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Convert your audio file to text with the best transcript service - Notta. Use Notta, the top-notch transcription service, to convert your audio files into text seamlessly. Notta supports over 100 languages and works with more than 20 audio and video formats.

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Revolutionizing Audio-to-Text Conversion with Notta

Experience the convenience of Notta's audio-to-text transcription tool, making it quick and effortless to transcribe voice recordings and various audio formats. With no need to download software, Notta's online platform allows you to convert audio to text seamlessly. Utilizing powerful AI technology, Notta automatically generates transcriptions in your desired language, supporting popular formats like MP3 and WAV.

How to Transcribe Audio File to Text

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1. Upload an audio file

To upload an audio file, click the "Import Files", then select your transcription language. You can drag and drop your audio file or choose it from your local folder. We now support WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, and AIFF formats. The maximum uploaded file size is 1GB(audio) / 10 GB(video).

2. Turn voice file to text

Once the file is uploaded, Notta will start transcribing. The processing time varies depending on the file size. During the transcription, you can edit the text or mark important information.

3. Export and Share

Once you are satisfied with the transcription result, click "Export" to export in TXT, DOCX, SRT, PDF, or audio format. You can also share the recording or transcriptions to friends or colleagues by clicking "Share".

Convert Audio File to Text with Notta in One Click

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Automatic Transcription

  • Transcribe audio files of any format (MP3, WAV, etc) with industry-leading 98.86% accuracy.

  • Recognize speakers and format text professionally.

  • Export files in popular formats to enhance efficiency.

Convert audio to text and create globally accessible content

Multilingual Communication

  • Supports a wide range of 58 languages. 

  • Generate an SRT file for your subtitles editing work.

  • Translate to 41 languages and export with ease.

Notta AI Summary

AI summary

  • Extract key insights and main points from audio files.

  • Condense hours of audio file into concise written highlights.

  • Easily share your summary with teammates.

Why Notta

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Easy to use

It is never easier to transcribe audio files with Notta. You can complete transcription of a live recording, voice file, or even online meeting in 3 steps with Notta.

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Various Options

Don't restrict yourself to transcribing a recording or a voice file. Notta lets you transcribe Youtube videos, downloaded podcasts, online Zoom meetings, Google Meet meetings, and Microsoft Teams meetings with a simple setup.

multiple languages

Make Sharing Effortless

Sharing meeting transcriptions is easy with Notta. Just click the share button. What's better, your colleague doesn't need to have a Notta account to view the file.

sync between devices

Multi Platforms Supported

As an online transcribing tool, Notta allows you to access all transcription files on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android devices without any trouble.

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High Accuracy

Powered by advanced AI technology, Notta provides up to 98.86% transcription accuracy to save you from the hassle of jotting down notes during meetings or conversations.

security and privacy

Security & Privacy

Your privacy is always our top priority. Notta complies with international safety regulations, including SSL, GDPR, APPI, and CCPA. Your data is encrypted with AWS's RDP and S3 services to achieve absolute security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to convert voice recordings to text?

Absolutely yes! Human transcription has been on the market for a long time. Get a transcriber if you seek perfect accuracy and have enough time and budget. If not, you can try an AI transcription service like Notta, which is much more cost-effective and offers 98.86% accuracy and a quick turnaround time.

Can I convert audio files to text for free?

Yes, with Notta Basic you can. Sign up for Notta and you can get convert 5 minutes of recording files. You can always subscribe to get more transcribe minutes.

How long will it take to transcribe voice recording to text?

It depends on the method you choose and the length of the voice recording. Normally for recording within 15 minutes, it will take about an hour for a human transcriber to transcribe and less than 1 minute for Notta to.

How to improve the accuracy of transcription for my audio files?

To get higher accuracy for your transcription, you must ensure that the uploaded files are of great quality. Avoid background noise, use a high-quality microphone, and ensure the speaker speaks directly to the microphone while recording.

Where can I find a human transcription service?

Try freelancer platforms like Fiverr, People Per Hour, or Upwork. These platforms allow you to choose the best transcriber for your task and offer protection for your orders.

Still have more questions?  Contact Us.

What Our Users Say

As a journalist, my requirements for a transcription tool are high accuracy, easy to edit and share, and availability on different platforms. Notta meets all of them, so I picked it instead of many other services I've tried.

Accurate Transcription for Your Audio Files

Notta offers transcription and summarization services tailored for interviews, podcasts, YouTube, LinkedIn, meetings, and all audio or video content across diverse platforms. Our audio transcription and summarizer tool are crafted to streamline your experience, saving you valuable time during audio playback. This tool allows convenient access to audio transcripts and notes, removing the necessity to watch or listen to the entire content. It enhances your organizational efficiency, helping you quickly identify and focus on the essential aspects that matter most.

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