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Podcast Transcription: Is it Really Necessary to Create One?

2022-09-289 mins

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular as people search the internet for knowledge. They're easy to listen to and digest since you can listen while doing something else.

If you're new to the podcast game, you might wonder if it's vital to transcribe every podcast episode you create. The answer? It depends.

This guide will teach you why transcripts are so helpful and for whom they best suit. You'll also learn how to create them and if they're worth all of the time and effort that goes into them. You might even discover that transcribing your podcasts can increase your overall reach!

What is a Podcast Transcript?

A podcast transcript is a written summary of your episodes. You or a third party can create an online document that include everything that was said on the podcast. Your listeners can then have a visual and textual understanding of what you're saying.

Podcast transcripts are more like reading a dialog than listening to a broadcast. If your podcast is audio only, the transcript can significantly benefit your audience by allowing them to follow along as they listen. If you have a video podcast, your audience can peek at the transcript for greater context while watching your broadcast.

What Are the Benefits of Podcast Transcripts?

There are several benefits to creating a transcript for your podcast. Here are some of the biggest benefits:

SEO Reach

It's never too early to start thinking about optimizing the SEO for your podcast. Transcripts will help search engines such as Google index your podcast. They can increase traffic and boost your rankings in search engines.

Transcripts are easier to translate using artificial intelligence and search engines. They allow your content to reach audiences all over the world. They're also a great way to gain new followers and readers from other countries. The audience may otherwise be unable to listen to your content in their native language.

Listeners Can Skim

Transcripts also allow listeners to search for specific keywords and phrases. They won't have to listen through the entire episode. Having a show with several weekly episodes makes it easier for them to find the content they want. They will spend less time scrolling through different screens!


You can also use your transcript to repurpose your podcast content. Repurposing is when you take a long-form piece of content and break it into smaller pieces. Then you can share it on other platforms in other ways. It's what makes people like Gary Vee and Joe Rogan so successful. 

There are many different ways you can repurpose your podcast transcripts. The most popular method is to publish a blog post, social media post, or infographic. They overview the main topics discussed. Then you can print it on your website or as a standalone piece on other sites.

Saving Memories

When streaming platforms don't exist anymore, people may forget what people said on a podcast years ago. With the rapid evolution of technology, people may soon have a completely new way of consuming content. Having a written record allows those memories to live on indefinitely.

Some may argue that even text may dissipate in the future. However, having records of your material in multiple formats is better than 1.


For the hearing impaired, enjoying podcasts can be challenging. Transcripts make it easier for people with hearing loss to understand the dialogue. It makes your content more inclusive, making it easier for everyone to enjoy your show!

5% of the population suffers from hearing impairment. By making transcripts, you're potentially opening up your podcasters to millions of viewers.

Backlink Opportunities

When another page links to your podcast page, it creates a backlink. Search engines assume that a website with more backlinks is better and will then rank that website higher.

Influencers typically don't want to link to a podcast without a transcript. They don't want to bombard their audience with a 3-hour broadcast, among other things they are promoting. Having a transcript will allow them to point out the part in your podcast their followers should pay attention to. It helps them and gives you a better chance of ranking in Google search engine results pages (SERPs).

How to Create a Podcast Transcript

As you can see, creating a transcript for your podcast is extremely important. So, how do we get one? Let's look at the best ways to make a transcript so you can choose one that will be most convenient for you.

Method 1: Create a Manual Transcript

Transcribing your podcast can be highly time-consuming when doing it manually. It may be tempting to hire a third-party company to do this work for you to stay on schedule. What’s the actual cost benefit? Here are some pros and cons of going the manual route.

Types of Manual Transcription

There are two ways to transcribe your podcast. You can do the transcription yourself or hire a human transcription service. There are benefits and drawbacks to both.

Manual transcription might be the way to go if you have time and resources. Hiring a transcription service may be your best bet if you're on a tight deadline.

Pros of Manually Transcribing

● More accurate transcriptions because a human is critically listening and typing the words.

● You can highlight inside jokes and terms that may stand out to your listeners.

Cons of Manually Transcribing

● It can take three to four hours to transcribe an hour-long podcast. That's if you know what you're doing. Getting transcribed might be difficult if you have a large backlog of podcasts.

● There is usually a rate of $0.25-$0.50 per minute for professional transcription services. It might be costly for businesses with a small budget or hobbyists who want them for convenience.

Method 2: Use Notta to Help Transcribe Your Podcast

Ever wish there was an easier way to transcribe your podcast? Well, there is. Notta can turn your podcast into text. You can then cut and paste them into Word documents, PDFs, or PowerPoint presentations. It will save you tons of time when you want to share your podcasts with others. It's also beneficial if you wish to reaccess the content in the future.

Why Choose Notta as a Transcription Tool?

Notta is highly accurate, and its design optimizes your efficiency. It provides multilingual support, multi-terminal synchronization, and online tools. It allows you to keep focused on what's most important: the content.

Notta interfacePros of AI Transcription

● You can get a transcript in minutes with high accuracy at the push of a button.

● Content creators can switch to another language with one click and continue transcribing. Notta AI can also transcribe up to 104 languages. Traditional services have limitations with only one or two languages. People who speak dialects like Scottish English will also find it works well.

● Extremely fast transcription turnaround.

● Less expensive than hiring manual transcription.

● Secure and cost-effective way of ensuring accuracy and confidentiality. The only entity reading your data is the computer. With Notta, it is even encrypted.

Cons of AI Transcription

● It is not always as accurate as manual transcription. You may have to do a bit of extra proofreading with this method. Frequently on podcasts, you will colloquially express phrases. Ensure that expressions will transcribe in context.

Where to Use the Podcast Transcript

The best place to publish your transcript depends on:

● Whether you want people to have to search your website to find it.

● If you want them to be able to view it right under the audio/video.

Make it Free on Your Website

People will find your show if you make your transcriptions available for free online. People can also download the text file to their phones or devices to read while on the go.

Put it on the Page Where Your Audio/Video is Posted

Many hosting platforms let you put transcripts in the description of the podcast. Some services don't allow that much text directly in the info section. Some hosting services enable users to embed them as an alternative form of media. It depends on the host if this will be possible.

Offer an Opt-in Only Version

Offering a transcript exchange for an email address helps grow your email list. You can then share the information with a more invested audience. It should include PDF downloads and offer transcripts in your audience's preferred language.

Charge a One-Time Fee

It can be expensive to create transcripts. Chances are you won't be getting sponsors or ad revenue from them. You can get professional transcripts created that offer a ton of value beyond what your audio content offers. Then you can offer your audience access to all of your transcripts for a one-time fee. It can help you recoup the cost of creating and hosting transcripts online.

Charge a Small Fee Per Episode

Another way to make them available is by charging a small fee per transcript. The more people invest in your podcast and its content, the more they want to listen. If your podcast does well, it would be wise to outsource the transcribing work. Then you can do more of what you're great at - creating new episodes!

Great Examples of Podcast Transcripts

Some podcasts offer transcripts. Many don’t, or they lack proper formatting that makes reading easy on the eyes and pleasant. We’ve rounded up three podcasts that get their transcripts right. You can glean from these podcasts to create transcripts your audience will love.

1) Move Your DNA

This podcast has something for you regardless of your fitness or health goals. Each episode provides a healthy tip on fitness, nutrition, or lifestyle. Topics will tailor to the specific needs of the listener and can range from walking to yoga.Podcast transcription example - Move your DNAWhy it’s a Great Transcript

Move Your DNA has one of the most comprehensive transcripts in the industry. Their website also features an interactive transcript. It makes jumping to different parts of the episode easier than ever. They also have a tab on their website dedicated exclusively to transcripts.

2) S-Town

S-Town follows a reporter as he investigates the son of a wealthy family who’s bragging he got away with murder. It is about life and death, love and deceit, and the history of an eccentric Alabama town.

Podcast transcription example - S-TownWhy it’s a Great Transcript

You can find the transcripts on their website, and they are gorgeous. They put much work into the aesthetic of the pages. The landing page lists each speaker's full name. It keeps the reader informed to prevent backtracking. They also have links to the audio files if you need to hear the story again.

3) From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl

Rachel has written books and does yoga and meditation videos. She also does podcasts, and live events, and is an entrepreneur. She still does an excellent job of articulating her perspective. She explains why yoga for herself came about. First, as self-care, and second to share with the world how to be more kind to yourself in daily life.


Katherine started her podcast from the heart. She realized that being present and having gratitude was something important to society. So she started trying to teach others how to be self-care enthusiasts.

Podcast Transcription example - from the heart: conversations with Yoga GirlWhy it’s a Great Transcript

What separates this transcript from the thousands of others out there? There are a few reasons. For one, you can tell that the person transcribing actually listened to the episode. I noticed correct grammar and the occasional yes, uh huh, or yep. 

It's not a fast transcript- they listen first, then type slowly. If someone breaks into a song, they let us know, which makes reading this much more enjoyable. Oh! And look at how vibrant that page is- no need to hunt around for eye candy on these pages.


Can I Get My Podcast Transcribed for Free?

Yes, there are various transcription apps that you can use for free. Notta is a popular option as it has a free version that lets you transcribe a significant amount of audio.

Does Apple Podcast Provide a Transcript?

Apple does not provide transcription for podcasts on their platform. If the podcast creator has created a transcript, they will typically post a link to it in the description. You’ll have to create your own transcript or have a 3rd party create one if you want to have your podcast on their platform as well as a transcript. You won’t be able to rely on Apple to transcribe your podcast.

How Much Would it Cost to Transcribe a 1-hour Podcast?

You first need to figure out how much it will cost for human transcription. Transcription usually costs per minute of audio. It costs a minimum of $0.50 per minute and can go up to $2.50 per minute. So for a 1-hour podcast expect to spend $30 - $150.

Can You Transcribe a Podcast on Spotify?

Spotify is rolling out a feature that will auto-generate the podcast transcripts. The transcripts will appear below the audio. It's for those who prefer to read what hosts are saying instead of listening. Some may even enjoy doing both at the same time.

Should I Create a Podcast Transcript?

A podcast transcript can be an easy and cheap way to start a culture around a show. They make it possible for the producer to give their listeners a better experience. It will add extra information to the podcast that will bring flavor to your community. It will provide specific contexts such as:

● The pronunciation of names

● Inside jokes

● Certain content the hosts may reference

● News articles that the readers can fact-check the hosts with

● Describing things in the room that speakers may talk about that the listeners may be able to see


Transcripts are a must for any audio or video content like podcasts and Youtube videos. For podcasts, there are so many benefits that will put you ahead of the competition. The easiest way to get your podcast transcript is to upload your audio file to Notta. You will get a highly accurate transcript in minutes requiring minimal editing.