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Access data from web broswer, enjoy seamless workflow with a Notta account.
Transcribing, editing, and reviewing has never been so smooth via Notta Web.

Notta Web版ユーザーインターフェース

In addition to the basic transcription, there are more features await you to explore. Empower your daily life and bring your productivity to next level.

Key Features

  • 104 transcription languages, trabscribe in real time or import audio files via Notta Web.
  • Sync across multiple devices. Edit transcript, insert image, add notes via PC, Mac or tablet
  • Send a Notta Bot, replay recordings and check tanscript anywhere, anytime
  • Notta Audio Clipper Chrome Extension —— speech to text, transcribe any webpages
  • Export & share recordings and transcripts with others

Notta Audio Clipper
One cilck to transcribe webpage audio & video

Notta Audio Clipper is a Chrome Extension designed to transcribe audio from any webpage and auto-save your transcript to Notta Web. You can record and transcribe anything you want on up to 5 webpages simultaneously. For each tab, 5-hour-long transcription is supported. Get Extension >


Transcribe YouTube videos quickly


Writet out your favorite Podcast


Zoom, Google Meet


Any webpages you could think of

Notta Web版シーン

Notta Bot
Make online Zoom meeting more efficent

Overloaded with too many Zoom Meetings, and you don't have time to review all of them one by one? Notta Bot is the answer.

Log in to Notta Web, enter a Zoom meeting invite link, and send the Notta Bot to attend the conference for you. After the meeting, replay the recording and check the transcript to avoid missing any message even if you haven't participated in the meeting yourself. Another way is to participate in a meeting with Notta Bot, let AI take over the note-taking and voice recording job while you can remain focused on the conversation.

Works perfectly for

  • Webinar
  • Video Conference
  • Job Interview
  • International Meeting
  • Business Negotiation

Transcribe, edit, orgnize on Notta Web