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8 Best Microsoft Teams Chrome Extensions for Taking Your Productivity to the Next Level

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Working with your colleagues over Microsoft Teams is quick and easy, but you can improve the process using additional Chrome extensions. 

By combining Microsoft Teams with other extensions, like Loom, Notta, or Google Meet Grid, you can easily manage your team, meeting notes, documents, and much more. Today, we’re sharing the top eight Microsoft Teams Chrome extensions that will help you enhance your Teams meetings and increase productivity. 

8 Best Microsoft Teams Chrome Extensions

#1 Loom

Best for: Quick Screen Recording

Loom Microsoft Teams Chrome Extension - HomepageLoom is a free video screen recorder that allows you to easily record and share a video of your screen with colleagues. We love Loom for sharing quick tutorials on using a new tool or problem solving a bug with a coworker. Loom allows you to not only record your screen but also add a small video of yourself during the recording and record a narration during the video. 

Loom also allows you to upload directly to YouTube and provides you with a share link that makes sharing your screen recording simple. 


  • Team library available

  • Screenshot feature

  • Viewer insights available


  • Limited to 5-minute recordings without an upgraded plan

Key Features

  • Records screen and audio

  • Creates share links

  • Upload directly to YouTube

Rate: Free, Upgrade plan available at $8 per month

#2 Hypercontext

Best for: Fostering more productive, collaborative meetings

Hypercontext Microsoft Teams Chrome Extension - Interface Hypercontext helps you streamline your goals, meeting, and team morale into one smooth workflow. With this app, you can quickly create meeting agendas, hold others accountable, share feedback, and use over 500 conversation starters to keep interactions with your colleagues fresh. 

Hypercontext also creates automated meeting minutes, saving you and your team time while organizing your next steps. Use Hypercontext’s collaborative goal and to-do list functions to plan your next action steps based on these meeting minutes. In addition, Hypercontext integrates directly with many other programs, including Microsoft Teams, Google Calendar, and Slack. 


  • Collaborative app that fosters better teamwork

  • Offers 1:1 and team meeting functions

  • AI software can highlight shortcomings and blindspots to help your team have more balanced conversations

  • Next steps tracker for easy post-meeting followup


  • Higher learning curve

  • Cannot be accessed offline

Key features

  • Creates meeting agendas

  • Share feedback and assign to-dos

  • Setting collaborative, measurable goals and KPIs

Rate: Free to use, Pro and Business plans are available for $5.60/month or $8.80/month, respectively.

#3 Notta

Best for: Recording and real-time transcription

Notta Microsoft Teams Chrome Extension - Record Detail Notta converts audio to text in seconds and keeps your hands free from typing during the meeting. Notta can be integrated into Microsoft Teams, allowing you to have the meeting audio transcribed live. Notta also accepts audio from any audio source, including audio files, web meetings, webpage audio, and live recordings from microphones. 

All Notta transcriptions can be easily edited and organized. You can also add images and notes to the transcription, making it a great reference tool for you and your colleagues. In addition, Notta offers translation features in 42 different languages. With its team plan, you can create a collaborative workspace and access member management tools. 


  • Real-time transcription for Microsoft Teams

  • Import and export audio and text

  • Save data in multiple formats, including DOCX, PDF, TXT, and SRT

  • Minimal learning curve


  • None

Key features

  • Organizational and editing functions are available

  • Notta can be used on tablets, smartphones, and laptops and syncs across your devices

  • Turns audio into text in seconds

Rate: Free, Pro and Team plans available

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#4 TIM

Best for: Teams struggling with long meetings

TIM Microsoft Teams Chrome Extension - HomepageThe TIM Chrome extension is a free app with a built-in agenda timer that allows you to manage your online meeting’s flow and time. If your team has been struggling to stay on task and dedicate the right amount of time to each meeting topic, TIM is the tool for you. 


  • Integrates with Microsoft Teams and other video call software

  • You can create time schedules and assign time slots to each team member

  • Tracks how much money the meeting is costing you

  • Unlimited timers


  • Only offered as a Chrome extension

Key features 

  • Agenda, stopwatch, and countdown timer

  • Encourages meeting attendees to stay on track during the meeting

Rate: Free

#5 DocuSign

Best for: Remote document signing

Docusign Microsoft Teams Chrome Extension - interfaceNeed to create, send, and sign documents remotely with your team? DocuSign has you covered. This free extension lets you manage documents from your browser and offers unlimited signing when you are the only person signing. 


  • Can be used on nearly an electronic device

  • Lets you create and send off documents

  • Stores them on the secure platform for you


  • Need to upgrade after a certain number of signs by other people

Key features

  • Provides status updates of documents that still require your action

  • Prepare and send documents to be signed

Rate: Free, pro plans available

#6 Google Meet Grid

Best for: Creating visually appealing Teams meetings

Google Meet Grid Microsoft Teams Chrome Extension - interfaceGoogle Meet Grid allows you to see every participant in a video call in an equal-sized video. With this Chrome extension, you can choose to toggle in and out of a screen that shows all participants in your video call, aside from participants you have selected to be hidden. 


  • Can choose to include or exclude your own video

  • Highlights who is speaking

  • Hides selected participants


  • May lag or cause performance issues with very large meetings

Key features

  • See every participant simultaneously in video calls in an equal-sized video

Rate: Free

#7 GAT Shield Personal

Best for: Securing your browser and time tracking

GAT shield personal - product featuresConcerned about your security? GAT Shield Personal allows you to audit your Chrome environment and secure your browser. In addition, GAT tracks your time online with a specific breakdown of time spent on certain websites and specific pages or tasks. 

You can also audit your downloads and extensions with GAT to see which ones have the most access to your Chrome environment and personal information. GAT also analyzes your Chrome settings to see how much memory you have, what IP address you are on, and much more. 


  • Audits your downloads and extensions

  • Tracks your time by website, task, and page

  • Assesses your Chrome settings


  • GAT requires significant access to your apps and personal information

Key features

  • Time tracking

  • Analyzes downloads based on where they came from, storage, sizes, and more

  • Rates your installed extensions based on privacy and security

Rate: Free

#8 BlockSite

Best for: Individuals who get distracted during meetings

Blocksite Microsoft Teams Extension - HomepageIt can be challenging to ignore social media and avoid browsing the web during a dull Teams meeting. However, BlockSite helps you stay on task by blocking all websites that disrupt your focus. You can choose which websites and social platforms you want to be blocked and even set specific times of day, such as nine to five, when you want your access to Facebook or other websites completely blocked. 


  • Password protection

  • Uninstall prevention feature

  • Time management feautre

  • Customized blockage page to remind you why you’re blocking off time


  • You can’t uninstall during time blocks

Key features

  • Blocks websites that distract you on your mobile device and computer

  • Site redirect feature built-in

Rate: 3-day free trial, selection of plans available

FAQs about Teams Chrome Extensions

What does Microsoft Teams integrate with?

Microsoft Teams integrates with PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, Excel, Word, and a huge variety of other Chrome extensions. 

Can you use MS Teams in Chrome?

Yes, you can use MS Teams in Chrome. You can either join a Teams Meeting in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. No software download is required. 

Final Thoughts

We hope today’s piece on the eight best Microsoft Teams Chrome extensions helps you improve your team’s productivity and enhance your enjoyment of virtual meetings.

Don’t forget to check out Notta, which can save you countless hours by transcribing your meetings live. You can easily make edits to the transcript, add notes and images, and export the file in many formats to make sharing a breeze. 

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