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Top 6 Best Text to Speech Online Tools for Free in 2023

2022-04-246 mins

An excellent text to speech online tool saves you time and frustration. In today’s fast-paced world, it can be challenging to read through all of your meeting notes, documents, emails, lesson plans, and much more.

A tool that converts text to speech makes this easy. For example, text to speech online tools can record and transcribe meetings for you, read back classroom and meeting notes back to you, save you hours of typing, and much more.

After hours of research, we’re sharing the five best text to speech online tools for free in 2023 and how they stack up in terms of their features, pricing, ease of use, and much more. 

6 Best Text to Speech Online Tools for Free in 2023

1. Murf: Best for professional presentations, podcasts, and voiceovers

2. Podcastle: Best for audio creation and enhancement

3. Capti Voice: Best for students or individuals with learning disabilities

4. Voice Dream Reader: Ideal for Apple users

5. WordTalk: Best text to speech extension for a word processor

6. Wideo: Ideal for video editors

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What Makes a Great Text to Speech Online Tool?

With so many text-to-speech online tools to choose from, we had to carefully consider our criteria for what makes a truly remarkable text-to-speech online tool. Here are our criteria: 

  • All of the online tools had to live up to their advertised features. In other words, if a text to speech tool claimed to do something but didn’t have this feature or a well-executed version of this feature, it didn’t make our list. Some text to speech online tools are ideal for certain things, such as converting text from documents or videos, and didn’t offer every feature on the market. However, we considered them for this list as long as they lived up to their claims. 

  • Next, all of the text to speech online tools had to be user-friendly. Text to speech tools are all about saving you time, frustration, and energy. So, we skipped it if a tool was difficult to use or had a steep learning curve. In our opinion, a tool claiming to save you time shouldn’t require hours to master or cause you frustration trying to figure out its features. 

  • Other factors we considered were: Who is the target audience for the text to speech tool? Does this tool allow you to make edits easily?  Can you sort through your notes, create folders to organize your files, or manage your files in some way via the app?

Best Free Text to Speech Online Tools 2023

1. Murf

Best for professional presentations, podcasts, and voiceovers.

Murf | Best Free Text to Speech Online Tool

Murf is an award-winning text to speech program with an AI voice generator. With Murf, you can quickly create studio-quality voiceovers from over 110 voices in 15 languages. 

We love that Murf allows you to sync video, music, or images easily. You can also adjust the pitch, punctuation, and emphasis of the selected AI voice to better fit your message. In addition, the AI voices can also be altered with sound effects, like phasing, chorusing, flanging, and reverberation.

A great time-saving feature is that Murf’s built-in grammar assistant allows you to write and edit your scripts quickly. If you upgrade to the Enterprise plan, you can also collaborate with a team on your projects, making this an ideal tool for corporate and creative teams. 

Key Features: 

  • Award-winning AI voice text to speech software

  • Adjust the pitch, punctuation, and emphasis of AI voices

  • Over 110 voices in 15 languages

  • Built-in grammar assistant

  • Syncs video, music, and images with your voiceover

Verdict: Murf is one of the most versatile and efficient online text to speech tools. We recommend it to professionals and creatives looking to create podcasts, presentations, explainer videos, and marketing campaigns.

2. Podcastle

Podcastle's innovative platform combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Podcastle is an all-in-one audio creation and enhancement platform with everything you need to take your audio to the next level.

 But what many old and new podcastlers don't know is that Podcastle started as a text-to-speech converter. That's why, to this day, Podcastle's text-to-speech tool is among the best text-to-speech converters online. Not only is it extremely user-friendly, but it also offers utmost accuracy and a wide range of human-like AI voice skins to choose from. Here are its key features: 

  • Intuitive interface

  • A variety of AI voice skins to choose from

  • Beginner-friendly audio editor

  • Other AI-powered audio enhancement tools

  • Ability to create your own digital voice clone

Verdict: If you're looking for a beginner-friendly yet professional text-to-speech tool, Podcastle is for you. By the way, remember also to explore other Podcastle features to make your audio creation journey more fun.

3. Capti Voice

Best for students or individuals with learning disabilities.

Capti Voice | Best Free Text to Speech Online Tool

Capti Voice is a free text to speech website that offers a free personal use plan for single users. This text to speech app is ideal for improving your productivity, long hours of research, and hands-free learning. 

Suggested uses for Capti Voice include reading e-books, web pages, and documents on the go or at home. If you or a loved one have dyslexia, print disabilities, or vision impairment, Capti Voice offers several assistive features for a fully accessible reading and writing experience. 

We like that Capti Voice is an accessible platform designed for people of all ages and groups. Another huge advantage is that you can use it while offline, and it offers an intelligent dictionary lookup feature, which is ideal for students. 

A con of Capti Voice is that it doesn’t automatically sync changes to text files across all platforms. For example, if you changed a text file on your computer, it wouldn’t update it on your mobile device. You have to add the file to cloud storage for the change to be synced across all platforms automatically. 

Key Features:

  • Speech tracking word by word

  • Advanced text navigation

  • Offline use capabilities

  • Screen-reader accessibility features

  • Easy transition between computer browser and mobile devices

  • Personalize text colors, fonts, width, and spacing

Verdict: Capti Voice is ideal for students, teachers, and researchers. It is one of the best text to speech online tools for a fully accessible reading and writing experience. 

4. Voice Dream Reader

Ideal for Apple users.

Voice Dream Reader | Best Free Text to Speech Online Tool

Voice Dream Reader is an ideal text to speech online tool for Apple users. It includes helpful features like iCloud synchronization, Safari extension surfing, and free Apple Watch support, which allows you to play your reading list offline from your Apple Watch. 

Voice Dream Reader even won the 2021 Apple Design Award and Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award from the National Federation of the Blind for its intuitive, user-friendly interface. 

We like that Voice Dream Reader allows you to organize and manage your documents and books in folders. In addition, it offers search, filter, and sort options for your reading list so that you can find your files easily. 

On the other hand, we noticed that Voice Dream Reader has reviews claiming that it had some errors when reading PDFs. Additionally, this text to speech tool is available for Android users, but it is not as widely acclaimed or highly regarded for Android use. 

Key Features:

  • Organization tools to easily manage your library 

  • Offline use available

  • Synchronized highlighting

  • Offers 200+ built-in voices in 30 different languages

  • Loads your content from a huge variety of sources

  • Many reading modes and audio and visual controls offered

Verdict: VoiceDream is an intuitive and organized text to speech choice for Apple users. However, it’s not as ideal for Windows or Android users due to its Apple-forward design. 

5. WordTalk

Best text to speech extension for a word processor

WordTalk | Best Free Text to Speech Online Tool

WordTalk is a great text to speech plugin for Microsoft Word because it is easy to use inside Word, highlights text as it goes, and offers a talking dictionary. Other impressive features include the ability to change the voice and speed of the reading and convert text to speech. 

We like that WordTalk is an exceptionally user-friendly text to speech tool. Simply click your cursor wherever you want WordTalk to start reading and press one of the buttons on your WordTalk toolbar, and the program will begin reading aloud to you. 

The biggest disadvantage of WordTalk is that it’s only available for use in Microsoft Windows, so you can’t use it on a Mac, webpage, or other processors. It also only works with Word 2007 and upwards, so you can’t use an earlier version of Word with this text to speech tool. 

Key Features:

  • Change the word highlight color

  • Adjust the voice and speed

  • Converts text to speech (wav or mp3)

  • Offers talking dictionary

  • Highlights the text as it reads

Verdict: WordTalk is an excellent choice for converting text to speech in a Word processor, but it's limited by how and where it can be used. However, if you only plan on using a text to speech tool in your Word processor, WordTalk is a free choice worth trying. 

6. Wideo

Ideal for video editors.

Wideo | Best Free Text to Speech Online Tool

Wideo is first and foremost an online video maker, but it offers many other features, including a free text to speech website page, where you can convert text to voice and download it as an mp3 file for future use. 

The biggest downside of Wideo is that it doesn’t have more accessibility features, like highlighting your text as it reads, the option to change the font, color, and size of your text, and more. 

Overall, Wideo is ideal for video editors and content creators looking to add catchy voiceovers to their videos, rather than students or business professionals looking to listen to meeting notes, research, or classroom materials. 

Key Features:

  • Incredible video editing features

  • Reads text aloud

  • Downloads as an mp3 file

  • Free to text speech features

Verdict: Despite being impressive for video editing, we can’t recommend Wideo to most people outside of the content creation world because of its limited accessibility features. However, if you are a content creator, Wideo may be a good choice for you. 


Can I convert text to voice?

Absolutely! Many text to voice online tools are available to convert written text from any language into speech. Popular text to speech tools include Murf, Wideo, and Voice Dream Reader. With these tools, you can easily listen to text files, edit your text, and much more. 

How do I use text to speech on Google Chrome?

Depending on the text to speech app, there are several options for using text to speech on Google Chrome. First, start by selecting a text to speech app to use. Check if this app offers a Google Chrome extension and install it. If it doesn’t offer a Google Chrome extension, there may be an option to copy and paste your text into a text box or upload your file to be converted from text to speech. 


There are many impressive free text to speech online tools available. However, after reviewing many of these tools, Murf has the most competitive and versatile features. Murf is an incredible text to speech online tool that offers a massive library of over 110 voices in 15 languages. 

With Murf, you can easily add video, music, and images in sync with your voiceover, which is a great feature for content creators, marketers, and presenters. We love that Murf allows you to edit the pitch, punctuation, and emphasis of AI voices and even includes sound effects, like phasing, to make your AI voiceover sound unique and catered to your audience. 

Overall, Murf has the most competitive features among text to speech online tools. We strongly recommend it for people of all ages and groups, whether you’re a student, business professional, or an individual interested in increasing your productivity. 

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