6 Best TranscribeMe Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

6 Best TranscribeMe Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

TranscribeMe is a great app. But TranscribeMe isn't flawless: it's pretty expensive and can be tricky to figure out. It also takes a lot of time to transcribe one hour of audio file. If it's the right fit for your transcription needs, then you don't need to find its alternative. 

But if it's not a perfect solution and you are looking for something else that's more accurate, less pricey, and provides a faster turnaround, then you've come to the right place. 

There are a handful of direct competitors to TranscribeMe — and some of them offer more features compared to TranscribeMe at a lower price. I did in-depth testing on 30 TranscribeMe alternatives for this article — and these are my 6 best picks.  

What is TranscribeMe? 

TranscribeMe audio and video transcription appTranscribeMe is a decent audio and video transcription app that combines advanced artificial intelligence technology with an experienced transcriber network. Just in case you're not a TranscribeMe fan already, here is a brief rundown of everything it offers: 

  • The AI-powered transcription service starts at $0.07 per minute. It's fast and has an accuracy rate of 98%. 

  • TranscribeMe also connects you with human transcribers who will generate transcriptions with a 99% accuracy rate. But it will cost you around $0.79 per minute and takes around 4 hours to transcribe a 1-hour-long audio file. 

What Makes a Good TranscribeMe Alternative? 

For an app to be a great TranscribeMe alternative, it has to offer some (or all) features that TranscribeMe does. Each of the picks on my list has something extra to offer — so you can choose the one that better matches your needs. Here are the criteria I used to evaluate the apps. 

Performance and User Experience: Every app I tested performs well — they're fast, convenient, and, most importantly, easy. A good TranscribeMe alternative should have an excellent interface and some great features. 

Speed: You definitely don't want to wait for 2 hours to get a 20-minute audio transcript. For this reason, I considered the turnaround time or speed of the different apps while selecting the alternatives.

High Accuracy: Both speed and accuracy of the AI transcription go hand in hand. Having a speedy transcription app doesn't mean you would be ready to compromise on quality. The choice of the TranscribeMe alternative will depend on how accurate and fast a transcription tool is. 

Editing Options: It's hard to download and then manually edit the transcript — especially if you'd like to collaborate with team members. I looked for alternatives that offer some basic editing options, like inviting team members to edit/comment, highlight, and adjust the playback speed. 

The 6 Best TranscribeMe Alternatives 

There are some solid TranscribeMe alternatives that may be better for you because they fit your use case and come at an affordable price. Over the course of one week, I tried each AI transcription app and used it to do some of the things I normally use TranscribeMe for. From this testing, I was able to conclude which apps are solid TranscribeMe alternatives. Here's what I found. 

#1 Notta: Best For Accurate Transcriptions & Translations 

Notta AI transcription toolNotta AI transcription tool is a pretty direct replacement for TranscribeMe. The most compelling reasons to go with Notta are pretty simple: it is more accurate (98.86%), has a faster turnaround time, and comes with a generous free plan. Unlike TranscribeMe, Notta can generate transcripts of complex audio or video files — which can then be edited and downloaded in just a few clicks! 


  • Notta is a lot more affordable than TranscribeMe. 

  • It supports nearly 58 transcription languages — much higher than other alternatives. 

  • It comes with a free forever plan. 


  • The free plan is limited in features. 


  • Free Plan

  • Pro Plan: $14.99/user/month

  • Business Plan: $27.99/user/month

  • Enterprise Plan: Contact Sales

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#2 Rev: Best For Recurring Transcriptions Needs

Rev human and automated transcription servicesBoth Rev and TranscribeMe are decent platforms that provide both automated and human-generated transcripts, but they vary in terms of pricing structure and accuracy rate. When comparing Rev vs. TranscribeMe, I found Rev's automated service to be more expensive and less accurate. For example, Rev's automated transcription costs nearly 0.25 per minute with an accuracy rate of 90%. 


  • Rev is a great option for recurring and large transcription needs.

  • Like TranscribeMe, Rev offers both human and automated transcription services. 

  • It also provides captioning services.


  • It has a lower accuracy rate (90%) than other options in this list. 

  • There's no free plan available.

  • You'll need to spend time proofreading and editing the transcripts. 


  • AI Transcription: $0.25 per minute

  • Human Transcription: $1.50 per minute

#3 Scribie: Best For Transcribing Files with Multiple Speakers

Scribie human transcription servicesScribie and TranscribeMe have similar pricing structures and accuracy rates. Just like TranscribeMe, you'll have to pay nearly $0.80 per audio minute (similar to TranscribeMe's human transcription) to transcribe files with 99% accuracy. When comparing Scribie vs. TranscribeMe, the former offers many advanced features like audio time coding, SRT/VTT subtitle file, and speaker tracking.


  • There's an online editor available to proofread and edit the transcripts.

  • It has an accuracy rate of 99%.

  • There are many add-ons available, including audio time coding, verbatim transcripts, etc.


  • Scribie might not be ideal for larger audio files because of the high price. 

  • It has a longer turnaround time of 24 hours. 

  • It does not offer an automated transcription service.


  • Paid Plan: $0.80/minute

#4 GoTranscript: Best For Affordable Human Transcripts

GoTranscript human transcriptionsGoTranscript is much more affordable than many other transcription apps on this list. The human transcription service costs $0.84 per minute — though the price will depend on the turnaround time. Like TranscribeMe, there's no free forever plan or free trial available — making it hard to test the features. 


  • GoTranscript is quite affordable compared to TranscribeMe. 

  • You can transcribe audio files in many languages. 

  • It comes with a simple and functional dashboard. 


  • The automated transcription service is of low quality. 

  • There's no free trial to test the features. 

  • You'll need to edit the transcript manually. 


  • Paid Plan: From $0.84 to $2.34 (Depending on the turnaround time and file length)

#5 Speak Ai: Best For Transcripts With Advanced Keywords

Speak Ai transcription toolSpeak Ai is an automated transcription software like TranscribeMe that can offer accurate AI transcription. But there's a difference: Speak Ai provides transcripts with advanced keyword and topic insights. It also has a built-in recorder that can allow you to record audio and then generate transcripts. 


  • The generated transcripts can be 95% accurate. 

  • It comes with advanced features like sentiment analysis. 

  • It has native integrations like Zoom and Vimeo. 


  • The dashboard might feel overwhelming at first glance.

  • Transcribing files may take longer than expected. 

  • It has a steep learning curve. 


  • Pay-As-You-Go Plan

  • Starter Plan: $29/month

#6 WavoAI: Best For Annotated Transcriptions 

WavoAI audio transcription toolSometimes, transcripts are not enough. You might need advanced features like annotations, speaker identification, and AI-powered analysis. That's where WavoAI is a great TranscribeMe alternative. There's a free trial available that lets you generate a free 1-hour audio transcript. 


  • With WavoAI GPT Bot, you can get transcripts for summaries, action points, etc. 

  • You can try WavoAI for free.

  • It supports transcription in 20+ languages. 


  • You only get one hour of free transcription. 

  • This TranscribeMe alternative sometimes makes mistakes while transcribing. 

  • It lacks some advanced features like translation of transcripts. 


  • Free Plan

  • Pro Plan: $8.99/month

  • Enterprise Plan: Contact Sales

Alternatives To TranscribeMe: At a Glance 

This list of TranscribeMe alternatives includes all sorts of AI transcription tools. Here's a quick comparison between these alternatives. 

Platform Price Top Feature(s) Best For
Notta Free and paid. Speaker identification, translation, and in-built editor. Professionals who need accurate transcripts and translations at an affordable price.
Rev Paid. AI and human transcription services. Recurring transcription needs.
Scribie Paid. Audio time coding and verbatim transcripts. Transcribing files with multiple speakers.
GoTranscript Paid. Human transcription is available. Affordable transcripts.
Speak Ai Paid. Sentiment analysis. Transcripts with advanced keywords and topic insights.
WaveAI Free and paid. WavoAI GPT Bot, annotations, and AI-powered analysis. Annotated transcripts.


How much does TranscribeMe pay? 

TranscribeMe pays around $15-22 per audio hour to professional freelancers. The Special Teams that include Medical and Speciality Styles can earn nearly $60-70 per audio hour. 

How to delete a TranscribeMe account? 

If you want to delete the TranscribeMe account and all the audio and transcriptions, here's how to do it. 

  • Go to ‘Help.’  At the bottom of the column, select inside the text area labeled ‘Please let us know if you have questions.’ 

  • There, simply enter ‘Delete my account,’ followed by ‘Send.’ 

Which TranscribeMe Alternative Should You Use? 

If TranscribeMe isn't quite what you're looking for, the TranscribeMe alternatives in this list can help you out. You can evaluate the features of these apps to see which one works best for your use case. For example, if you want an AI transcription tool that's fast, accurate, easy to use, and, most importantly, affordable, Notta might be a great choice. It comes with a free forever plan so you can test the features on your own and see how it stack up for you.