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How to Get Cisco Webex Meeting Transcription

2022-09-264 mins

Communication is the lifeblood of any establishment. Cisco Webex is an excellent video conferencing solution for teams, organizations, schools, and any group that needs to communicate regularly.

However, taking notes in meetings while simultaneously focusing can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are transcription software that can help convert the audio from the meetings into texts.

This article discusses how to transcribe Webex meetings and how to get real-time transcription with Notta.

Does Webex Meetings Provide Transcription in Real-Time?

No. Webex only supports recording transcripts in Webex Meetings, Webex Webinars, and Webex Events (classic).

The meeting transcripts appear during recording playback, and the production takes approximately twice the duration of the meeting. Sometimes, it may take longer (up to 24 hours), depending on the length of the meeting or due to the temporary load on the transcription engine.

How to Turn on Recording Transcripts for Webex

Webex offers free and paid subscriptions, and the recording feature varies with your package. Free Webex accounts have limited recording features. For example, you can ONLY record on the desktop application and save the recording on your local devices. The premium subscription allows you to record on both desktop and mobile devices. Also, you can save on the cloud and on your device.

Before you can get the transcripts of a meeting on Webex, you need to turn on the recording. This is because, as stated earlier, transcripts appear during recording playback.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to turn on recording transcripts.

How to Turn on Recording Transcripts for Webex Sites

The following is how to enable transcription in Webex sites:

● Step 1: Login to the Webex Site Administration and head to the ‘Common Site Settings

● Step 2: Click the ‘Options’ button, scroll down to the ‘Site Options’ and select the ‘Create Recording Transcripts for All Hosts’ MP4 Recordings’ option.

● Step 3: As an administrator, you can let your hosts choose whether to create transcripts for their recordings by clicking on the ‘Allow Hosts to Turn Off Recording Transcripts in My Webex Preferences’ box.

How to Turn on Recording Transcripts for a User?

Here’s how to turn on recording transcripts for a user:

● Step 1: Sign in to the Webex Site Administration and go to the ‘User Management’ > Edit User panel.

how to turn on recording transcripts as a user


● Step 2: Select the user’s name and turn on transcripts for them.

select user's name and turn on recording transcript for webex meeting


● Step 2: Select the user’s name and turn on transcripts.

● Step 3: Scroll to ‘Privileges,’ then ‘General Section,’ and click on the ‘Create Recording Transcripts for All of This User's MP4 Recordings’ box.

How to Get Real-Time Webex Transcriptions With Notta

Webex does not offer real-time transcription; instead, transcripts are generated a while after the meeting has ended. Also, the transcripts are available only in one language, which is English.

However, with Notta, transcription is far more seamless and can be done in real-time. Notta is a speech-to-text app that lets you easily record and transcribe your Webex meeting.

It allows users to edit text in real-time transcriptions, change playback speed, and insert images. Notta also permits users to save data in multiple formats, such as TXT, DOCX, PDF, and SRT.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to transcribe Webex meeting with Notta.

Use the Notta Mobile App

● Step 1: Download and install the Notta mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

● Step 2: Sign up to gain access to the application.

● Step 3: Once you have logged in, turn up the meeting volume and use Notta mobile app to record the meeting by clicking ‘Record Now.’

Tap Record Now option on Notta app

● Step 4: The meeting will start recording and transcribing in real-time. When the session is over, click ‘Stop.’

Tap stop to stop recording and transcribing

● Step 5: Name the record and save it.

Rename the transcription

Use the Notta Web

● Step 1: Download the recording you want to transcribe from Webex, then enter the URL https://www.notta.ai/en into your preferred browser

● Step 2: Log in or sign up as applicable to your Notta account.

● Step 3: Click the ‘Import Files’ icon.

Click Import files to upload file and transcribe on Notta

● Step 4: Next, click on the ‘Transcription Language Option’ to select the language you want to transcribe the recording. Then click on ‘Select Documents’ to access the recording on your computer.

Select transcription language and upload document

● Step 5: Once you import the Webex meeting recording, Notta will automatically transcribe it.

Check file transcription process on Notta

● Step 6: Notta will send a message on the right-hand corner of your screen letting you know your transcription is ready. Click on it to view the transcribed words.

Check transcript on Notta

You can also add notes to the transcription.

Add notes to the transcript

Finally, collaborate with your team using Notta Team Workspace. With Workspace, you can create different teams and assign roles to each member.


1. Can I download the transcript for my Webex meetings?

Yes, you can. Once the meeting is done, you can click the ‘Recording’ area on the dashboard. Then, click ‘Download’ for the recording you want and check ‘Download Transcript (.vtt).’ 

Another option for getting Webex transcription is using an app like Notta that offers real-time transcription.

2. Why can’t I view the transcripts of my Webex meeting recording?

This may be happening for many reasons. First, your account may not be turned on for transcripts. If the transcript option does not appear when you play your recordings, then you do not have the transcript service turned on.

The inability to view your transcripts may also be due to poor audio quality during the meeting. This implies that the transcript output is anticipated to be poor.

The poor audio quality may be due to noisy background, accents, poor acoustics, etc. However, with a speech-to-text application like Notta, you can record your meetings and transcripts immediately after.

3. How long does it take to get my transcript with Webex?

Webex transcriptions generally take about twice the duration of the meeting to be produced. Sometimes, it may take longer (up to 24 hours), depending on the length of the meeting or due to the temporary load on the transcription engine.

In contrast, Notta web generates a transcript for you immediately after the meeting, and Notta mobile app offers real-time transcription.


It’s often tiring and challenging for whoever has been delegated the task of taking down notes in a meeting. You can do away with the arduous task by recording and making real-time transcriptions. This allows you and other attendees to free up their minds and engage actively in meetings.

Notta is a leading speech-to-text tool for recording and transcribing audio. If you use Notta on your computer or smartphone, you can turn audio data of an hour-long online meeting, interview, or dialogue into text in five minutes. Sign up today.