Two hands playing coins. Pricing: Helping You Choose the Best Plan

If you're interested in purchasing, it can be hard to decide which one you should get. pricing models come with some complicated details. This can be confusing when figuring out the best plan for you or your company.

In this article, we'll dive into the essential features of's 4 pricing plans. This information will help you choose one that suits your needs without breaking the bank. Plans & Pricing Comparison

Above are Otter's 4 transcription plans, each with different features and pricing. To determine which program is best for you, you'll need to consider your needs and budget. With all that in mind, here's a breakdown of each plan:


You can start using Otter AI right away with the free Basic Plan. This plan is excellent if you are just getting started with transcription. It can also work if you have some experience but not enough to justify signing up for one of their paid plans.

You can test out some simple transcription projects with this first. Then you can move to the paid plans and start with more complex videos and files.


With this Plan, you can record and playback web and mobile recordings. You can also take audio input from BlueTooth microphones and headsets. You also have access to mobile widgets and synchronized highlights.

This Plan offers all the features you need to get started, including:

● Speech-to-text transcription,

● Identification of speakers by name

● Custom vocabulary support: 5 terms

● Live notes

● Captioning for Google Meet

Security uses TLS encryption and AES-256 to keep your recordings safe and secure. Their email support is also available to help you with any questions.

Add Speaker Tags

Plus, you can edit your transcriptions and add speaker tags, making it easy to track who said what. You'll also get real-time annotation of comments, highlights, and images. 

Some features that make a good tool are its summary keywords and word clouds feature. These features help you pull out essential phrases from the audio to find them later easily. You can also use the keyword search feature to find specific parts of the transcript quickly.

Transcription Length

The free version of Otter only allows you to transcribe up to 30 minutes of audio per audio file. You also get 600 minutes of transcription quota per month. It would be sufficient for daily usage. However, if you are looking to transcribe an audio file of longer length, you may consider an alternative or upgrade to Pro.

Custom Vocabulary

The Custom Vocabulary feature lets you add five custom vocabularies to This feature helps improve transcription accuracy. 

These can be jargon, names, or common acronyms in your company or industry. It's a great way to get more accurate transcripts of your conversations.


You can share your transcriptions with others by sending them a link to the text transcript.

Target Audience

The free plan can be perfect for individuals who want to start transcription. If you're a student, prefer reading, or don't want to shell out thousands of dollars, try Otter's free plan.


● Free

Key Features:

● Add up to 5 words into the custom vocabulary

● Upload 3 audio files per month

● 300 minutes of transcription per month


The Otter AI Pro Plan gives you more minutes to transcribe and more features to use. For $8.33 per month annually or $16.99 per month monthly, you get 1,200 minutes to transcribe. You also get a few features that the free plan doesn't have.


You get access to advanced search. This feature allows you to search through your transcriptions for specific keywords. You can also choose from eight different playback speeds. Using different paces can be helpful when reviewing long transcripts.

Other premium features include:

  • Support for uploading audio files from popular cloud storage services

  • Ability to export transcripts in different formats

Upload 10 files per month

The Otter AI Pro Plan allows you to upload 10 files to transcribe, and the maximum length of each audio file is 90 minutes. After Otter's change of pricing model, users can longer enjoy the unlimited upload file options.

Transcription Length

With the Pro plan, you get 1200 minutes of transcription per month, and transcriptions can be up to 90 minutes long. That's much flexibility, and it can work well for those that generate a ton of audio content.


The Pro plan has limited features for the assistant. For example, it will share all meeting notes with the calendar guests. You'll have to upgrade if you'd like to turn this feature off. It seems like a weird way for Otter to try to upsell their service, but that is their protocol.

Custom Vocabulary

With the Pro subscription, you can add up to 100 terms and 100 words to the Otter dictionary. It can be conducive if you're transcribing a lot of specialized jargon or proper names.

Target Audience

Suppose you're an individual who needs extensive transcription time and custom vocabulary. In that case, Otter AI's Pro Plan may be worth considering. You get 1,200 minutes of transcription and the ability to add more custom words to Otter's vocabulary. 

These entry-level plans are more for individual users. The following two methods we'll discuss are more for teams doing some heavy lifting. 


● $8.33 per month (Paid annually)

● $16.99 per month (Paid monthly) - Updated September 27, 2022

Key Features:

● Advanced Search Tools

● 10 import files transcription per month

● Otter AI assistant


The Business package is the best value for your money. It is best for teams and organizations and only costs $20 per user per month if you pay annually. If you pay monthly, it is $30 per user per month. You get all of the features of the Pro Otter plan and more.


The Business plan includes everything in the Pro plan, plus team collaboration tools. You can have as many people on your team as you need, and each person gets their login. 

With this plan, you'll get all the features you need to transcribe your Zoom meetings. Your recordings will automatically sync with Zoom Cloud. This feature helps you to access them later easily. The only downside is that you must have a Zoom Pro subscription to use this service. But if you're already paying for Zoom, this feature may be worth checking out.

The Business plan is their most popular option. It gives you access to all of Otter's features, including:

● Complete configuration of Otter AI assistant for Meet, Zoom, and Teams

● Priority customer support

● Share transcripts with an unlimited number of people

This plan also includes captioning and live notes. These features can be beneficial for keeping track of what you say during a meeting. Live notes show the transcription on your screen as the Zoom meeting progresses. Integrated live notes are another way to display captioning.

The Business plan offers transcription via RTMP. RTMP is perfect for businesses that need to transcribe live meetings or interviews. The only downside is that there is an additional fee for this service. However, the price can be worth it if you need transcripts of your business meetings.

RTMP is a protocol for delivering interactive media or chat services. It provides high-performance transmission of audio and video data.

It's perfect for video conferencing, live streaming, and VoIP applications. And it does so without compromising quality or reliability.

RTMP also provides you with greater flexibility. It lets you choose among a variety of connection types, including:

● Multicast

● Unicast

● Broadcast

These connections can control network traffic costs. They limit connections only to people viewing the content at that moment.

Transcription Length

With Otter's Business plan, you get 6000 minutes of transcription per user per month. It's more than enough for the average person and should also be more than enough for most businesses. You can always upgrade to Otter's Enterprise plan if you need more. But for most people, the Business plan will be just right.

Otter's Business plan can be a solution when you need to transcribe audio. You can transcribe up to 4 hours of audio at a time, making it easy to get all your recordings in writing.


All team members will be able to see comments on transcripts from others. Only those who are admins will be able to approve them. Then each admin can assign a role or take away a position from other users on the team.

Custom Vocabulary

With the custom vocabulary, you can add up to 800 words for your entire team. Each team member can add up to 200 personal words.


● $20 per user per month (Paid Annually)

● $30 per user per month (Paid Monthly)

Key Features:

● Complete configuration of Otter AI assistant for Meet, Zoom, and Teams

● Priority customer support

● Share transcripts with an unlimited number of people

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