17 Best AI Productivity Tools and Apps of 2024

AI tools have evolved at a neck-breaking speed since the release of ChatGPT. Individuals, teams, and organizations in different industries are leveraging them to transform how they work. 

If you want to catch up with the trend and leverage AI to increase productivity, but are agonized over which AI tool to include in your stack. You’ve landed in the right place.

I have been playing around with AI tools for some time and now curate a comprehensive list of the 16 best AI productive tools available in 2024, including content writing, image generation, and AI notetaker, to help you work smarter and quickly. You’re welcome!

How can artificial intelligence boost productivity? 

In today’s digital space, it’s almost impossible to talk about productivity without AI tools coming into the picture. This is largely attributable to their ability to adapt to and augment various business operations; below are some mind-blowing ways to leverage AI.

1. Automation of mundane tasks

AI technologies are designed to transform manual and repetitive workflows into fully automated processes. This saves time and lets you focus on other demanding activities. Examples include data entry, payroll processing, and scheduling social media posts.

2. Forecasting

AI-powered bots can swiftly decipher huge chunks of data, extract insights, and anticipate future trends that would be time-consuming and tedious for human beings to discover. It’s particularly useful for sales and financial analysis. 

3. Data-driven decisions

AI can generate tailored insights and suggestions by analyzing work patterns and references. This helps you make data-driven decisions rather than using guesswork and assumptions, resulting in increased productivity.  

4. Personalized recommendations

AI-driven software can analyze users' behavior and profiles to tailor content and product recommendations, enhancing customer engagement, satisfaction, and conversion rates.

The best AI productivity tools by category

Artificial Intelligence tools exist in the thousands making it more difficult to test them all out. 

However, this list you’re about to explore was put together based on real-time analysis and research to eliminate bias. 

  • Best AI note-takers (Notta, Otter.ai, Fireflies.ai)

  • Best AI content writing tool (CopyAI, Jasper, Quillbot)

  • Best AI image generators (Dall-E 2, Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, Canva)

  • Best AI tools for video creation (Pictory, Synthesia, InVideo)

  • Best AI tools for presentations (Decktopus, Beautiful.ai)

  • Best AI tools for education  (Gradescope, Socratic)

Best AI note-takers 

The ideal AI note-taker will generate accurate and automated notes for your conversations and store them for future reference. This allows participants to stay focused in conversing and don’t lose any important information.

I researched and tested a handful of popular note-taking tools available based on the following:

  • Intuitiveness and easy implementation

  • Quality of transcription

  • Integrations with third-party systems

The tools were unique in different ways but eventually, these three came out to be the best. 


a screenshot of Notta

Our top pick Notta is your one-stop automatic note-taking tool for live meetings, podcasts, interviews, and other audio and video sources. It is available on the Web, iOS, and Android so you can access it anywhere.

Notta claims transcription accuracy of up to 98.86%, making it a formidable tool for automated note-taking.

Top Features

  • Converts audio to text in real-time with timestamps and auto-corrections.

  • Notta supports transcription of over 100 languages, including English, Japanese, French, and Spanish.

  • It offers a collaborative workspace where you can easily share transcripts and co-edit with your team. 

  • Able to export your transcript to various formats, including TXT, Word, PDF, and SRT.

  • Notta uses advanced AI to generate a comprehensive and structured summary from the transcript, saving much time in tidying up your notes.

Get the Notta App for Free >>


Otter ai interface

Coming up next is Otter, a renowned transcription tool to transform spoken language into written text automatically, ensuring the accurate documentation of essential details for future reference and analysis.

Top Features

  • This tool transcribes live meetings and recorded video/audio files. The drawback here is that it only supports English.

  • Build a custom vocabulary to add special terms related to your business and increase transcription accuracy.

  • Otter AI recently released the AI meeting summary feature, which claims to generate and email a summary quickly.


Fireflies homepage

Fireflies is an AI meeting note-taker that allows you to record meetings over platforms like Zoom and Google Meet and generate complete transcripts that you can watch later. 

It also provides automated meeting summaries, saving you the time of having to watch the whole session. 

Top Features

  • Create automated transcriptions with an accuracy of up to 90%.

  • Multiple language support including French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

  • It can auto-join and record pre-scheduled meetings without your presence, which is especially useful when you can’t make it to the meeting but don’t want to miss important information.

  • Its extensive search capabilities let you find specific topics and discussions in a meeting record quickly.   

Best AI content writing tool 

The ideal AI co-writer lets you create more polished and personalized content effortlessly.  

While not perfect, these tools can come in handy for individuals with little or no writing skills and professionals looking to derive inspiration on a specific query or task. To get you on track, I have ranked the best AI content-writing tools based on several factors which include;

  • Content optimization features

  • Customize according to your brand’s style of writing

  • User-friendly interfaces

  • Grammar and plagiarism checkers


Copy AI tool

Copy.ai is a generative AI copywriter that helps you create high-quality long-form content that resonates with the quality and style of your brand or business. 

Its usage is easy. Once you sign in to your account, input your writing request and AI will generate a copy quickly. Be sure to make your requests as specific as possible. 

Top Features   

  • Over 25 pre-installed languages which lets you curate content in Chinese, French, English, Spanish, and more.

  • 90+ copywriting templates that let you create different content ranging from articles, blogs, personal letters, and social media captions among others. 

  • Create unique and high-quality content that drives organic traffic and increases upsell. 

  • Built-in plagiarism checker which guarantees the uniqueness of your write-ups. 


Jasper AI content writing tool

Jasper, formerly Jarvis, is one of the best AI tools for writers and marketers in the business community. 

It uses built-in LLM, sales data, and trained marketing to generate content that harmonizes with your brand’s voice and style. It’s most suited for long-form content like blogs, website copy, sales emails and what have you.  

Top Features

  • Highly interactive interfaces that let you navigate through its pages with little or no guidance. 

  • Make quick and clear voice commands to enhance your writing speed.

  • Seamless integration with world-leading brands like Surfer SEO to help your content rank high in SERP. 

  • Grammerly integration lets you identify and correct grammatical, spelling, and punctuational errors.


Quillbot tool

Quillbot’s AI co-writer is a content writing tool that writes and finetunes your copy while ensuring it stays free of plagiarism. It scans your writeups to detect inconsistencies like broken sentences, misused words, and errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. 

Additionally, Quillbot is defined to fit different use cases like academic writing, social media posting, and chit-chats with friends and family.  

Top Features

  • Shrink long-form content like articles, essays, and documents without losing the most important points.

  • Rewrite and polish short and long-form content with a simple prompt.

  • Catch and correct grammatical and punctuation errors when paraphrasing your content. 

  • Quillbots offers Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Chrome extensions, allowing you access to its features without opening new tabs. 

Best AI image and art generators 

If AI can generate content automatically, why not images? AI tools that generate images from a text prompt are opening new opportunities for creativity. 

And I’m amazed or amused every time I use them. Below are some of the fascinating AI image generators worth having a try.

Dall-E 2

Dall.E tool

Developed by OpenAI, Dall-E 2 is one of the most sophisticated AI image generators in the digital space. It uses deep learning methodologies to generate highly detailed images from a simple text description. 

After an image is created, you can also modify it to meet your needs or change the prompt to generate a new one.

Top Features

  • Text-image transformation: Dall-E 2 interprets textual prompts and transforms them into visually compelling images.

  • Interactive UI: Its interfaces are user-friendly and easy to navigate. With a few clicks, users can generate four variants from an existing image.

  • Seamless integration: Dall-E 2 AI assistant integrates with graphic design applications, web developing software, and other image editing tools to enhance your creative workflows. 

  • Variations: Its deep learning capability lets it create multiple versions of an existing image. 


midjourney homepage

Midjourney is an AI text-to-image generator with constantly evolving features. It helps you create highly realistic AI images by inputting detailed text prompts in its search bar.

Whether you’re an individual with no design background, or a seasoned artist looking to enhance your workflows, Midjourney lets you bring your creative imagination to reality with a few written prompts. 

Top Features

  • Flexibility: With preset parameters, Midjourney’s Discord bot creates an array of images that show variations in complexity and detail.

  • Scalability: Midjourney uses deep learning to generate hundreds to thousands of images within a short time frame, making it suitable for large-scale projects and activities.

  • Accuracy: Midjourney uses AI algorithms and machine learning to maintain uniformity in image color, composition, and style. 

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly tool

Being one of the most touted AI-powered art generators, Firefly is an extension of Adobe technology. It offers new ways to visualize and bring your imagination to reality while enhancing your creative workflows. You can test and create an unlimited variety of images from a textual prompt. 

Top Features

  • Text to image: Create images instantly with detailed text descriptions.  

  • Text effects: You can add textures and styles to words and phrases to make stunning works of art. 

  • Multiple language support: Over 100 pre-installed languages making it accessible to a diversified range of users. 

  • Vector coloring: Quickly generate color variations without losing resolution quality. You can utilize this feature in commercial print ads and large-scale projects like billboards and vehicle wraps.  

Canva AI Art Generator

Canva AI art generator

Turn pure text into art within seconds with the best AI art generator apps available at your fingertips.

Find the perfect image for your presentations, social media posts, and more with Canvas AI art generator apps. Cut down hours spent drawing, conception, or searching for the right image. Encapsulate your idea into a simple text prompt and see the result-beautifully unique artwork.

Top Features:

  • Polish your artwork with ease: Make precise adjustments with our free photo editor. Without living the app, Magic Edit lets you add or replace objects and watch as they appear in your artwork.

  • Stylize with Filter and Effects: Transform your AI art by layering it with Canva’s stunning filters and effects.

  • Complete your art with words and graphics: Let your art speak, add stickers, text animations, and other design elements to turn your AI-generated art into a design story worth telling.

Discover different art styles to express your vision fully. With a Canva free subscription, you can use Magic Media’s text-to-art generator across all Canva designs up to 50 times in a lifetime. With Canva Pro, Teams, ED, or an NFP subscription, you can use it up to 500 times per person per month.

Best AI tool for video creation 

Video content accounts for 80% of online traffic, making it a viable tool for content creators and businesses to stay formidable in the fierce business landscape. However, video production could be troublesome without the ideal AI tool in the equation.  

In my quest to rank the best AI tools for video generation, I stumbled upon a handful and selected the top three based on their uniqueness, ease of use and support features, quality of video output, and customization. 

Pictory AI

Pictory AI tool

Pictory AI video generator is an excellent option for content marketers with little or no background knowledge of video production. 

By submitting a script or blog post, Pictory automatically generates video content that can be used for your website and other social media handles. 

Top Features

  • Video editing: Editing your webinar, podcast, or Zoom recording easily with text prompts.

  • Shareable video highlight reels: Create a short video that highlights the key points in your text, then you can download it and share it on your socials. 

  • Video captioning: Automatically insert video captions to attract more viewers and subscribers.

  • Video summary: Pictory’s AI assistant automatically scans through your video content to generate a short-form summary video 


Synthesia homepage

In terms of features, there aren’t many AI video generators that can compare with Synthesia. It has been adopted by industry giants like Google, Nike, and BBC.

Synthesia STUDIO grants you access to a diverse range of realistic avatars, languages, and voice tones to create professional videos that resonate with your brand’s style and intent. 

Top Features

  • AI avatars: Customize your own avatar or choose from Synthesia's 150+ ethnically distinct AI avatars. 

  • AI voices: Over 120 languages and voice tones. Similarly, you can clone your voice and integrate it with your avatar. 

  • Free music and media libraries: Freely access and use millions of royalty soundtracks, images, icons, shapes, and more 

  • Video templates: Free access and usage to over 65 professionally designed video templates to fast-track your video production.  

InVideo AI

Invideo AI homepage

Closing this space is InVideo, an exceptional AI video generator that simplifies the process of creating pro-quality and story-teller videos from text prompts. It’s suitable for use cases like online teaching, distance learning, e-learning, and marketing.  

Surprisingly, using the Invideo app is as easy as duck soup. Put in the topic, define the target audience & platform, and a unique video will be generated.    

Top Features

  • AI talking avatar: Captivate your audience with realistic AI talking avatars to set your brand apart from the competition. 

  • Large template gallery: 5000+ professionally designed video templates for all platforms and content types. 

  • Video editing: Easily make adjustments to your generated videos using text commands.

  • Script generator: Generate customized video scripts for targeted audiences and transform the scripts into attention-grabbing videos. 

Best AI tools for presentations 

Presentation platforms have evolved beyond the regular slideshow experience with newer attention-grabbing features. The best AI presentation tools can automatically create presentations with text inputs and even convert slide decks into interactional videos. 

To rank the best AI presentation tools, I sought out utility players that showcase the following features:

  • Template library

  • Sharing and collaboration

  • Intuitiveness and customizability 

  • Affordability

After rounds of tests and real-time evaluation, here are my top picks of AI presentation software. 


Decktopus tool

Decktopus AI-powered slide deck generator is designed to create slide decks that suit different use cases like sales, marketing, accounting, and more. 

It offers an interesting suite of functionalities that eliminates the inconveniences of manually designing and rescaling elements. Additionally, its simple UI lets users create professional-looking presentations with little or no expert guidance. 

Top Features

  • Image and icon finder: With a simple text prompt, the Decktopus AI assistant automatically browses through stock photo websites for your desired element. 

  • Slides note maker: This lets you generate slide notes automatically and more efficiently to scale up your presentations.

  • Customizable templates: Explore Decktopus's vast library of templates for different layouts, themes, images, fonts, and other design elements to customize your presentations.

  • Online sharing: Collaborate with your team online or make live streams to optimize the value of your presentations. 


Beautiful.ai tool

Beautiful is a generative AI presentation software solution for individuals and businesses wanting to augment their online presentations with advanced features and customizations. It uses machine learning and NLP to analyze presentations, pinpoint the important elements, and introduce corresponding design concepts seamlessly. 

Top Features

  • Template gallery: Explore hundreds of smart slides and presentation templates to maximize your productivity at inception. 

  • Custom presentations: Access multiple editing features to maintain consistency with style, fonts, colors, and logos. 

  • Data visualization: Gain access to stacks of pre-designed diagrams, charts, and graphs to visualize your data in real-time. 

  • Seamless integrations: Effortless incorporation with popular third-party systems like Slack, Dropbox, and Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Best AI tools for education

In a time where information is readily available in the online space, the way students learn and source information has taken a new dimension. 

The best AI tools for education are designed to make teaching and learning easier, faster, and more enjoyable. 

In all my time playing with artificial intelligence tools, these two AI solutions are arguably the most suitable for student productivity. 


Socratic tool

Powered by Google AI, Socratic is a learning app designed to help students with their homework at high school and university levels. 

Students only need to ask Socratic a question, and the app will find plenty of educational resources on the web. 

Top Features

  • Multiple subject support: It generates detailed responses to various queries across different subjects including sciences, literature, maths, and social studies.

  • Speech and text recognition: It uses Google AI to analyze voices and texts to source the most relevant learning resources for students. 

  • Diverse learning materials: Students can access various study guides, videos, and materials to generate insights, draw conclusions, and widen their scope of knowledge.

  • Android and iOS versions: Socratic can be accessed on both major mobile platforms, making it easy for students to utilize the tool from their preferred devices. 


Gradescope homepage

Gradescope is an AI educational platform designed for teachers to grade assessments whether online or in class. However, students can also use the app to perform self-assessments and understand how they are doing.

Top Features

  • Grade all subjects: It supports various assignments like problem sets, quizzes, worksheets, and exams. 

  • Flexible grading: Leave detailed comments when returning assignments and make rubric changes about formerly graded works. 

  • Instantaneous feedback delivery: Distribute all graded assignments with a simple click and manage to regrade requests and other complaints online to free up time. 

  • Gain valuable insights: Check out questions and rubric-level stats to have a grasp of what your students know and do not know. 

Bonus: Best AI Tool for Email Marketing


Mailmodo is your all-in-one solution for email marketing, offering advanced features to meet diverse needs. Easily segment customers based on behaviors like abandoned carts and leverage personalized product recommendations. The intuitive dashboard provides detailed insights into campaign performance, including orders, purchases, and overall revenue. Also, personalize campaigns with prebuilt customer segments based on Shopify data that update in real-time help you increase the impact of your email campaign by improving targeting.

With Mailmodo, enjoy customizable email templates, seamless Shopify integration, and pre-built sequences tailored for e-commerce. Benefit from robust email automation capabilities to streamline your marketing workflows. You can also automate these by building and configuring customer journeys using their no-code drag-and-drop customer journey builder.

Top Features

  • Excellent customer service and Easy-to-use interface

  • There is a wide selection of templates to choose from

  • There is a wide selection of interactive widgets to choose from

  • Features like send-time optimization and dynamic segmentation are great add-ons

  • Can set up automation and triggered emails

  • Has a visual journey builder

  • A/B testing

  • 21-day free trial

  • Plenty of integrations to choose from

  • AI subject line generator

  • Limited support for non-English users

Wrapping up

The level of your productivity is just as good as the quality of the tool you employ in the process. 

Inviting the best AI productivity tools to your workflows can streamline your activities and increase efficiency.

And, there you have it, 16 of the best AI tools for productivity for different use cases to help you save time and resources and accomplish mind-blowing results. Don’t be left behind.

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