AI Notetakers for Enhanced Note-taking Experience

15 Best AI Notetakers for Enhanced Note-taking Experience

In the modern workforce, meetings, webinars, and lectures are part and parcel of the professional world. As a result, we rely on note-taking more than ever to supplement our memory and keep track of critical information.

Unfortunately, it's not an easy feat. Trying to take complete and accurate notes while maintaining attentive listening can feel like a high-wire act. 

This is where AI (Artificial Intelligence) notetakers step in. These tools listen, interpret, and jot down the essence of your meetings so you can focus on what truly matters - the content.

So, in this article, I’ll give an in-depth review of 15 leading AI notetakers for 2024.

Feel free to voice your opinion if your preferred tool isn't on our list. But remember, this isn't a popularity contest; it's an honest, thorough examination to identify the best of the best. By the end of this piece, you might stumble upon your new AI-assisted ally for managing your meeting notes.

What is an AI Notetaker?

An AI notetaker is an artificial intelligence-powered tool designed to assist individuals in capturing, organizing, and processing the information within their notes.

It either uses natural language processing to convert spoken language into text, generating a conversation record, or leverages AI algorithms to understand the context and provide suggestions.

Such a tool is beneficial for professionals who juggle multiple meetings, students attending online lectures, or even conference attendees who need a reliable transcription of discussions. In fact, anyone needing a dependable record of detailed discussions can benefit from an AI note-taker.

However, the benefits of using an AI note-taking app continue beyond mere transcription. Some of these AI wizards can analyze the content, offer summaries, and even provide insights based on the discussion. All these without needing you to lift a pen or hammer away at your keyboard during meetings.

Not only does this save you time and effort, but it also ensures you get all the vital information. You can participate actively in the meeting, knowing your automatic note-taker has your back.

10 Best AI Notetakers for Automated Meeting Notes

I've spent countless hours testing various applications, all with a simple aim - to help you find an AI notetaker that fits your specific needs like a glove. Let's check them out.

1. Notta

Best for Audio Transcription and Summary


Notta utilizes advanced machine learning and AI tools to jot down notes and remember key points during long meetings. With an integration with major video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams, you can store all meeting notes in one centralized place.

You can rely on this platform during client meetings, team gatherings, and more. Once the meeting ends, you can review the transcripts immediately and feel free to edit, export, or share them with all stakeholders.

With Notta’s ability to support more than 100 languages, huge companies collaborating with global leaders can still use this app to record and transcribe meeting notes. Plus, Notta also lets you jump to specific parts when looking at meeting documents, so you don’t need to listen to the whole meeting recordings.

Another excellent feature of Notta is its wide compatibility: Web, Android & iOS apps, and a reliable Chrome extension.

You can also rely on Notta to provide accurate AI-powered summaries that allow you to capture the meeting essence at a glance. This works best for users who detest reading lengthy documents, sometimes filled with irrelevant dialogues.

This platform also provides data security and privacy, ultimately preventing data loss.


  • Automatic transcription with support of over100 languages

  • The document can be exported into  TXT, DOCX, SRT, or PDF format

  • Integrations with Salesforce, Notion, Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more

  • Real-time transcriptions with the option to translate afterward

  • Generates concise AI-powered meeting summaries, saving you much time in meeting follow-up


  • Guaranteed more than 98% accuracy

  • Secure data eliminates data loss risks

  • Data can easily be synchronized across your devices


  • It comes with a free trial but with limited features

  • Doesn’t provide a human transcription service


  • Free plan with 120 minutes of transcription per month (it limits the transcription duration per recording to 3 or 5 minutes)

  • Pro: $8.25 monthly (1800 minutes)

  • Business: $44 monthly for 2 seats (up to 20 members)

  • Enterprise: consultation required (for more than 20 members)

Specifically designed to cater to the needs of hybrid and remote teams that regularly conduct meetings, Notta makes note-taking and collaboration much easier.

Power up your Productivity for Free

Notta transcribes, analyzes, and summarizes your audio and video content in real-time, converting spoken words into searchable text on any device, This allows you to easily discover knowledge from any content, anywhere.

2. Otter

Best for Real-time AI Meeting Summaries


Another AI-driven note-taking app is Otter which can easily convert voice meetings into searchable text, guaranteeing accuracy and organization. This platform is great if you need to transcribe video and audio conferences, lectures, interviews, and more.

Otter AI employs speaker diarization to identify and separate audio segments based on each speaker's voice, making it easy to attribute meeting notes to the correct person. 

Aside from transcription, Otter also boasts AI-generated summaries of the meeting. If you don’t need word-for-word transcription, this can be a great way to get the gist of a meeting without getting lost in the weeds.

Like Notta, Otter has a user-friendly web app and convenient mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. You can also integrate this platform with video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams.


  • Speaker identification for detecting who is talking at any given time

  • AI-based keyword identification

  • Fast and efficient AI-generated summaries

  • Uses AI to provide noise reduction for more accurate transcription


  • Free version available

  • Guaranteed data security with its TLS encryption

  • Easy to use and navigate


  • Only supports the English language

  • Limited integration features


  • Basic: free 600 minutes of transcription monthly

  • Pro: $8.33 monthly

  • Business: $20 monthly

  • Enterprise: customized rates, depending on the number of users and transcription minutes

Read more about

3. Rev

Best for Enterprises Needing to Adhere to FCC and ADA Restrictions


Rev utilizes its AI-powered platform to transcribe meeting notes with guaranteed 99% accuracy. Supporting more than 15 languages, you can rely on this AI note-taking app to record meetings and convert them into readable texts in your preferred language. This works best when there are global leaders involved.

Rev doesn’t just rely on AI, although this is an AI-powered platform. It also has human transcriptions to help avoid mistakes and ensure accuracy. This added human element sets it apart from other AI and helps guarantee the accuracy of the text being generated. Plus, the service generates live captions, which is handy for webinars and other live presentations. 

captions, It also guarantees you can export transcripts after 12 hours of uploading record meeting video and audio files under 30 minutes. 

On top of that, Rev is useful because it offers subtitle generation. Whether you need to generate subtitles for a video or you’re simply adding them to a meeting to stay ADA compliant, this AI provides an accurate and affordable option. 

This note-taking app can also include non-voice elements to your meeting notes, which makes the document more understandable for members not part of the meeting. It also complies with ADA and FCC, guaranteeing safety and confidentiality with every file you upload.


  • Integrations with Vimeo, YouTube, DropBox, and Zoom

  • User-friendly app and intuitive website

  • FCC and ADA compliance

  • 99% accuracy

  • Live captions generated for video meetings


  • Perfect for beginners with no learning curve

  • Data is guaranteed to be safe and secure

  • Fast turnaround time

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Supports various global languages


  • Customer service tends to be slow

  • Real-time transcription is not available


  • Free version for up to 45 minutes

  • Manual Transcription – $1.50 per minute

  • Automated Transcription – 25 cents per minute

  • English Captions and Subtitles – $1.50 per minute

  • Foreign Subtitles – $5-$12 per minute

  • Automatic Live Captions for Zoom – $20 per host

4. Gong

Best AI Assistant for Sales Coaching and Zoom Transcription


Gong is a reputable AI note-taking app, perfect for sales coaching because it analyzes meetings and sales calls accurately. As a result, you get precise patterns and actionable insights. What sets this AI apart is that the software actually understands your customer’s interactions. It’s nuanced, meaning that you have better interactions with your clients and can improve the likelihood that you’ll close a sales call.

Gond also features reporting, training, and coaching tools, as well as analytics for better progress tracking. This helps with measuring your company’s overall success. This platform also allows users to track team performance, deals, and market changes. It extracts insights and uses those to generate reports, saving you time and money doing it yourself. 

Moreover, Gong features seamless integrations with Zoom, MS Teams, and other web conferencing services. With its revenue intelligence platform, you can use Gong for three sales use cases: deal intelligence, people intelligence, and market intelligence.

Unlike other AI systems, Gong doesn’t offer keyword identification. Instead, it offers initiatives and trend identification, helping you generate accurate reports in real-time. It’s also highly customizable, and the AI allows you to adjust inputs according to your business needs so that you can get more accurate data.

One of Gong’s downsides is its customized pricing. You cannot see fixed prices on its website, and the rates can be expensive for small to medium-sized businesses.


  • Integration with Zoom for live captions and real-time transcription

  • Prevents transcription errors with its AI-powered speech-to-text model

  • 85% transcription accuracy

  • Sales coaching and generating customer insights

  • Supports global languages


  • Everything is automated, reducing human error

  • User-friendly website

  • Free integration with your current tech stack

  • Revenue intelligence guarantees transcription precision


  • No fixed prices

  • No free trial is available


  • Customized, consultation required

5. Avoma

A specialized notetaker for sales and customer success teams


Avoma is an AI meeting assistant specifically designed for sales and customer success teams.

It employs advanced AI technology to capture automated notes during audio and video calls so you don’t miss any details. Then you can review the full transcript, make edits, and get more insights with its conversation intelligence AI.


  • Support wide-range conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, GoToMeeting, and BlueJeans.

  • Facilitates teamwork and alignment as users can collaboratively work on and refine meeting notes.

  • Allows users to mark specific moments in the meeting, easing the process of referencing crucial discussions.

  • Provides actionable insights to improve sales and customer relationships. 

  • Easily synchronize notes and insights with popular CRM systems like Pipedrive, Copper, Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, and Zendesk Sell through seamless integration.


  • Not for personal use.

  • Avoma's features are mainly for sales and customer success teams, which may limit its suitability for other use cases.

  • Some users may find Avoma's interface confusing or needing improvement.


  • Avoma offers a free plan that supports manual note-taking.

  • The paid plans start at $24 per user monthly and provide access to advanced features.

6. Fathom

Automated note-taking in Zoom meetings


Fathom, a newer entrant to the AI meeting tools market, is designed originally to simplify note-taking for Zoom meetings. Now it extends the support for Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

Fathom has entered the Zoom app marketplace, so you can access this tool easily if you are a Zoom user. But for other platforms, you will need to download desktop software.

Fathom is an ideal AI meeting assistant that captures meeting audio and generates a transcript for later review. Moreover, it allows you to highlight crucial points during a meeting with a single click, making it easier to refer back to important information.

Another cool feature of Fathom is that it creates comprehensive meeting summaries, emphasizing essential action items so you know what to do next at a glance.


  • Generate text of your conversations in real-time.

  • Seven languages are supported including English, Italian, and French.

  • integrates seamlessly with platforms like HubSpot and Slack, facilitating better team collaboration and client information management.

  • Generate automated meeting summaries


  • Require software download

  • Slow customer support


Fathom is free for personal use, which includes its core functionalities. For enhanced, team-centric features, Fathom offers a paid version starting at $24/user. However, details about its cost are not specified and may require direct inquiry.


AI notetaker across various platforms is another notable player in the AI note-taking arena, focusing on recording and transcribing meetings. The tool automatically captures notes across various platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, Webex, and more, eliminating the manual effort associated with note-taking. Using it is relatively simple; just invite the Fireflies notetaker to your meetings via your calendar. 

It has an editor that allows you to correct, revise, highlight, annotate, and comment on the generated transcript, giving you even more control over the meeting notes.

This tool can also generate automated summaries, highlighting critical key points, decisions, and action items, making it easier for you to get specific insights without having to re-read all your notes a second time. 

If you need to collaborate and share the transcripts with your team members, you can easily do so by sending a link or scanning a QR code.


  • Wide integration with CRM and team collaboration tools.

  • Convenient automatic summary generation

  • Data is kept secure, thanks to compliance with several call-recording laws

  • Can add custom vocabulary


  • As far as I test, the customer onboarding is frustrating, I need to figure it out myself.

  • The transcription quality is not satisfying.


  • Free plan available but with limited features

  • Pro: $10 per seat monthly (billed annually)

  • Business: $19 per seat monthly (billed annually)

  • Enterprise: Customized rates

8. InqScribe

Best for Simple Note-Taking


While Rev boasts simplicity and user-friendliness in its website and app versions, InqScribe is also ideal for individuals who prefer a straightforward interface and dashboard. It has no steep learning curve, and you can easily understand how everything works with InqScribe’s guides, blogs, and video tutorials.

Inqsribe is a simplified AI that detects speech patterns and creates transcriptions based on them. This note-taking app supports different video and audio formats. You can also upload files from your hard drive, CD, or flash drive or copy and paste the URL. Inscribe’s foot pedal control also promotes faster media playback and better accessibility.

Once you’ve completed your transcription, you can go back in and edit your text. Inqscribe offers a video and text editor in a single window, making it easier for you to make changes to the transcription without losing your place in the video. 

Inqscribe can also seamlessly integrate with DVD Studio, Premiere, YouTube, Final Cut Pro, and more. It also has a remarkable interface, ideal for beginners. Everything is easy to navigate, and InqScribe also features mouse-free transcription through keyboard hotkeys.

Although Inqscribe is a handy transcription service, it’s one of the simpler AIs out there. You have to do quite a bit of manual editing, which can be inconvenient to some users. 


  • Foot pedal control and mouse-free transcription

  • Blogs, tutorials, and how-to guides are evident on the website

  • Integration with major video-editing and watching tools

  • Text and video editors in a single window


  • Easily changeable timestamp

  • Highly accessible and convenient with mouse-free control

  • User-friendly interface, ideal for beginners

  • Free version available


  • Limited features on the free version

  • Lacks advanced features


  • Free version available

  • Individual license: $99

  • Students and multiple licenses get discounts

9. TL;DV


Founded in 2020, Tl;dv is an emerging AI notetaker that aims to automatically record and transcribe online meetings, thus saving time and making meetings productive. Currently Tl;dv supports only Zoom and Google Meet.

The usage is simple: admit the tl;dv meeting notetaker in and it will start recording immediately. With a focus on ensuring critical points are captured and easily accessible, tl;dv offers functionalities that enable efficient meeting recaps and tracking of discussion progression across multiple meetings.


  1. Tl;dv offers speaker recognition transcripts in over 25 major languages.

  2. Users can mark key moments and nofify others during a call, simplifying referencing later.

  3. tl;dv uses AI to generate concise meeting summaries, ensuring you get all the essential details.

  4. Create a clip of the important information from a meeting recording and share it with your team easily.


  • No real-time transcription. The full transcript is only available when the meeting is over.

  • Copying and downloading meeting transcripts is a paid feature.


tl;dv provides flexible pricing options to cater to different user needs and team sizes:

  • Free: Ideal for small teams and individuals who want to benefit from the core features of tl;dv without cost.

  • Pro: The Pro plan is $20 monthly for teams requiring advanced features.

  • Enterprise: Custom pricing; available for organizations needing additional administrative features and support.

10. Chorus

Best for Sales Call AI Analysis


Chorus, introduced by ZoomInfo, is a valuable tool for transcribing calls and meeting notes. It proves particularly useful when conducting thorough analyses of sales conversations during crucial meetings. This software facilitates a deeper comprehension of team dynamics and organizational work culture.

Beyond its transcription capabilities, Chorus offers the additional benefit of generating comprehensive reports concerning your sales teams' performance. This feature streamlines the process of making well-informed and precise decisions about effective business strategies.

Chorus’s reports are based on proprietary technologies that analyze customer responses and reactions based on speech and voice patterns. This can help you better understand and connect with your customers, and can serve as a training tool for sales calls. Plus its reports make forecasting easier.

Chorus further enhances its functionality by enabling real-time transcription and translation and a sales-oriented dashboard designed to track sales metrics and indicators. Besides just analyzing meetings and calls, Chorus can also analyze emails. The AI scans your email looking for tone, key phrases, and more to help pull out customer insights and create reports on what’s working and what’s not.


  • User-friendly dashboard for sales operations

  • Thorough examination of sales conversations

  • Generate analytics and reports for monitoring your sales team

  • Live call recording


  • High level of accuracy in transcribing meeting notes

  • Connect customers and sales team in a single platform

  • Supports global languages

  • Broad community base


  • No fixed pricing

  • A free version is not available


  • Consultation is required

  • No fixed price plans and subscriptions

5 Best AI Tools to Facilitate Note-taking

Aside from automatic meeting notes, there are other AI-powered platforms that can help improve productivity when manually taking notes.

1. Notion AI

Best for Editing Notes

Notion AI

Notion AI promotes productivity in its AI capabilities, making note-taking more impactful and efficient. This comprehensive tool can transform texts, generate new content, and automate tasks in your workspace.

One of the best features of Notion AI is its ability to generate automated text responses based on your context and questions. This lets you work on your existing content to improve and generate AI-powered summaries. Plus, Notion also lets you draft new content pieces with ease.

You can also extract actionable insights through Notion to make your customer research and meeting notes more valuable. With Notion AI’s high-quality translations, you can ensure this platform is reliable during international lectures, meetings, and discussions.

2. Reflect

Best for Personal Note-Taking


Reflect is an excellent tool for personal note-taking. This AI application boasts an integrated calendar functionality and incorporates backlinking features. Like Notion, Reflect employs a command-driven editor, rendering it suitable for seamless integration with AI capabilities. What this means is that you can take personal notes and connect reminders to your calendar so that you never miss a meeting or other key event.

The AI system is also conveniently accessible at any moment through the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + J. So, you can use keystrokes to quickly open the software and start taking notes. 

Within Reflect, a selection of robust AI prompts is at your disposal. These prompts empower you to generate concise summaries, rephrase designated text segments, compile critical takeaways, and present counterarguments.

The diverse range of time-efficient prompts offered by Reflect caters to an extensive spectrum of potential use cases. Reflect also provides access to GPT-4 capabilities. Furthermore, it incorporates a ChatGPT plugin, allowing for direct transmission of information from ChatGPT into your notes.

3. Mem

Best for multidirectional note-taking


Mem AI is a productivity tool crafted to seamlessly merge into your day-to-day operational processes. Its core objective is establishing a cohesive place wherein all your information, concepts, and undertakings coexist harmoniously.

This tool makes it easier for YouTube to capture, arrange, and retrieve various elements, encompassing memories, notes, tasks, and additional data points. An exceptional feature that sets Mem AI apart is that this AI has a robust search capability that can swiftly pinpoint precise fragments of information. In other words, the AI’s algorithm hunts down specific keywords and pieces of information so that you don’t have to go dig through your notes to find things.

MemAI uses two layers of AI experimentation. The first involves the Mem Chatbot, an external component designed to furnish insights by utilizing your current notes. This feature proves invaluable in guiding your contemplation of acquired knowledge.

Additionally, Mem extends AI prompts within your notes as an internal resource. This empowers you to commence with a fresh composition or generate content rooted in your pre-existing understanding.

4. Taskade

Best for Free Note-Taking Templates


Taskade was one of the earliest adopters of AI integration within its note-taking framework. This makes it a comprehensive and resilient application that you know has withstood the test of time.

With Taskade, you get huge time-saving benefits thanks to the AI’s utilization of Templates. This AI has a diverse array of templates that cater to every conceivable need, from a digital bullet journal and a weekly habit tracker to a meticulously curated travel packing checklist. Keep yourself organized with these handy templates without having to sit down and spend time creating them yourself.

Furthermore, Taskade serves as an invaluable asset for personal ventures. Capitalizing on Taskade AI, you can effortlessly devise a project blueprint, subsequently harnessing AI prompts to refine each developmental phase of the undertaking.

5. Writesonic

Best for Generating Marketing Copies


Writesonic is an extraordinary AI-driven tool for marketers, content originators, and enterprises aiming to streamline their content generation endeavors. If you fall into this bucket, Writesonic may be the write AI for you. 

This software excels in crafting content that mirrors human composition across various formats, including blog posts, digital ad text, social media materials, and beyond. The result is that if you need content creation services, this AI can develop written content and social media posts without any work on your part!

While its proficiency spans a diverse spectrum of content-oriented activities, its distinctive emphasis is placed on generating captivating, convincing text that not only bolsters website traffic and enhances conversion rates but also contributes to the expansion of businesses. This makes it great if you’re a content marketer needing to create large amounts of content at the enterprise level quickly. 

Instant Insights Within Notta AI

Struggling with manual audio and video transcript management? Our tool streamlines the process, making it quick and effortless. Transcribing is a matter of minutes, not days. Prepare to be amazed by the remarkable accuracy of our draft files.

What to Consider when Choosing an AI Note-taking App?

Now you know there is an extensive list of AI note-taking apps to choose from, how do you know it’s the right one for your business? Like any software, you must consider essential factors that can help you make more informed decisions on the best note-taking platform.

Here are factors and essential considerations you dare not miss when looking for your options:


Research the accuracy and performance of the app's AI algorithms. Reading user reviews and testing the AI's capabilities can provide insights into its reliability.

Accuracy is crucial when choosing an AI note-taking app because it directly impacts the reliability and usefulness of the notes generated. High precision ensures the AI can correctly transcribe, summarize, and interpret your content, leading to more valuable and actionable notes.

Inaccurate AI could result in misunderstandings, errors, and incomplete information, undermining the app's effectiveness and potentially causing confusion or misinterpreting your notes.

AI Summary

AI summary is essential when selecting an AI note-taking app because it streamlines information processing. An effective AI summary function condenses lengthy content into concise, coherent summaries, saving time and aiding comprehension.

This feature enhances productivity by quickly extracting key insights, making the note-taking process more efficient, and facilitating better retention of essential information.

Real-time and post-conversation analysis

Real-time and post-conversation analysis is also a critical factor that must be considered when looking for an AI note-taking app. They provide immediate insights during discussions and comprehensive reviews afterward.

This dual capability enhances collaboration, decision-making, and content retention. The real-time analysis aids active participation and quick understanding, while post-conversation summaries enable thorough reflection and reference, contributing to more effective communication and better-informed actions.


Opt for an app with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The ease of navigating and utilizing AI features should be a priority, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Efficient and user-friendly AI note-taking applications exhibit speed, security, and dependability while preventing platform bugs that can affect the app’s productivity. They provide a seamless user journey that harmoniously complements your cognitive flow without interruptions.


An AI note-taking app is more than a mere platform you use for transcribing. It enhances your overall meeting experience, generating AI-powered and accurate transcripts and summaries and extracting searchable keywords.

Whether you aim to boost productivity, refine leadership skills, or unleash creative prowess, AI-powered note-taking tools present limitless capability to transcribe, translate, record, and more.

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