your fancy, type in a text prompt and select a style and aspect ratio to generate four images. Drag them into your Canva project as you would with any other element.

  • 50 credits with a free Canva account

  • Upgrade to Canva Pro for 500 credits

19. Getimg

A screenshot of some of Getimg’s AI models you can use to generate images

There’s a huge variety of AI models on Getimg to help you create unique images. Like many of the tools in our list, generate images from text prompts and upload an optional starting image and adjust the sliders to change your resolution and image settings. What sets this tool apart is its comprehensive AI editor and the wide variety of options to create cohesive branding for your blog and social media, product shots, and stock-style images without attribution. 

  • Free plan gives you 100 images a month

  • Basic subscription starts at $12 a month for 3000 images

20. DALL-E 2

Creating ‘teddy bears shopping for groceries’ as an AI generated image

DALL-E 2 by Open AI is probably one of the most recognised tools for art generation. It’s super simple to use in the browser. Just type a text prompt or use the ‘surprise me’ feature to generate something random. In a few moments you’ll receive four images and from there, you can edit or download to your device. It has a unique editing feature called ‘generation frames’ to extend the image with AI, too.

  • Receive a few credits on the free plan with your OpenAI account

  • Buy a minimum of 115 credits for $15

21. HomeDesignsAI

HomeDesignsAI homepage showing a before and after image of a living room

This clever tool helps you visualize what rooms would look like remodeled or decorated in specific styles. Based in the browser, just upload an empty room photo to HomeDesignsAI and instruct the AI to design it based on the room function and style. The results are surprisingly realistic!

  • Individual subscription starts at $27 a month for 100 designs

22. Prodia

Generating a mountain landscape image with Prodia’s AI art tool

Prodia Playground is a really clean interface for generating basic images. You can type in a prompt and generate pictures in a few moments. For varying results, choose from the long list of models including Absolute Reality, Dreamlike Diffusion, or Open Journey. There are advanced options like negative prompts too, for more control over the output. It only generates one image at a time, but generation is fast and you don’t need an account. 

  • Free

23. Remove BG

A woodland image before and after removing the background with AI

For simple background removal, Remove BG has you covered. Upload your image and the tool removes its background with AI in a few moments. Download the image in its original dimensions or add a fun background color with the edit tool. In this example, you can see how I created a usable AI-generated clip art image by removing the white background.

  • Free plan offers 45 credits

  • $25 a month billed annually for 300 credits

24. Adobe Firefly

A screenshot of Adobe Firefly’s suite of AI tools

Adobe Firefly comes from one of the world leading creative suites. It’s based in the browser, though you’ll need an Adobe account. This mini suite of AI art tools can generate art from text prompts, generate fancy decorative font effects, and even change elements of an existing image—swap out a denim jacket for leather, for example.

25. Profile Pic Maker

Some of the AI generated profile pictures using Profile Pic Maker

Make a standout impression on your resume or social profiles with a polished profile picture. Upload your photo to Profile Pic Maker and AI removes the background, adding your portrait to dozens of creative and professional backgrounds. Adjust your image by scaling and tilting it using the sliders. When you’re done, download the square or circle versions. I use this on all of my professional online accounts.

  • Free, no account needed

26. Upscale.media

Before and after upscaling an illustration of a rabbit

Fix low resolution, blurry images in a click. Upscale.media uses AI to take your uploaded image and upscale to 2x or 4x its original resolution while enhancing the quality. The best thing? It takes a matter of moments and downloads in lossless PNG format.

  • Free plan offers 45 credits

  • Paid plan starts at $25 a month billed annually for 300 credits

27. Blue Willow

Generating a beach scene in Blue Willow’s Discord server

A tool that’s really similar to Midjourney, Blue Willow is also based in Discord and offers fast image generation via text prompts. Just choose a public prompt channel and type your description. You’ll get four images that you can upscale or regenerate. Blue Willow has a comprehensive glossary to help you get the best results.

  • Free account gives you 25 credits

  • Subscribe on a pay what you can (PWYC) model to receive additional credits, starting at $5 a month

Best AI Tools for Writing and Text Generating

Everyone writes, whether it’s a blog post, book, social media caption or a quick text. 

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Even after years of writing, I still struggle to put words on a page at times, whether it’s because I can’t find the right words to use or I’m having trouble coming up with a structure for a piece I’m working on. Then after hours of writing, it’s difficult to switch my brain from ‘writing mode’ to ‘editing mode’ (or editing as I write, which wastes a lot of time). 

You can spend hours thinking of what you want to say, then developing your voice and expressing yourself clearly. What if you want to take a blog post and turn it into a video script or LinkedIn post? You have to start from scratch every time.

AI helps give you your time back. Whether it’s tools to check your grammar, spelling, and tone, or templates that write all of your content for you from scratch, AI writing tools can save you time and budget so you can focus on the creative part of writing. Here are the best AI websites we’ve tried for all kinds of writing.

28. ChatGPT

Using ChatGPT to ask for a summary in conversational language

If you haven’t used ChatGPT before, it’s the most popular large language model (LLM) chatbot. It understands natural questions and can generate all kinds of written content including tables of data and even code. GPT-3.5 is free for everyone, but paid subscriptions give you access to GPT 4 with a higher level of language understanding and priority access.

  • Free access to Chat GPT-3.5

  • Plus plan is $20 a month and includes GPT-4, plugins and priority access

29. Notion AI

Translating a page in Notion using Notion AI

If you already use Notion to organize your life, Notion AI can take it one step further. Use the AI writing tool in any new or existing page. Translate your text into another language, change the tone, or rewrite it completely. Ask AI to brainstorm ideas, write a blog post or a creative story. You can even ask it to check grammar or summarize the important points.

  • 20 AI responses for free with any Notion account

  • Upgrade to Notion AI for $10 per month for unlimited access

30. Jasper

Use AI templates to write anything you want with Jasper. It’s aimed at business writing, so choose blog posts, ads, social media posts, and lots more. Enter a title, a description, your preferred tone of voice and Jasper writes great quality, relevant writing in the language of your choice.

  • Free trial

  • Subscription starts at $39 a month, billed annually

31. Wordtune

Refine your writing with Wordtune

Use Wordtune to tighten up your writing and find better ways of saying what you mean. It’s a Chrome extension that works anywhere you write online (I use it in Google Docs the most). Highlight what you wrote and Wordtune expands or condenses it, changes up the wording, and rewrites it in a different tone entirely. If you’re struggling with writer’s block, Wordtune can inspire clearer writing.

  • Free version offers 10 rewrites a day

  • Paid subscription starts at $9.99 a month, billed annually for 30 rewrites

32. Writesonic

Selecting AI templates from the Writesonic library

No matter what kind of writing you want to do, Writesonic has a template for it. Generate product descriptions, a personal bio, YouTube descriptions and much more. Input your topic and description for high-quality, AI-generated content. For SEO writing, Writesonic can search for relevant keywords and show you the search volume while adding the keywords to your content. Although there are many templates, the interface is easy to navigate.

  • Subscription starts at $16 per month, billed annually

33. Txtmuse

Generating a blog post outline with Txtmuse

This tool looks simple on the surface but it’s actually really intelligent. With help from you, it generates a draft for any kind of writing. Using natural language, describe what you’re creating and Txtmuse will turn it into a structured draft. From there, select the text and ask it to rewrite, simplify, expand, and many more instructions—or type your own question.

  • Limited free version

  • Pro subscription starts at $21 a month, billed annually for unlimited use

34. TLDR This

A before and after image of the summary created with TLDR This

Summarize any piece of text using AI. Share the URL or paste the text into the window and TLDR This can provide a brief or detailed summary in a few moments. Ask it to highlight important sentences or provide a human-like summary. The tool even shows you how much reading time it cut out! To summarize any webpage on the fly, install the Chrome extension.

  • Free basic summaries

  • $4 a month, billed annually for human-like summaries

35. Shortly

Prompting Shortly to continue a fictional sleep story with AI

Shortly is a web browser tool aimed at helping you write better and faster. Input what you’ve already written—whether that’s a blog post or story—and Shortly continue where you left off. You can control how much you want AI to write for you and use AI commands to alter the generated text. The interface feels like a simple, uncluttered text editor with added features.

  • Plan costs $65 a month, billed annually

36. Wordfixerbot

A before and after screenshot of text using the AI Paraphrase tool

Turn your stuffy, stiff text into something far more palatable with this free paraphraser tool. Just paste in your text, choose the output tone, and paraphrase it in a few moments. Your resulting text shows up in the window next to it to compare. You don’t even have to sign in to use it!

  • Generous free plan with 3 tones and 8,000 characters per day

  • Paid plan costs $4 per month, billed annually for unlimited use

37. Sudowrite

Sudowrite AI generating more descriptive text for a fictional story

This beautifully designed tool is made exclusively for creative writers. Input what you’re written so far and Sudowrite can continue writing for you. Highlight specific words or phrases and ask it to describe, rewrite, or brainstorm new directions. Ask Sudowrite to generate lists like love interests or locations to add to your story. All of this is packed into an aesthetic workspace with customizable fonts and colorways.

  • Subscriptions starts at $10 a month, billed annually for 30,000 words

38. Copy.ai

Copy.ai’s list of AI templates

Copy.ai looks and feels a bit like ChatGPT but with emphasis on copywriting. To generate all kinds of copy, choose a template from the library or ask the chat function to generate the copy you need. Upload your brand voice to keep all copy consistent, wherever you’re using it.

  • Limited free trial

  • Pro start at $36 a month, billed annually for multiple languages and unlimited words

39. VidIQ

YouTube title, description, and script generated by VidIQ’s AI tool

If you create content on YouTube, you might already know about VidIQ. They now have free AI tools as part of their suite that writes YouTube titles, descriptions, keywords, and video scripts with the power of AI. Just write what your video is about and AI does the rest. It’s one click to copy any of the generated text to your clipboard to use in your next video.

  • AI tool is free

  • VidIQ Pro to unlock premium features is around $10 a month, billed annually

40. Narrato


Narrato is a revolutionary AI content creation and marketing platform and its shining star is the AI Content Genie. The Content Genie is a content autopilot that automatically generates weekly social media posts and blog posts from just your website URL or a few themes. It also allows you to schedule or publish content directly to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and WordPress, in a few clicks. And if you prefer using AI templates for content generation, Narrato offers 100+ AI tools and templates for various use cases like blog writing, SEO, copywriting, email writing, social media content, product descriptions and more. 

  • 14-day free trial

  • Subscriptions start at $36 per month, billed annually per workspace

Best AI Tools for Music Generating

Create the perfect atmosphere by adding music to your video, ad, or podcast. With the right beat, you’ll enhance your storytelling and even get stuck in your listeners’ minds with your catchy jingle. I create guided meditations and having the right music can make or break my listener’s relaxing experience.

The trouble is that stock music licenses are pricey and hiring a producer even more so. If you attempt your own tracks, it’s an incredibly technical learning experience.

Using music that’s low quality or unsuitable for your messaging decreases listener engagement and confuses customers, not to mention wasting precious budget and project time.

AI’s ability to help you make and edit music is getting more advanced. With the right tools you can generate brand new tracks to fit your project or edit audio with automated effects—no learning curve required.

Here’s a list of our favorite music tools to simplify your music production workflow.

41. Boomy

Creating a meditation track with Boomy

Create custom generated music tracks in just a few clicks, even for beginners, with Boomy. Choose a pre-generated style or something completely different. Compose your piece with preferred instruments like drums and synths, and sound effects like birdsong or water. From there, adjust your track with the visual options and even upload audio to lay vocals over your music.

  • Up to 25 songs with a free plan

  • Paid plans start at $5.99 a month

42. Splash Pro

Generating music tracks with Splash Pro’s AI tools

Splash Pro is like Chat GPT for songwriting. In the simple interface, enter a text prompt and BPM. In a few moments you’ll get samples to choose from and select. There’s an experimental feature where you can upload your own audio and turn it into vocals or write your own lyrics and add AI voices.

  • Free plan offers unlimited 15-second songs

  • Paid plans start at $10 a month

43. Voicemod Text to Song

Voicemod’s homepage showing the AI text to song feature

A fun browser-based tool from the team who created real-time voice effects for content creators. Choose from eight songs and seven singers and write in your lyrics. In a few moments, Voicemod creates your customized song to share anywhere or download as an MP3 or MP4 file.

  • Free, Voicemod account required

44. Waveformer

A screenshot of Waveformer’s interface when generating music

Waveformer makes music from text prompts in your browser, no account required. In a similar way to an image generator, type in a descriptive prompt. Choose your duration in seconds and Waveformer creates your track in around a minute for 30 seconds of audio. Click to download the audio or video, or share via a link. It’s trained on 20,000 hours of licensed music.

  • Free

45. MusicGen by Meta

Generating an 80’s pop song with MusicGen

MusicGen is a tool by Meta that creates music from a text prompt and optional audio file, from which it can extract the melody. The wait time can be quite long and you’ll receive a 12-second sample, but it has some interesting results spanning across all genres.

  • Free

46. AIVA

AIVA’s comprehensive multi-track music editor

Compose high-quality music tracks with AIVA by choosing from a wide range of genres, emotions, and durations. To influence the music, upload your own audio. The simple editor allows you to edit individual parts of your song with a piano roll, changing up the melody, bass, drums, and other elements.

  • Free account for personal use

  • Commercial licensing and full monetization from $36 a month

47. Tracksy

An introduction video to Tracksy’s interface

Tracksy makes music creation easy thanks to its minimal interface and lightning quick processing. Choose a genre and duration to get your track made in a few moments. From there, download it to your device. You’ll have to credit Tracksy whenever you use the music in your projects, but it’s a super simple and quick method for creating unique music.

  • Free

48. Muzaic

Generating music with Muzaic’s online composer tool

Make high-quality tracks that you’d never guess were created by AI with Muzaic. Pick your duration and select the genres that apply. You can listen to example tracks and then adjust the sliders for attributes like intensity, tempo, and rhythm. Compose, and your track is ready to download in a few moments.

  • 15 personal use tracks a month on the free account

  • Commercial use plans start at $17.39 a month

49. Beatoven.ai

Adding a video to the composition created by Beatoven

Create music driven by emotions with Beatoven. Create your track by selecting the emotions you want listeners to feel, then edit the structure, instruments, and tempo in the editor. Add a video or podcast to test how your music fits, then download when you’re done. This felt so simple when creating my YouTube Shorts! Although the idea is fairly unique, the interface is pleasant to use.

  • Free unlimited tracks but no option to download

  • Pro starts at $3 a month for 15 mins, on a sliding scale

50. LANDR 

LANDR’s simplistic audio mastering tool

A music mastering tool that’s used by Grammy award winners. Upload your audio track to the LANDR webpage and you can master it using a super simple interface. Warm up your music and adjust the loudness. When you’re ready, create your master and download the file to your device.

  • Free

51. Loudly

A list of three AI-generated music tracks

Loudly’s really smart at creating unique sounding music for your next project. Create tracks by choosing the genre, duration, and level of energy. Add up to seven instruments manually or leave it up to AI to choose. Genre blend’s a unique feature to get truly creative tracks by blending together different kinds of music—think house with folk or synthwave with jazz. Then simply download one of three generated tracks to use however you’d like.

  • Unlimited free plan with no option to download

  • Paid subscriptions start at $7.99 a month, billed annually

52. Mubert

Mubert’s AI text to music interface

Effortless track creation with a text prompt. Add the track duration and optional genres, moods, and activities in Mubert. In a few moments, your track is ready to play—note the BPM and key in case you want to use this in future tracks. Generate your license document and download in a high-quality audio file format.

  • Free plan offers tracks for personal use

  • Commercial use starting at $11.69 a month, billed annually

53. Soundraw

A list of AI generated R&B music tracks on Soundraw’s website

Soundraw looks like a Spotify playlist made from dozens of AI generated music tracks. Tell it your preferred genre, mood, theme, duration and instruments. It provides a list of matching AI generated songs. Adjust the ‘energy’ of each track in a click to switch up the feel of the music. In pro mode, go deeper and edit individual elements such as instruments.

  • Free forever plan to generate unlimited songs with no option to download

  • Creator plan starts at $16.99 a month, billed annually

Best AI Tools for Designing

Design helps customers interact with your products, platforms, and apps. Branding makes you memorable. So cutting corners can have detrimental effects to your reputation!

Designing is subjective, so it takes a long time to collaborate and approve design elements. It can cost a fair chunk of your budget when hiring a pro, too.

If your design doesn’t hit the mark, you don’t stand out among your competitors. Bad UI makes your products difficult to use and could lower your perceived value.

That’s why AI tools are so valuable in the design field—from collaborating on designs to generate fresh ideas, AI tools take out the stress, time, and cost out of developing your next visuals. 

Here are our favorite AI design tools.

54. Huemint

Huemint’s website mockup using an AI-generated color paletteA

Huemint’s the ultimate tool for any designer wanting to experiment with color. Its straightforward interface infinitely generates palettes and then applies these to mockups of products so you can see how they’d look in real life. Choose one, two, or three colors and lock the ones you want to keep as you explore the range of hues that work well together. Click to copy their hex codes and even share individual designs with your team.

  • Free to use, no account needed

55. Looka

Looka’s homepage showing an example of an AI-generated brand kit

Create a unique brand with Looka’s AI. Generate hundreds of logos just by inputting your business name, industry, and selecting design styles that appeal to you. Control the font, color palette and alignment with the comprehensive editor tool. Plus, you can preview your brand kit of over 300 branded materials that update as you change your logo.

  • Free to generate brand designs

  • Purchase a basic logo for $20

  • Brand kit is $96 a year for complete ownership

56. Uizard

Uizard’s list of AI templates

Design UI for websites and apps by instructing Uizard’s AI in plain English. There are a variety of templates to choose from for elements like blogs, feature cards, and subscribe buttons. Handy AI tools can scan in hand drawn wireframes and AI turns it into a complete design, or make mockup screenshots editable.

  • Free plan to create two projects

  • Subscription starts at $12 a month, billed annually for up to 100 projects

57. Khroma

Color palettes generated by Khroma’s trained AI

A free browser tool for creating unlimited color palettes. Choose at least 50 colors you like from Khroma’s list to train AI on what suits your brand. From there you’ll receive a never-ending scroll of palettes. Click to view the colors in posters, gradients, or images and view the color codes at a glance. 

  • Free

58. Patterned AI

Patterned AI’s homepage showing examples of generated patterns

A handy pattern generator for designers who need repeating patterns for products. It works like a normal art generator by typing a text prompt, number of designs, and any negative prompts, too. Preview the designs and generate new ones based on the results, or download to use whenever you’d like.

  • Free to download image files

  • Download SVG files with the Standard plan at $30 a month

59. Fontjoy

Three randomly generated Google font pairings in Fontjoy

Fontjoy’s AI pairs Google fonts together for infinite inspiration. Type your own headers and body text to try them out. Lock in your favorites and keep generating to see new combinations just by clicking. To download the font, select the font name in the sidebar. After testing this tool, I ended up changing the fonts on my website to a pairing Fontjoy suggested.

  • Free

60. Stockimg.ai

Generating a leaf shaped logo with AI in Stockimg

Uses AI to generate unique illustrations, logos, book covers and more. Stockimg has a simple, minimal UI that lets you type in a text prompt and model to generate your design. Drag it into your workspace to edit further with effects,elements, and text. Export as PNG, JPG, PDF, or SVG.

  • Free to try

  • Starter subscription is $190 a year

61. Mokker

Generating a background for a notebook in Mokker

Create professional product backgrounds with the help of an AI editor. Upload photos of your product to Mokker and use the templates for different themes like work, bedroom, or outdoors. Add in props to change up the layout and adjust the light source, camera angle and location. Download your custom image when it’s ready, or edit it further using simple tools.

  • Premium plan start at around $150 a year for unlimited downloads

62. Design Beast

Examples of projects you can create with AI in DesignBeast

A suite of AI powered design apps in one place. DesignBeast is laid out similar to Canva and boasts thousands of templates and millions of images, icons, and fonts. Use editing tools to remove backgrounds, create a logo, add motion to images and much more.

  • $69 for a one-off lifetime license

63. Beautiful.ai

A custom slide made by AI from a text prompt

Transform presentation with the help of Beautiful.ai. Use templates as a starting point and type in text prompts to create your slides with ease. Smart slides adapt your designs as you add information. Feel free to edit the layout, color, fonts, and elements any time and even generate unique graphics. Ready to show your presentation? Download it to play automatically.

  • Pricing starts at $12 a month, billed annually for unlimited slides

64. Illustroke

Choosing illustration styles when generating a human hand graphic

Scalable vector graphic designs in a few clicks with a text prompt. Select the styles and colors you like and in a few moments, the Illustroke bot creates a handful of designs to choose from. They’re SVG designs, meaning you can scale them to any size—perfect for printing! Use them for personal and commercial projects with no attribution.

  • Credits start at $6 for 50 tokens

65. Designs.ai

Designs.ai homepage featuring their Logomaker AI tool

This easy to use workspace helps you create logos, videos, and all kinds of designs with the help of AI. Choose your design category along with your business details and color palette. Designs.ai generates a handful of designs for you to choose from. Resize to any aspect ratio in a click.

  • Subscriptions start at $19 a month, billed annually

66. Modyfi

The comprehensive design editor and collaboration tool

Collaborating on designs can be frustrating. Modyfi takes out the headache by providing a platform where your team can draw and write on your design, add comments and notes, and give feedback in real time. Make edits and use AI generated design elements like inpainting and image to image conversion.

  • Prices start at $5 one-off payment for 500 image credits

Best AI Tools AI Face Generating

Whether you see a face in a social media profile, a support chatbot, or in a video meeting, faces make us feel emotionally connected. They add a certain level of authenticity to websites and testimonials, so it’s vital we use them correctly. A friend of mine even used a face generator to test out a ‘faceless’ business where they didn’t want to reveal their real face.

Sourcing unique faces is a challenge. Stock images often lack diversity and look posed and artificial. Hiring models for a photoshoot is costly and hard to coordinate.

Using the wrong faces sends a confusing message to customers and might even harm your credibility if the faces don’t look like real people.

So how do you get around this? AI can generate unique, realistic faces based on exactly what you need. From candid selfies or editorial shots, here are our fave AI tools we’ve tested for the best face generation.

67. This Person Does Not Exist

A randomly generated, photorealistic face of a man wearing glasses

This website is as simple as it gets. Every time you refresh the webpage, a completely unique AI-generated face appears in high resolution. They’re so realistic you’d never know these aren’t real people. Right click to download to your device and use however you’d like.

  • Free to use in your browser

68. Fotor Face Generator

A man with blond hair, generated with a text prompt on Fotor

To create realistic faces with a little more input, try Fotor’s face too