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Call Transcription: Why it is important & How to Generate One

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Remembering what you discussed during client calls can be challenging. When they are lengthy and cover several topics, you may not have time to go back and listen to every recording. Consider call transcription if you want to make your working life more manageable. 

Thankfully, there are ways to easily generate call transcripts. You won't have to empty your business account or undergo a lengthy hiring process. In this blog post, you'll learn how to generate high-quality call transcripts. You'll be able to do this at the lowest possible cost by using the best practices we'll discuss today.

What is Call Transcription?

Call transcription is the recording or word-for-word transcribing of a phone conversation. You can use these documents for many purposes:

● A written record for memory

● Company training

● Customer service evaluation or verification

● Quality Assurance

● Finding new business leads

● Compliance requirements such as HIPAA

The benefits are diverse, but the need is always there.

Why is Call Transcription Important?

Call transcription is essential for a variety of reasons. Let’s look at some key benefits:

Training Material for New Team Members

For new employees, reviewing call transcripts is a great way to learn how the dialogue works. You can also use transcripts as training material for new team members. These resources can help with the onboarding process with new reps.

The information will benefit both managers and employees. The trainer will have actual examples of calls that went well and call that didn’t go well. Employees can look at the transcript and have the trainer point out precisely what to say and not to say.

This situation makes it easier on the person who is training the employees. Replicating an ideal training scenario on the phone in real time can be difficult. You can save that for when employees train 1-on-1 with other experienced representatives.

Transcripts allow trainers to expedite learning. It highlights best practices in black and white. We all know learners must see examples of our teaching style in action. With transcripts from customer calls, learners can see interactions with customers. New team members can apply the protocols based on others' knowledge and experience.

Have a Record of Customer Interactions

Regarding customer service, it's not enough to have someone answering the phones. With call transcription, you can take the conversation from a customer and analyze it. 

You can pick up the conversation where it left off last. This ability will help you to provide your customer with the best customer service possible. It also means no discrepancies when you need to clarify something for a customer.

Having transcripts available allows both parties to focus solely on their business transaction. There won't be any distractions, and it will improve communication between them. They can then keep things moving smoothly.


Call transcriptions help the deaf, hard of hearing or those who do not speak the language well. They interpret what someone is saying during a conversation. It makes it easier for people who cannot communicate with the person on the call. 

Without the transcription, you may have to hire a sign language interpreter. A transcription is a helpful tool that helps communication and information flow smoothly.

Highlight Key Points of the Call

Transcripts allow you to refer back to conversations if you ever need the dialogue read back to you. Or if you need to review something quickly. They also provide your team with accurate notes of important meetings and conversations. 

Transcripts provide external verification that your employees are accurately logging their calls. It minimizes the likelihood of:

● Mistakes

● Accidental Omissions

● Misinterpretations 

They act as an objective third-party observer of what you say on the call and what action items result from it.

You can use them to quickly review a conversation and pull out keywords and phrases to use in the next call. It's essential to follow up with your team and collaborate with other departments. Additionally, you don't have to try to remember anything from the call! It translates into:

● More productive calls

● Better communication with clients

● Fewer wasted office hours due to a miscommunication or misunderstanding

Legal Purposes

Legitimate reasons for call transcription include security or health issues during the call. You can also benefit by providing evidence of what both parties say for legal purposes.

Capturing a detailed call account can also help employees feel prepared. A good rule of thumb for calls is that it's always better to be safe than sorry if you're unsure if you need a transcript.

How to Perform Call Transcription

If you’re going to transcribe a conversation, it’s crucial that you do so in an accurate manner. Here’s how to perform an audio transcription when working with telephone calls.

Find the Right Call Transcription Partner

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Method 1: Transcribe a Call Manually

You could spend the time manually typing out what the call is about. It can take some time, but in the end, it pays off.

Step 1: Have a pen and paper or a blank Google Doc on a computer ready before you make the call.

A blank google docs page.

Step 2: When you get on the call, let everyone know that you will be transcribing the call. After that, start typing or writing everything people are saying. Don’t worry too much about spelling or who is saying what. You can go back and edit all of that later. Do try to make a double space for each person that speaks.

A Google Docs with content.

Step 3: After the call, you can go back and edit the call for spelling and punctuation, and add names.

A untitled Google Docs document with content organized.

Method 2: Outsource Call Transcription to Service Providers

An easy way to get your call transcription is by outsourcing it. You can find a company like Verbit or GoTranscript with a service you can order through. Choose a service provider with the appropriate qualifications to keep the quality high.

Also, you should feel confident in the security of your data. Ask about how they store information. You could even request a paper copy if you are uncomfortable sending info over the internet. You should also include instructions for corrections or editing. It may depend on how strict their guidelines are for editing mistakes.

Step 1: Record the call that you want to transcribe.

Step 2: Navigate to GoTranscript on your web browser. Click ‘Order Online’.

GoTranscript call transcription services homepageStep 3: Click ‘Upload files.’

A red rectangle around the upload files of GoTranscriptStep 4: Continue the sign-up process and purchase your transcript.

Method 3: Get Call Transcription Using Notta

The easiest and fastest way to transcribe your calls is to use the Notta app. This call transcription software transcribes your words automatically. (Note: iPhone users will need a second phone to transcribe the call in real time)

Step 1: Open the Notta app on your device and ‘Log In.’

Step 2: Click ‘New.’

A red rectangle around the add icon on Notta app.

Step 3: Click ‘Record Now.’

A red rectangle around the Record Now option on Notta app.

Step 4: Now make your call and put it on speakerphone. 

A red rectangle around the Speaker icon.

iPhone Users:

Grab your second phone and make the call. Place the phone on speakerphone.

Step 5: Switch back to Notta and watch as it transcribes the call in real-time.

Notta apps' transcription result

iPhone Users:

Watch as Notta transcribes the call on the first phone.


You can also upload a call recording to Notta to get transcription after the call.


Is it Legal to Transcribe a Call?

In most states, you'll need permission from at least one of the parties in the call. Look up the local laws in your area about recording calls. The same will apply to transcription.

Getting permission is usually not as difficult as you might think. Just make sure to use proper ways to ask or start a conversation. Always err on asking if it's okay before proceeding.

Can You Get the Transcript for Calls on iPhone?

With iOS 10 or later, you can make an RTT call. RTT stands for Real-Time Text. It is what it sounds like: text that shows up in real-time as someone speaks during their call. You don’t need to wait until after your conversation to see what you say. It all comes through while they are talking. And then, when they hang up, a whole transcript is waiting for you!

Can ASR be Used for Call Transcription?

Yes, free call transcription apps like Notta use highly accurate ASR to transcribe calls. All you need to do is install the app on your device and make the call on speaker. Notta also utilizes AI that transcribes dialogue that includes accents or complicated words. It auto-populates transcripts with possible meanings of what you're saying.

Final Thoughts

Generating call transcription can be time-consuming, so consider what areas are most important. The transcription quality will depend on the experience and credentials of the transcriber. Check out their work to determine if they meet your expectations.

It's essential not just to get the information from a call and transcribe it accurately. It may be worth investing in transcription software such as Notta for the best accuracy. It can also help identify keywords for easy retrieval. You'll never have to worry about crucial conversations going untranscribed.

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