Top 7 Gong Alternatives & Competitors to Improve Sales

Sales calls are a wealth of data for every business. They can help you understand your prospect's needs, identify the selling approach, and how your sales reps are performing. 

But there is a problem - monitoring this data can be overwhelming for your sales team, especially for a growing company. 

Fortunately, with the launch of in 2015, this problem is easily solved because this tool uses AI  to collect and analyze client conversations. 

However, times change, and so do businesses with it. Many businesses, large and small, are now scouring for Gong alternatives. This raises several questions: Why are companies opting for Gong competitors, and which alternatives can provide a similar solution? 

Join me as we find the answers to these questions together.

What is Here is an overview 

Gong is a conversation and revenue intelligence tool that uses AI to track and analyze customer interactions during meetings. It primarily serves sales teams in the B2B industry, who will use this information to make data-driven decisions and increase the possibility of closing deals.  

Some key features include: 

  • Call recording and transcription: Gong integrates with web conferencing and VoIP platforms to capture and transcribe your sales calls. 

  • Call analysis: Gong will analyze the recorded calls and present key insights on the dashboard.

  • Forecasting: Gong uses AI to improve visibility into your pipeline. Users can confidently use the data present to predict their revenue capability. 

  • People intelligence: Gong can help users analyze and understand the performance of their top teams in sales calls and replicate what works. 

Gong Pricing

Gong provides users with a customized pricing model and the pricing consists of two parts: a fixed annual platform fee  dependent on the team size and the cost of per recorded user.

You should contact Gong’s sales team for an accurate license pricing that fits your team.

Still, we can refer back to its pricing in 2022 to get some insights on how much it may cost you.

Gong pricing

Why might you need a Gong alternative?

There is no doubt at all that Gong leads the race in meeting intelligence platforms and has consistently delivered the best services in the past five years.

But after monopolizing the market for so long, new conversation intelligence tools are beginning to shake up Gong's foundation. Sales teams are now starting to consider Gong alternatives in the market. 

The reason? 

1. Gong is very expensive

A sneak peek of Gong's pricing can already tell who their clients are: enterprise-level customers. 

With the minimum payment being over $6,000 per year, such extreme spending does not make sense for a startup or mid-market company. After all, they may be cash-strapped, needing to spend wisely for long-term growth.

"It's becoming more evident that smaller organizations aren't the priority for the Gong team." - said a G2 reviewer.

These companies are, therefore, left out, requiring a new tool that can meet their needs at a reasonable budget.  

2. Its features are complex for small businesses 

Gong may claim to provide services that benefit all business sizes, but many of its features are meant for large businesses. Considering the cost, new and small businesses may pay for features they may not use. 

According to a user review on TrustPilot, Gong provides too many complex features, making its UI appear 'Clunky and hard to use.'  This may result in a very steep adoption learning curve. 

3. It does not provide a free trial  

Businesses are not obligated to provide free trials, but it is one of the most effective ways to capture and keep clients. Prospects familiarize themselves with the software, and if they find value for money, purchase or subscribe to it. 

Despite its ludicrous subscription fee, Gong does not offer any free trials. It's, therefore, impossible to figure out if the tool will be helpful to you. While we do not question the tool's effectiveness, we can say that does not provide much support to new businesses.

The 7 best alternatives 

Ideally, if you are looking for a alternative, it needs to be able to capture, transcribe, and analyze all your client conversations. It should also summarize the discussion and extract critical information to facilitate sales. Here are the top 7 alternatives you should definitely check out.

1. Notta - most affordable AI meeting notetaker

Notta meeting transcription

Of course, we will place our brand first on the list! Not to make you choose our platform or insist our tool is the best but for the simplicity our tool offers, at an affordable price for startups and small teams. 

Notta is a meeting productivity tool that aims to make online and in-person meetings as efficient as possible. You can use Notta to schedule meetings and record, transcribe, and create automated summaries.  

This tool is committed to helping sales teams stay engaged in the conversation while always having notes to refer back to. 

Key features

  • Meeting recording: It supports all popular video-calling platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet and records both audio and video.

  • Meeting transcribe: Let the AI convert all your conversations in real time to editable text that you can review later, share with your team, or download as a document. 

  • Meeting summary: Notta uses AI to generate a comprehensive meeting summary that includes key takeaways, action items, etc. Making your client follow-up process more effective.

  • Integration: Connect Notta to either Notion or Salesforce to track your customer details and establish a better engagement.


  • Currently Notta does not provide helpful analytics for coaching. 

  • Unlike Gong, Notta lacks forecasting capabilities.


  • It offers a free plan with 120 transcription minutes per month.

  • There are Pro and Business plans that offer seat-based pricing. 


We can claim that Notta is a revenue intelligence platform, but it makes to this list as one of the best Gong alternatives for several reasons: 

  • Its onboarding process is straightforward and easy to use.

  • It has the most affordable pricing among all alternatives.

This tool is best for businesses who have a limited budget. 

2. Avoma

Avoma meeting assistant

Avoma is an AI-powered meeting assistant that can help accelerate your company's productivity and revenue growth capabilities. Avoma can record meetings, transcribe, and break the conversation into valuable insights. 

This tool has features that cover the entire meeting lifecycle, from pre-meeting preparation to post-meeting data analysis. 

Key features

  • AI meeting assistant: The AI assistant can transcribe meetings in real-time, generate notes, and track essential keywords. 

  • Meeting scheduler: Instantly set up a one-on-one, group, or round-robin meeting in just a few steps.

  • Scorecards: It has a scorecard that displays your team rating. This is useful in identifying sales reps in need of additional training.

  • Call analysis: It analyzes all your calls to generate insights on closing deals faster.


  • The app is buggy sometimes.

  • The speech-to-text feature could be more accurate, especially around assigning speakers.

  • Uploading calls can take some time.


Depending on your needs, it will cost you between $19 -$149 per user per month. A free plan and a 14-day trial for the Starter and Plus plans also exist.


Avoma stands out as it combines conversational intelligence features such as AI note-taking, transcribing, and summarizing with revenue intelligence abilities of data analysis. The AI assistant is an incredible tool for small-and-mid-market users. The pricing is flexible; you only pay for what you need.


Chorus conversation intelligence tool

Chorus is a conversational intelligence tool suitable for performance-driven sales teams looking to supercharge their customer engagements. It captures all the conversations in an organization, from phone calls to emails and video calls, and analyzes the data to discover the win-or-lose potential of your current deals. 

Chorus provides its solutions to various teams, including sales, marketing, and HR teams.

Key features 

  • Automatic call recording: Like other tools, it can also record and transcribe sales calls and meetings. It can do this through on-demand, scheduled, and event-triggered calls.

  • Sales coaching: Chorus AI simplifies team coaching through built-in courses, goal setting and tracking, and team performance assessment.  

  • Conversation intelligence: It can analyze data from all your conversations to derive insights helpful to your business growth.

  • Deal intelligence: Chorus provides data that offers clear visibility into your meeting insights and relationships to help facilitate your deals in the pipeline.  

  • Contextual trackers: Identify critical moments in your conversations by tracking keywords and phrases. 


  • It can be a bit costly, though not as high as Gong.

  • It may be hard to determine who was taking part in a call.

  • Creating clip snippets can be a challenge.


Just like Gong, Chorus does not openly reveal its pricing. You must submit your details, such as name, phone number, and business email address, to receive a potential contract. 

However, following the pricing other users online have received, using the tool will cost roughly $100-$200 per user per month. This is exclusive of the base cost. 


Chorus AI is known for its meeting recording and analysis capabilities. Compared to Gong, it shines more as a conversational intelligence tool than revenue intelligence. Still, both tools provide actionable data that a sales leader can use to close sales deals. 

Chorus and Gong are expensive, limiting the users to mid-market and enterprise businesses.  

4. Wingman

Wingman AI conversation intelligence tool

Wingman, also known as Clari copilot, is a trusted partner in sales conversations. This conversation intelligence tool utilizes AI and machine learning to record, transcribe, and analyze your sales calls and email conversations. 

Unlike most tools in this list, whose focus is automation, Wingman's priorities lie in actionable intelligence. This means the tool will collect and provide real-time critical information from your meetings. After transcribing a call, the tool forwards it to a sales rep in a clear summary alongside real-time coaching tips. 

With Wingman, you can: 

  • Provide contextual feedback to sales reps to keep the conversation going during a call.

  • Efficiently train new sales reps with a pre-saved playlist of the best call recordings. 

  • Identify the winning and losing deals through your conversation insights.

  •  Get a closer view into your sales pipeline and take early action on any risks impending a deal close. 


  • Its transcriptions could be more accurate.

  • Sometimes, it can be buggy, with sales call recording stopping independently.


Wingman offers two pricing plans, all billed annually:

  • Accelerator plan: $1,080 per sales rep

  • Enterprise Plan: $1,320 per sales rep

At sign-up, you will get a 7-day free trial in both plans. 


Wingman wins against Gong on several fronts: 

  1. It has a simple user interface, making onboarding a breeze. 

  2. Wingman has paid more attention to integrating dialers, video conferencing tools, and CRMs. 

Taking note of all these advantages, Wingman is ideal for use by mid-market businesses. 

5. MeetRecord

MeetRecord call recording tool

Another Gong competitor to pay attention to is MeetRecord. It is an emerging meeting insights platform suitable for startups and mid-market organizations. 

MeetRecord can record, transcribe, and analyze conversations. It also helps sales leaders find patterns and insights helpful in coaching sales reps. Users can benefit from the tool's AI-driven personalized coaching initiatives. 

Key features 

  • AI sales coaching: Track your sales rep's performance and get real-time feedback on improvement areas after every sales call. 

  • Keyword tracking: Identify the most common words in your meetings to figure out the trends and patterns of your clients. 

  • Automatic summary: Automatically get a summary of all sales calls and meetings. This feature can also help track down any objections raised in the meeting. 

  • Revenue intelligence: Monitor your sales pipeline to identify trends, competition, and blockage points.


  • Several users have complained about the tool's transcription accuracy.

  • Its forecasting capabilities are limited, unlike Gong.


MeetRecord has three payment plans:

  • Standard plan (for small teams) - $39 per user per month 

  • Professional plan (for growing teams) - Custom price 

  • Cutting Edge plan (for massive teams) - Custom price 

MeetRecord also provides a free trial to get you started with the tool. 

6. Fireflies

Fireflies meeting assistant

If you are looking for a cheap Gong alternative, fits the bill. However, it has some fundamental differences from Gong. 

Fireflies is a meeting notetaker and data entry tool. Its primary focus is recording and transcribing your meeting notes. It then uses its integrations into other apps to automatically update and share data into your CRM and automate new tasks. 

Still, sales reps can benefit from its conversation intelligence feature to derive insights from the meeting. 

Key features

  • Conversation intelligence: Get actionable insights, speaker sentiments, and team metrics from the dashboard. 

  • AI super summaries: Get detailed meeting summaries containing the meeting recap, key points, and action items.

  • AskFred: This built-in AI chatbot can help users understand what happened in a meeting, help make follow-ups, and create reports. 

  • Playlists: Use this feature to group the best and worst meeting calls to aid in team coaching. 

  • Topics trackers: Identify related conversations in your dashboard by tracking relevant keywords. 


  • Poor onboarding and customer support.

  • The transcription of a meeting is only available after the meeting and takes a long time to process. 

  • The user interface is not intuitive.

  • It provides no forecasting or aid in dealing with the pipeline health analysis. 


It has a free plan that offers limited features. The paid plans start at $18 per seat/month.

7. SalesLoft

SalesLoft sales tool

The final tool on our list, is a sales engagement platform that sales teams use to increase client interactions and drive revenue. SalesLoft is an AI-powered revenue workflow platform that can help users predict revenue growth in a simple but efficient rev stack.  

Key features

  • Cadence scheduling: Users can create multi-step cadences to improve client engagement in your pipeline.

  • Sales intelligence: Improve your sales process through pipeline analysis, sales forecasting, deal health monitoring, and sales coaching. 

  • Dialer integration: Receive calls directly from the SalesLoft dashboard. 

  • Advanced analytics: Make data-driven decisions using the analytics and reporting tools present to optimize your sales efforts. 

  • CRM integrations: A seamless integration with the CRM allows users to send and receive data effortlessly. 


  • The analytics data it offers is limited compared to Gong.

  • It does not provide automated note-taking.

  • It does not offer any free trial.


Salesloft has three pricing plans: essential, advanced, and premier. Unfortunately, the pricing is not public. 

According to previous users, depending on your chosen plan, it may cost about $125 - $165 per user/month. This translates to $1500 to $2000 annually per user, limiting its use to mid-market companies. 


Unlike Gong and the rest of the tools in this list, Salesloft's primary focus is sales engagement rather than conversation intelligence. 

However, it doesn't fall short in helping sales reps win deals quickly. You can also extend the usefulness of Salesloft by integrating it with other conversational intelligence platforms such as Avoma and Gong. 

A Comparison of the best Gong alternatives

Still, trying to decide which conversational intelligence tool to use? Here is a breakdown of what each tool offers, its cost, and target market.

Notta Avoma Chorus Wingman MeetRecord Fireflies Salesloft
Main offering Meeting recording, transcription, and summary Meeting notes-taker and conversation intelligence Conversation and deal intelligence Actionable sales conversation insights Meeting record and analysis Meeting transcription and summary sales engagement and deal intelligence
Cost $8.25-$78 per user per month $19-$149 per user per month $100-$200 per user/month, plus a base cost $1080-$1320 per sales rep annually Starting at $39 per user/month $18 per seat/month to custom pricing $125-$165 per user per month
Target market Start-ups and small businesses SMB and mid-market users Mid-market and Enterprise organizations SMB and mid-market businesses SMBs Start-ups and small businesses Mid-market and Enterprise users


It is your responsibility as a sales head to identify the right tools for your team. The right revenue intelligence tool can help you efficiently gather all the critical data from your sales call to boost your team's performance, reduce inefficient calls, increase customer interaction, and ultimately grow your business revenue. 

Before making any decision, consider your company's needs, size, tool pricing, and ease of use. We are no longer in the age of dominance. Now, there is a revenue intelligence tool for everyone.

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