Notta is an AI-based voice-to-text transcription service that supports 104 languages. You can get the automated transcription by recording audios and uploading your files.

Where text meets voice.
You talk, we type.

Automatically turn audio into editable, searchable and sharable text.
Notta helps unleash the power of voice and brings your productivity to the next level.

Transcription Accuracy 98%. Trusted by users worldwide. Sound detection. Transcription language. The transcript will be saved to your Notta account once the recording ends.

🎉 NEW: Notta Audio Clipper

With Notta Chrome extension, you can easily transcribe a YouTube video, a podcast episode or an online class with just one click. Check the transcript on Notta web app and edit, share, export as you like.

How Notta improves your productivity

One tool combines productivity and precision at a previously unknown level

Generate transcript in seconds

Convert audio to text in seconds. Notta frees up your mind and allows you to engage positively in meetings or online classes.

Record and generate text
Easily navigate to any part of the transcript and recoding clip.
Find key moments anytime

Add notes to your transcript. You can navigate to any part of your transcript and recording clip by clicking the notes.

Keep everyone in the loop

Share your meeting notes or live transcripts with your team or anyone, especially when most of them work remotely.

Record and generate text


Learn more about Notta's powerful features

Editable text

Highlight text while replaying the audio. You can select and edit any text.


Translation can be displayed alongside the original transcript. 42 languages supported.

Export transcript & recording

Export transcribed text and audio files. Text formats supported: TXT, PDF, DOC, SRT.

Share records

Transcript and audio recording are accessible through shared links. No login required.

Notta Bot

Auto join, record, and live transcribe Zoom calls.

Chrome Extension

Notta Audio Clipper makes YouTube, podcast and online class transcription easy and handy.


Notta - Make every conversation more valuable

Three people are talking on a meeting.

Note-taking assistant

Be more effective at meetings

Auto-transcribe meetings with Notta.
You can get accurate transcriptin via Notta mobile app and web app.

A woman is interviewing a man.

Detail-oriented transcriber

Nothing is trivial when it comes to dictating

Upload all interviews and you will be surprised at the structured and detail-oriented transcripts done by your personal transcriber, Notta.


Medical transcriptionist

Change the way to take medical record

‍Turn conversation into text automatically helps you to deliver more care to patient while diagnosing.

Talk to anyone freely with live transcribing

Hearing aids

Talk to anyone freely with live transcribing

With Notta, those with hearing loss can quickly understand what the other person in the conversation is saying, as they say it.

Trusted by users worldwide




インストール後にすぐ使うことができ、UIも分かりやすい。 文字起こし自体も正確で、会議などに使えると思う。

Tim Ahme

I work remotely from home. And Notta always produces useful transcripts for me. Just great and I love it!

Jack Lynch

I'm new to Notta. Very easy to use, quick transcribing, many ways to save my transcripts. So far everything is great.



Matt Velas

Accurate and convenient, incredibly useful for a variety of purposes including meeting transcription.

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