Top 10 Video Summarizers

Top 10 Video Summarizers Powered by AI in 2024

Ever watched an hour-long video only to know the information does not align with your needs? If that's a yes, you understand how time-consuming it can be. Fortunately, AI-powered video summarizers can help you condense the lengthy information of video into short, actionable text. 

Instead of watching hour-long videos, you can ask the speech-to-text software to summarize complete information into a smaller version. However, one simple Google search of the best AI video summarizer tools will provide millions of results. 

I have spent 36+ hours analyzing the best AI video summarizers available online. I'll review each popular AI summarizer, so you can choose the one that aligns with your needs. In this guide, you can find the 10 best video-to-text converters with their features, pricing options, and benefits. 

What is a Video Summary? 

Simply put, a video summary means an information-rich version of a lengthy presentation. The summary typically contains the most informative lines and paragraphs, so the reader can get the gist of an hour-long video in 10 minutes. 

Although generating a summary of a video can help you improve productivity and save your precious time, it can be painstaking to summarize manually. That's where AI video summarizers come to save the day. 

These video summarizers use artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to generate a concise version of the spoken text. Many feature-rich tools also let you highlight key points and action items to enhance productivity. 

What Makes a Good Video Summarizer? 

A good video summarizer should be accurate and budget-friendly with a fast turnaround time. Even though there are millions of AI summarizers available, you must consider a few important things before choosing the best one. 

  • Easy-to-use User Interface: First, you'll need to ensure the speech-to-text software is user-friendly. It should have an easy-to-navigate interface, helping you quickly upload and summarize videos. 

  • Accuracy Level: The next thing you must prioritize while choosing an AI video summarizer is its accuracy rate. Selecting an AI tool with a high accuracy rate will help you eliminate time proofreading and editing the generated summary. 

  • Quick Customer Support: Your choice of tool should provide real-time customer support via phone, email, live chat, self-service, and more. 

List of the Best Video Summarizers

Video summarizer tools can help you learn better and faster by noting the key takeaways of the long video. Instead of watching the videos, you can summarize the important information and get a quick overview of what is shared. 

Let's check out the 10 best AI videos summarizing tools with their features, pros and cons, pricing details, and more. 

#1 Notta — Best for Summarizing Videos and Audio to Readable Text 

Notta summarizing tool for audio and videos

Notta is a feature-rich AI meeting assistant for automated notes and summaries. Whether you're hosting an internal team session or a client meeting, Notta can help you record, transcribe, and summarize conversations. 

What sets Notta apart from the crowd is its real-time transcription and AI Summary Generator. It also provides a Notta Chrome Extension to capture audio from any web page, and then transcribe and summarize the text in minutes. 

The powerful AI tool can automatically join your Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Webex meetings. It then lets you record online sessions and generate real-time transcripts. 

The AI Summary Generator can quickly condense the information and generate a summary with high accuracy. Another impressive feature of Notta is its high versatility. You can use the speech-to-text and summarizer tool on your Windows or Mac devices. 

Key Features 

  • Supported File Format: Notta lets you transcribe and summarize WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, AIFF, AVI, RMVB, FLV, MP4, MOV, WMV, and WMA audio and video files. 

  • Import Link: You can directly paste media file links from Google Drive or Dropbox. Once you've uploaded the media, Notta will start the transcription process. 

  • Faster Turnaround: Notta lets you transcribe the 1-hour-long video to text in only 5 minutes. The AI summary feature will then quickly summarize the generated text with action items. 


  • Notta offers 98.86% accuracy while transcribing. 

  • It has a highly intuitive, easy-to-use, and user-friendly interface. 

  • Notta AI Summary feature can automatically generate AI summaries and action items. 


  • You need to have a stable Internet connection. 

  • The free version offers limited features. 

  • You have to purchase the paid plan to use Notta’s AI Summary Generator. 


  • Free Plan 

  • Pro Plan: $13.99 per month, 1 seat 

  • Business Plan: $59 per month, 2 seats

  • Custom Enterprise Plan 

Notta plan and pricing

Transcribe & Summarize Audio & Video in Seconds

Try Notta - the best online transcription & summarization tool. Transcribe and summarize your conversations and meetings quickly with high accuracy.

#2 Jasper — Best for Large Teams and Enterprises

Jasper AI YouTube video summarizer 

Jasper's video script outline template and video summarizer features combine to help you create a summary of any YouTube video. In order to use Jasper AI, you'll need to open the text summarizer template. With Text Summarizer, you can create concise and engaging summaries in a few minutes. 

The next step is to enter the prompt or YouTube video script you want to summarize. Lastly, you can click generate to get one or more summary options. The generated summary will have valuable insights, main points, and key takeaways from the video. 

Key Features 

  • Supports 29 Languages: The Jasper AI tool lets you create outputs in different languages. 

  • AI-Generated Scripts: Jasper's video script outline generator creates an act-by-act script to guide you through the video creation process. 

  • Text Summarizer Template: The feature lets you input the created script into Jasper's text summarizer template and create a polished YouTube summary. 


  • The native Grammarly support ensures the summary is accurate and free of common errors. 

  • You can set the tone of sentences, ensuring the summary aligns with your goals. 

  • It has a faster turnaround time compared to its competitors. 


  • Jasper AI's advanced features can be confusing for beginners. 

  • It might be costly for individuals, startups, and small businesses. 

  • It might not be able to summarize highly technical content. 


  • Creator Plan: $49 per month 

  • Teams Plan: $125 per month 

  • Custom Business Plan 

Jasper AI plans and pricing 

#3 summarize tech — Best for Generating AI-Powered Video Summaries video summarizer is one of the most popular YouTube video summarizers available online. It helps you generate a summary for any long YouTube video, such as a live event, government meeting, or lecture. 

The AI tool uses advanced ChatGPT technology to make brief summaries and break content based on timestamps. 

The feature I liked about the tool is that it splits video content into minute categories with a brief description. It then processes these chapters into smaller 5 or 10-second sections. 

Key Features 

  • Summary Examples: If you're confused about how to get started with summarize tech, you can check the recently summarized videos. 

  • Multiple Chapters: The AI tool summarizes the video into bite-sized categories or chapters. 

  • Upload Direct Link: You can directly add a YouTube URL and click 'submit' to generate a short and informative summary. 


  • You can summarize a few videos for free using summarize tech.

  • The summary examples are detailed, helping you get a gist of how the tool works. 

  • It combines advanced AI algorithms and ChatGPT to generate summaries. 


  • The dashboard is a bit unattractive. 

  • There are no advanced features like those available in other AI tools. 

  • You cannot upload videos locally stored on your computer. 


  • Premium Plan: $10 per month premium plan

#4 Wordtune — Best for Summarizing Lengthy YouTube Videos 

Wordtune video summarizer

Wordtune Read is specially designed to create instant summaries of lengthy YouTube videos. The AI-powered tool is trusted by professionals and researchers who want a full rundown on any want to review a video presentation or a lecture, Wordtune Read can generate summaries and important timestamps without missing a thing. The free Chrome extension helps you summarize YouTube or other online videos and save them to the library for reference. 

Key Features 

  • Highlight Points: Wordtune automatically highlights key points in the summary, helping you quickly learn what's important. 

  • Chrome Extension: With the free Chrome extension, you can summarize lengthy videos into shorter versions. 

  • Cut Fluffs: Wordtune Read simplifies complex topics and quickly filters out the extra fluff. 


  • You can quickly create bite-sized summaries to enhance productivity. 

  • The AI tool makes it easy to retain knowledge by converting videos into text. 

  • All the generated summaries can be easily accessed in the library for future reference. 


  • The free plan lets you generate only three summaries per day. 

  • Sometimes the AI video summarizer tool has errors in the summary. 

  • It offers fewer rewrites in a free plan. 


  • Free Chrome Extension 

  • Free Plan

  • Plus Plan: $24.99 per month 

  • Unlimited Plan: $37.50 per month 

  • Custom Enterprise Plan 

Wordtune plans and pricing

#5 Mindgrasp — Best for Students to Summarize Study Videos

Mindgrasp study video summarizer

Mindgrasp is one of the fastest AI learning assistants that can instantly create an accurate note and answer questions from any Zoom meeting, webinar recording, podcast, and more. Its summarizing feature can produce short summaries, so you can get all the information without listening to hour-long sessions. 

I found the interface to be polished and great for students and professionals. The thing that separates Mindgrasp from its competitors from Q&A feature. You can ask various questions about the content, eliminating the time spent during research. 

Key Features 

  • Supports Multiple Languages: The AI study tool supports over 10+ languages, including Serbian, English, Spanish, German, French, and more. 

  • Quick Upload: Mindgrasp helps you quickly analyze multiple media types, such as audio/video lectures, article links, documents, etc. You only need to drag and drop or paste the video link to get started. 

  • Faster Summaries: The AI video summarizer tool instantly creates summaries faster than free tools. 


  • Mindgrasp summarizes the video courses and lectures into key points so students can learn faster and understand better. 

  • The personalized assistance powered by AI lets students ask questions and resolve queries. 

  • With Mindgrasp, you can analyze textbooks, article links, documents, video/audio lectures, and more. 


  • Mindgrasp may not be able to handle complex topics or questions. 

  • It may not be affordable or accessible for some students or schools. 

  • You'll need to edit and proofread the generated summary. 


  • Basic Plan: $6.99 per month 

  • Scholar Plan: $9.99 per month 

  • Professional Plan: $14.99 per month

Mindgrasp plans and pricing

#6 Pictory — Best for Summarizing Long Videos in Short Clips

Pictory auto summarizer for long videos

Pictory is a great feature-rich AI summary generator that can summarize long videos in key points. The short clips and auto-captions ensure everyone understands the context of the long video without spending hours. 

The editing feature of the summarizer lets you customize the summary by adding or deleting paragraphs with one click. One downside of Pictory is that there is no free plan. 

Though there is a 3-day free trial and a 14-day money-back guarantee, it takes less time to access if the tool fits your needs. 

Key Features 

  • Fast and Simple: Pictory's advanced AI engine analyzes the text and suggests key points that must be included in the summary video. 

  • Add Branding: You can add an intro and outro to the video, customize colors, and change the fonts of the captions. 

  • Save and Share Options: Pictory lets you generate and download your summary video, which can then later be shared summaries on different social media channels. 


  • The interface of Pictory is simple and easy to use. 

  • Pictory can summarize texts faster. 

  • It also has an in-built transcription feature to transcribe the video. 


  • There may be a steep learning curve for beginners. 

  • Not all the features are included in the initial tier or plan. 

  • There is no free plan available. 


  • Standard Plan: $23 per month 

  • Premium Plan: $47 per month 

  • Teams Plan: $119 per month 

Pictory plans and pricing

#7 Fireflies ai — Best for Summarizing Virtual Meetings 

Fireflies summarizer for virtual meetings

Fireflies has recently launched an AI Super Summaries feature for meetings to change how you review and conduct meetings. However, one thing to note is that the new feature is available to Fireflies Pro and Business users. 

The AI Super Summaries not only provide a quick recap of the virtual meeting but also offer valuable insights and actionable items. Thus, it saves time and ensures you can share the meeting summary with team members. 

Even though the AI video summarizer is great, you'll have to choose the paid plan to use this feature. 

Key Features 

  • Keyword Identification: The AI tool automatically identifies the crucial keywords discussed during the virtual meeting. 

  • Bullet-Point Notes: Fireflies AI Super Summaries feature takes lengthy meetings and condenses them into bite-sized, actionable bullet points. 

  • Rate Summary Quality: You can rate the AI Super Summaries based on the output quality and features. 


  • Fireflies identifies and summarizes all the action items assigned to meeting participants, so you can focus on getting things done. 

  • The AI tool can easily record, transcribe, and summarize meetings with over 90% accuracy. 

  • It can be easily integrated with 50+ video conferencing apps, like Zoom, Skype, HubSpot, etc. 


  • The free plan only includes automated meeting summaries. You'll have to use the paid plan to use AI Super Summaries. 

  • You'll have to edit and proofread the summary to ensure it is error-free. 

  • The interface can be complex. 


  • Free Plan 

  • Pro Plan: $18 per month 

  • Business Plan: $29 per month 

  • Custom Enterprise Plan 

Fireflies plan and pricing

#8 Upword — Best for Summarizing YouTube Videos & Websites 

Upword YouTube video and website summarizer

Upword is a great YouTube video summarizer that can efficiently summarize information from every webpage. The Chrome extension ensures you can create AI notes from YouTube videos in minutes. 

One impressive feature of Upword is its Slack integration. You can click the Slack option and paste the summary and AI notes with your team directly. 

In addition, the Upword add-on functions well to help you browse a new website and generate AI-powered messages instantly. 

Key Features 

  • Slack Integration: The feature lets users share the AI notes and summaries in the Slack channel. 

  • Library: You can keep all your notes and summaries safe in the in-built library. 

  • Faster Turnaround: The AI tools generate summary notes 10X faster, helping you read more content in less time. 


  • You can add Chrome extension to your browser directly without the need to create an account. 

  • Besides YouTube videos, the AI summary tools let you extract information from any webpage or PDF. 

  • A 7-day free trial is available. 


  • There is no free plan to use Upword. 

  • It can only summarize YouTube videos using the Chrome extension. 

  • It is more suited to summarize web pages. 


  • 1 Month Plan: $15 per month 

  • 12 Months ago and Plan: $12.5 per month 

Upword plans and pricing

#9 ScreenApp — Best for Summarizing and Extracting Key Insights 

ScreenApp video summarizer tool

ScreenApp is the ultimate video platform that lets you record, transcribe, and summarize videos in minutes. What differentiates ScreenApp from other AI video summarizers is the multiple summarization options. 

You can upload your video and select suitable summarization options such as highlights, key points, and summaries. Once the tool has successfully summarized the video, you can share the summary using the export option. 

Key Features 

  • Advanced AI Algorithms: With the help of ScreenApp, you can review lengthy video content and find the important parts in minutes. 

  • Ask AI Anything: ScreenApp provides multiple summarization options, so you can summarize videos that match your requirements. 

  • Suitable for Long Videos: The AI summarizer works well with long online meetings, training sessions, and webinars.


  • You can easily share the summary with your team and clients. 

  • With ScreenApp summarizer, you are not limited to one summarization option. 

  • ScreenApp supports multiple input formats, like WebM, MP4, and MKV. 


  • The video summarization feature is not available in the free plan. To summarize, you'll have to upgrade to a Growth plan at $9 per month. 

  • You'll have to edit and proofread the summary to ensure it meets your needs. 

  • The UI/UX interface could be a bit more polished. 


  • Starter Plan: Free 

  • Business Plan: $19 per month 

  • Custom Enterprise Plan

ScreenApp plans and pricing

#10 Summarization Video — Best for Summarizing MP4 Videos 

Summarization Video software for MP4 videos

Gcore's new video summarizing tool promises to condense even lengthy videos into easily digestible video summaries. 

The AI tool works by transcribing a video into a text format. It then uses ChatGPT algorithms to summarize the text, helping you skip right to the informative and relevant video part. 

One downside of Summarization Video is that it only accepts mp4 video format. If you have videos in other formats, you won't be able to summarize them using Gcore's AI engine. 

Key Features 

  • Supports Multiple Languages: Gcore's AI summarizer tool lets you upload videos in different languages, such as English, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese, Indonesian, etc. 

  • Input Method: You can upload a video stored locally on your computer or paste a YouTube link to summarize. 

  • Clean User Interface: The Summarization Video tool has a clean and user-friendly dashboard, making it suitable for beginners. 


  • Groce's Summarization Video tool is easy to use. 

  • It offers instant summaries of podcasts, webinars, live lectures, live events, demos, and more. 

  • The AI-powered tool lets you summarize up to 10800 seconds. 


  • You can only upload and summarize MP4 videos. 

  • It lacks advanced features and customization options. Hence, it is less suitable for professionals. 

  • The free version lets you summarize videos for up to 3 hours. 


  • Free summarizing seconds up to 10800.

Top Video Summarizers: At a Glance 

Now that we have covered the top video summarizers in detail, we compare and contrast them to help you decide the best one. 

Platform Price Range Top Feature(s) Best For
Notta One free plan and paid plans start at $13.99/user per month to $59 per 2 seats billed monthly. Supports multiple formats and faster turnaround time. Individuals who want to transcribe and summarize non-text content, such as videos, audio, and more.
Jasper Paid plans start at $49 to $125, billed monthly. Supports 29 languages and text summarizer template. Ideal for large teams and enterprises with high summarizing needs. One free plan with limited features and paid plans start from $10 per month. Summarizing examples and supports direct URL addition . Individuals looking for a basic summarization tool.
Wordtune One free plan and paid plans start at $24.99 to $37.50, billed monthly. Highlights key points and free Chrome extension. Users who want to quickly summarize lengthy YouTube videos.
Mindgrasp Paid plans start at $6.99 to $14.99 per month. Supports multiple languages and faster summaries. Students who want to summarize study videos and lectures.
Pictory Paid plans start at $23 to $119 per month. Add branding elements while summarizing and social media sharing options. Brands who want to summarize long videos on shorter clips. One free plan and paid plans start at $18 to $29 per month. Keyword identification and bullet-point summary. Users who want to generate keyword-rich summaries in bullet points.
Upword Paid plan starts at $15 per month billed annually and $12.5 per month billed annually. Slack integration and in-built library. Individuals and teams looking to summarize YouTube videos and websites.
ScreenApp One free plan and a paid plan start at $19 per month. Transcription features and Ask AI Anything. Individuals looking to summarize longer videos, training sessions, webinars, and meetings.
Summarization Video Free summarizing seconds up to 10800. Clean user interface and multiple input methods. Users who want to summarize MP4 videos for free.


Is There a Website that Summarizes Videos? 

Yes, Notta lets you summarize videos or audio using its advanced AI algorithms. All you need to do is upload your pre-recorded media file to the Notta dashboard for transcription. Once the media is transcribed, you can use the built-in AI Summary Generator to summarize the lengthy transcripts into a short version. 

How do I Summarize a Long Video? 

Notta aces in summarizing a long video or audio in real-time. While most article summarizers and translating tools are text-based, Notta is an all-in-one video summarizer focusing on non-text content. With a few clicks, Notta's advanced AI algorithm scans the content and generates a summary that includes only the critical information. 

How do I Summarize a Video Presentation? 

Summarizing a presentation lets you reinforce the key points and key takeaways for the viewers. If you want to summarize a lengthy presentation in minutes, here are a few tips to make the task easier. 

  • Identify Main Points: Let's say you want to summarize a 3-hour-long presentation. The first step is to take a few moments and review the entire presentation. Pick the key points and takeaways to ensure everyone gets the complete information. 

  • Use Simple Language: It can be tempting to flaunt your English writing skills, but presentations should always be written in simple language. Suppose your presentation video includes technical jargon. In this case, it is better to break the complex ideas into simple words and help the audience understand them better. 

  • Use the Question Format: Many presenters often overlook the importance of asking and answering questions when the presentation ends. But it's an invaluable part of the summary. Once you have delivered the presentation, ask a few relevant questions to the audience. This ensures everyone is on the same page and has a clear understanding of the information. 

  • Explain with Examples: While summarizing the video into bite-sized texts, include a few examples that directly relate to the main points and key takeaways.   

Key Takeaways 

That's it! This was a detailed guide of 10+ video summarizer tools that can save time and help you learn things faster. Remember, a feature-rich video summarizing software is designed to help you grasp essential ideas from videos like product reviews, how-to guides, documentaries, and more. 

Notta's AI Summary Generator can summarize any video, including podcasts, lecturers, or anything you name it. It is a seamless solution that eliminates juggling between multiple tabs to get a video summary. So, don't wait; create a free Notta account to try this AI summary generator today.

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