🎉【Notta App 6.0】The latest version has been released.🎉
Updating to Notta 6.0, you’ll experience enhanced functionality, usability, and overall performance, ensuring a more convenient and secure user experience. The new version features hierarchical folders for easier file management. Not updating may affect folder-related functions. Search “Notta” in App stores and click “Update” now.

NEW “Zoom Live Meetings”- Let Notta Bot take notes for you

Overloaded with too many Zoom Meetings, and you don't have time to review all of them one by one? <br /> Notta Bot is the answer.

Easy steps to follow

It's super handy to add Notta Bot to your Zoom meetings. With Notta Bot, you won't miss out on any important information anymore.

1. Log in to Notta app.
2. Tap the "+" icon, add your Zoom invite link via Live Transcribe Zoom.
3. You're all set. Notta Bot will attend your meetings and automatically record and transcribe them.

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