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If you've considered using AI to translate videos into other languages, you've likely come across Rask AI, a leading player in the fast-growing video translation (dubbing) industry. 

It is known for dubbing audio and videos into multiple languages with high accuracy, making content localization effortless. 

But as good as Rask AI is, it is not a one-size-fits-all software. I’ve found content creators and startups complaining about its unfair pricing and limited free features.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of quality video translation tools ready to pick up the slack. 

After 20+ hours of searching and testing, I have compiled a list of the best Rask AI alternatives for different purposes and budgets. So, be sure to read to the end, and you will find the ideal app for your needs.

An overview of Rask AI video translator

Rask video translator

Rask AI is one of the most popular content localization tools that leverages the power of AI to quickly translate their audio & video content into over 130 languages with voice dubbing. It is designed to help businesses and content creators to get over language barriers and bring their content to a wider audience.


Rask AI has a free version that allows translation of up to 3 videos. To access its inherent features, you can subscribe to one of the paid plans below: 

  • Basic: $60/month

  • Pro: starting from $100/month

  • Business: starting from $750/month

  • Enterprise: Contact Rask AI for custom pricing

What Rask AI does well

First of all, Rask AI has the highest number of supported translation languages among the apps I tested, with 130, and its video upload time is relatively quick.

Moreover, I was impressed by its transcript editing capabilities. Once the video was translated, I was able to make edits and redub it immediately to achieve perfection.

Rask also has a Beta lip-syncing feature to match each speaker’s mouth movement to the audio, which is rarely seen in other software.

Where does Rask fall short?

Based on my testing and reviews from G2, Rask AI falls short in the following aspects:

  • It sometimes translates literally, leading to inaccuracies or loss of meaning.

  • Occasionally, the dubbed video or audio lacks emotion, and the voice sounds robotic. As one user puts it, “It doesn't capture sounds like surprise or sadness and add them to the character. “

  • Price is the most complained about. Firstly, it’s steep for individual content creators who have a limited budget. Also, a user complains that “if your video is 30 seconds long, you pay for a whole minute”.

Top 7 alternatives

To ensure I picked the best Rask AI alternatives, I tested over 15 software, pitting each against Rask AI in terms of translation accuracy, voice, and ease of use.

I also considered the number of translation languages, paying close attention to not just the quantity but also the popularity of the supported languages. Another key area of interest for me in this comparison is the video upload methods, as this goes a long way in determining the ease of use of translation software. 

This comparison eventually proved that as effective as Rask AI is, there is other AI video dubbing software that can do a similarly good job and even produce something better in some areas.

Below are the top alternatives you should consider:

  • Notta Showcase – Translate any video fast

  • Speechify – Text-to-speech tool

  • HeyGen – AI video generator

  • ElevenLabs – Versatile video dubbing

  • Wavel – Diverse AI voices

  • – Dub videos online easily

  • – AI voice generator

1. Notta Showcase

Notta Showcase interface

Notta Showcase is an impressive Rask AI alternative with a unique blend of advanced dubbing features and remarkable intuitiveness.

This software allows you to translate and dub your video into 15 languages. Though this number may be fewer than some other tools, it includes the most commonly used languages including English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and French. 

The best thing about Notta Showcase is that it maintains the originality and style of the original speaker’s voice, thanks to its voice cloning feature.

With the ability to upload a video, select the source and target languages, and then translate, the platform is designed for ease and efficiency. I was also impressed by its fast turnaround time.

Key features

  • Support a wide range of video formats, including MP4, WMV, MOV, and AVI. 

  • Directly upload video by pasting a link from Google Drive, YouTube, and even Loom.

  • Generate automated captions to increase accessibility.


Pricing is on the way. For now, you can enjoy up to 30 free translation minutes and Notta Showcase's basic features.


With a generous free plan and ease of use, Notta Showcase is most suitable for creators and businesses on a limited budget.

2. Speechify

Speechify AI video translator

Speechify is a text-to-speech software designed to convert written text into spoken words, available on all platforms. To ensure a natural sound, It uses AI to generate human-like voices in different languages with word-level control over pitches and punctuation. 

Based on text-to-speech technology, Speechify released its video translation feature that allows you to translate videos into 20+ languages at a reasonable speed and accuracy. You simply upload your video file and it can automatically be translated into other languages of your choice. The major downside is that it only supports MP3 and MP4 file formats.

Key features

  • Impressive text-to-speech feature for converting text to audio

  • AI-generated voices in 100+ languages and accents

  • Use speaking avatars for creating videos from scratch


Speechify has a free plan with a series of AI voice features. But to get the audio/video dubbing features, you need to choose one of the three paid plans below:

  • Basic: $69 per month for a single user

  • Professional: $99/month for a user

  • Enterprise: Contact the Speechify team


After actually testing this software, it is safe to say that it is not a match for Rask AI in terms of video translation accuracy and user-friendliness. However, if you want advanced text-to-speech features and abundant AI voiceovers, Speechify is your choice.

3. HeyGen


HeyGen is an AI video generator that enables users to create high-quality videos from scratch. It offers 120+ AI avatars with various ethnicities, ages, and styles to suit your content.

Taking one step further, HeyGen released a one-click video translation feature that can translate videos into 40+ languages with multi-speaker voice recognition. Though it doesn’t clone the original speaker’s voice, you can choose from its whopping collection of 300+ human-like voices to add a voice-over.

Key features

  • Collection of AI avatars to suit different purposes

  • 300+ AI-generated voices with different languages and accents

  • Integration with popular platforms like Zapier and Twitch


HeyGen offers a limited free plan with just one free credit with one free credit and a video upload limit of 1 minute. Its paid plan starts from $29/month (billed monthly).


HeyGen is more of a video creation tool with an added video translation feature. Hence, it is more suitable for creators and businesses who need an all-round video creation solution.

4. ElevenLabs

Elevenlabs dubbing tool

ElevenLabs offers a video dubbing and translation feature that's quite impressive that even HeyGen uses its technology.

It translates your audio and video content into 29 languages while preserving the original voice style. This tool also works with various file formats and platforms, including  Vimeo, YouTube, X, and TikTok, making it easy to upload your content for translation.

ElevenLabs is the ideal tool for editing your translated video, thanks to its dubbing studio. Here, you can edit transcripts, change a speaker's timing, and adjust voice settings, among other functions. 

Key features

  • Voice editing feature for fine-tuning voice clarity and pace.

  • Dubbing studio for editing transcript, video, and voice settings

  • Voice cloning feature, which duplicates the original speaker’s voice in other languages

  • Integrated API for rendering AI voices in different languages


ElevenLabs has a free version with some enticing features that hobbyists will enjoy using. But to use the complete tool, use one of the paid plans below:

  • Starter: $5/month with an 80% discount in the first month

  • Creator: $22/month with a 50% discount in the first month

5. Wavel

Wavel interface

Wavel is another excellent video translation software that thrives on the voice generation front. It focuses on generating emotion-filled voiceovers aided by its superb AI voice generator.

Wavel is an all-rounder for video localization. Aside from translating a video into 40 different languages, it can create subtitles, captions, and voiceovers for your videos.

Lastly, it boasts an impressive voice cloning feature that allows you to duplicate the original speaker’s voice style and tone in 20+ languages. 

Key features

  • Over 40 translation languages support

  • 250+ AI-generated and human-like voices in different languages

  • Subtitle and caption generation


Wavel AI has a free plan with limited features and three other paid plans:

  • Basic: $25/month

  • Pro: $40/month

  • Business: $80/month


Dubdub software

Dubdub AI is one of the few apps that are very similar to Rask AI in many areas. Its speed is up there with some of the best video translation apps I have used.

This app is built to create context-aware translations and dub videos with human-like voices in over 40 languages. Whether you want to clone a voice or make a voiceover, Dubdub AI will maintain the core characteristics of the speaker’s voice.

Lastly, this software is ideal for team players, as it allows you to share and edit content with your team.

Key features

  • Lip-syncing feature for synchronizing the mouth movement of each speaker with the dubbed audio.

  • Voice cloning feature for duplicating a voice into different languages

  • 40+ translation languages

  • No upload length limit in its enterprise version

  • Video content generation from video, audio, and voice inputs


It has a free version called the Starter plan with several impressive features. You can also choose from its two other paid plans:

  • Professional: $30/month

  • Enterprise: Contact team

7. app

The impressive Murf AI software completes this list of Rask AI alternatives. It supports 20 translation languages, including some of the most spoken languages, such as English, German, Spanish, French, and Japanese. 

Where Murf AI truly stands out is its custom voice cloning feature. This feature allows you to duplicate the original speaker’s voice into different languages with the help of an account manager assigned to you upon signing up. To make things even better, you and your team members will have exclusive rights to the voices cloned on Murf AI.

Key features

  • 20 supported translation languages

  • Voice editing features for tuning up different words in your voiceover

  • Team collaboration channel for editing tasks with your team members

  • 120 generated AI voices

  • Impressive 4 hours video upload length

Pricing has a free plan, just like other software on this list, and three other paid plans you can choose from:

  • Basic: $19/month for a user

  • Pro: $26/month for a user

  • Enterprise: $75/month per user

Wrapping Up

With the list of Rask AI alternatives above, you have a suitable option regardless of your video translation requirements. 

If you need software that will maintain the style and quality of the original speaker’s voice while also being more affordable, Notta Showcase and Wavel is your ideal tool. 

If all you want in a Rask AI alternative is the ability to translate video effortlessly with many AI voiceovers to choose from, you should consider HeyGen and Speechify. Finally, if you need software to edit your dubbed video precisely, consider ElevenLabs AI and Murf AI.