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Voice Recognition software has made big changes in the online world. This special technology turns what people say into written words. With Speech Recognition software, we can control things using just our voice. 

Voice recognition listens to how a person talks and adjusts itself. It learns to understand different tones of speech. In this article, we will introduce the 15 best voice recognition software for Windows 10/Mac.

Comparison of the 15 Best Speech Recognition Software

Speech Recognition Software Best For Accuracy Platform Free Trial Price
Notta Automated and 99.9% accurate transcription. 98.86% Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web. Yes Premium Plan - ¥1,200 Business Plan - ¥ 6,210.
Rev Individuals, businesses and organizations who need accurate transcription services. 99% Online No Human Transcription:$1.50/minute, English Close Captions:$1.50/minute, Automated Transcription:$0.25/minute, Global Translated Subtitles:$5-$10/minute.
Veed Transcribing accurately and quickly. 98.5% Online Yes Free Plan, Basic Plan for $12/month, Pro Plan for $24/month, and Business Plan for $59/month.
Siri iOS Devices. 95% iOS devices - Free
Dragon Professional Listening and understanding spoken words. 99% Windows Yes Dragon Home: $150 Dragon Professional Individual: $300 Dragon Legal Individual: $500.
Google Now Android devices 95% Android and iOS devices. - Free
Beey Automatic writing down of spoken words 92.51% Online Yes Charges 0.125 Euros per minute of audio recording.
Google Docs Voice Typing Speaking into Google Docs 95% Windows 10, Mac, Android, iPhone, web, and Chrome. - Free
Amazon Transcribe People who create apps and want to include speech recognition in them 90.5% Meant for developers using AWS No Regular audio- $1.44/hour Medical audio - $4.59/hour.
Otter.ai Transcribing phone calls, interviews, and meetings 83% Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox Yes Starting at $8.33 per month
Fireflies.ai Meeting transcriptions 90% Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone Yes Free to $150 per month.
Google Speech-to-Text Understanding 120 different languages 86% Google Chrome Yes If the file is under 60 minutes - Free. If it’s more than 60 minutes - $0.006/15 seconds.
Microsoft Azure Speech Service Automated transcriptions 78% Windows Yes Free and custom
IBM Watson Speech to Text Transcribing audio files 92% Requires API Yes $1.20/hour.
Speechmatics Real-time transcription 80% Windows - Upon Request

15 Best Speech Recognition Software

In this section, we will provide a description of each of the following products -

  1. Notta

Best for: Transcribing Different Files With Highest Accuracy.

best voice recognition software Notta

Notta AI is a computer service that turns spoken words into written text. It works on the internet and also provides 58 different languages to transcribe. You can talk or upload recordings, and the computer will turn them into writing. You can also change the writing if needed. It works on computers and phones like Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone. Notta AI makes it easier for both professionals and regular people because it saves them time.


  • Supports working with many different languages.

  • Automatic writing down of spoken words.

  • Provides you with different editing tools to edit your transcription.


Notta provides you with different kinds of price plans -

  • Free Plan.

  • The Pro Plan will cost you $13.99/month.

  • You can purchase the Business plan for $59 per month per 2 seats.


  • Gives you tools to fix mistakes when editing.

  • Stored on the internet so you can reach it from any gadget.

  • Notta is simple to use with a user-friendly interface.


  • File size can't be bigger than 1GB.

2. Rev

Best for: Individuals, businesses, and organizations who need accurate transcription services.

voice recognition software Rev

Rev is a popular service that turns spoken words in audio or video files into written text. This text can be easily shared with your team or coworkers. You can add specific words related to your industry or technical terms to improve the accuracy of the transcription. It offers basic transcription features that are usually accurate, gives a summary using artificial intelligence, and allows you to easily share the content with others.


  • Offers transcription services for different kinds of content, like interviews, meetings, podcasts, and more.

  • Provides subtitles for videos to make content easier to understand and more interesting.

  • Make notes and share them using Rev's interactive editor.


The pricing structure for transcription services is as follows:

  • Human Transcription is billed at $1.50 per minute.

  •  Automated Transcription is available at a lower rate of $0.25 per minute.

  • English Closed Captions are priced at $1.50 per minute.

  • For those requiring Global Translated Subtitles, the cost ranges from $5 to $10 per minute based on the specific language translation needs.


  • Famous for giving accurate human-generated transcriptions.

  • Services are provided for a variety of content types such as meetings, interviews, etc.

  • You can pay by minute depending on the length of the audio or video you want to transcribe.


  • The price might matter, especially if you have a large volume of content.

3. Veed

Best for: Adding subtitles, size changing, sharing and exporting videos.

voice recognition software veed

Veed is an online tool that helps you automatically create subtitles. You can also add your own subtitles or use ones you already saved on your computer. It works with many languages for subtitles. Besides subtitles, the tool can do other things like cutting videos, adding text, transitions, and more.


  • You don't have to install any software to transcribe your videos.

  • People can add words and descriptions to their videos.

  • Offers you automated transcription services and subtitle generation.


Veed.io has different options you can pick from -

  • A Free Plan.

  • A Basic Plan for $12 a month.

  • A Pro Plan for $24 a month.

  • A Business Plan for $59 a month.


  • This is an online tool where you can make subtitles for free automatically.

  • You can make subtitles by themselves, put them in by hand, or bring in ones you have on your computer.

  • Helps you with video noise removal


  • You have to sign up for free to use the tool.

4. Siri

Best for: People who use Apple products and want voice-controlled assistance for different works.

voice recognition software siri

Siri is like a helper on Apple gadgets. It knows how to talk in 21 different languages. You'll find it already on Apple gadgets, and it can talk back in its own way. It can easily recognise multiple voices, so everyone in your home can use its services with voice command. You can enjoy personalized music and media, and you can also start an AirPlay session from personal iOS devices on HomePod. With Siri’s voice recognition you can send and read text messages, make phone calls, check your calendar, play music, search things online and more.


  • You can make phone calls and send text messages using Siri.

  • It will help you find out 'Who is calling you?'

  • Supports making alarms, countdowns, and reminding you about things.

Price: Free.


  • Individuals can interact with your devices using natural languages.

  • Multiple languages are supported by Siri.


  • Limitation over customizing Siri’s behavior and preferences.

5. Dragon Professional

Best for: Understanding and recognizing spoken words using voice commands.

voice recognition software dragon professional

Dragon Professional is a computer program made by Nuance that turns spoken words into text. It works well with Windows 11 and also works on older Windows 10. This program does two main things: it can turn spoken words into text as you speak, and it can change recorded spoken words into text. It helps businesses by letting people talk to their computers to write, edit, and format documents faster. Dragon Professional v16 can understand and work with more than 60 languages.


  • Converts spoken words into written text in real-time and turns recorded speech into text.

  • Connection with different business programs such as finance, education, and healthcare.

  • Allows you to use spoken words to edit and format documents.


Dragon Home is priced at $150, Dragon Professional Individual is available for $300, and Dragon Legal Individual comes with a price tag of $500.


  • Excellent accuracy in understanding spoken words.

  • Works with 60 different languages.

  • You can get more work done and do it faster.


  • Training is required to achieve high accuracy.

6. Google Now

Best for: Assisting users with different types of tasks.

voice recognition software google now

Google Now is like a smart app made by Google. It can listen to your voice and do things you tell it to do. It’s even expert in transcription related work. You can use it to set reminders, send messages, check the weather, find directions, and ask it questions. It's like having a helpful friend inside your phone or tablet. It's connected to Google's powerful search engine and works on many Android devices. So, whenever you need to do something quickly, like send a message or find information, you can just talk to Google Now, and it'll help you easily and without any trouble.


  • It works smoothly with Android, allowing it to do many things on your device.

  • For Android phones, you can use Google Now to answer calls, send texts, and open or close apps.

  • It helps you search on iPhones and other Apple devices.

Price: Free.


  • People can talk to Google Now by using their voice.

  • This tool is known for its high accuracy in transcription.


  • Have trouble understanding different ways of speaking, like accents, dialects, or changes in pronunciation.

7. Beey

Best for: Automatic writing down of spoken words.

voice recognition software beey

Beey helps with AI-based voice recognition. It uses a precise model for turning spoken words into text very well. With this tool, you can quickly transcribe your video and audio files. It can also translate the text into more than 20 languages. You get the chance to check and edit the text before saving it. Beey is handy for making subtitles and captions for videos. It also works with your other systems through its API.


  • Can understand and translate spoken words in 20 different languages.

  • Voice recognition using artificial intelligence.


  • Beey charges 0.125 Euros for every minute of audio recording.If you have a lot of transcription work, you can reach out to the team to get a special price.


  • You can make subtitles and captions for videos with this tool.

  • Assists in making audio and video files easy to find by creating searchable archives.


  • It might have trouble with accuracy, especially when it's noisy or if the person talking has a strong accent.

8. Google Docs Voice Typing

Best for: Speaking into Google Docs.

voice recognition software google docs voice typing

Google Docs Voice Typing is a tool that changes your spoken words into text on Google Docs. You can use it on different devices like Windows 10, Mac, Android, iPhone, web, and Chrome, so you don't have to type with a keyboard.


  • Converting spoken words into written text instantly and very accurately.

  • Comes with choices for punctuation and formatting.

  • Functions on different devices and platforms.

Price: Free.


  • Saves you time and makes typing easier.

  • Makes it easier for people with physical disabilities or injuries to access things.


  • Might not understand specific words or technical language.

9. Amazon Transcribe

Best for: People who create apps and want to include speech recognition in them.

voice recognition software amazon transcribe

Amazon Transcribe is a tool that turns spoken words into written text. It's mainly designed for regular users and comes from the same technology used in Alexa. When dealing with short audio, like commands and responses, it performs well and is quite accurate for everyday situations.


  • Turn spoken words into text right away.

  • Able to understand and write down spoken words in different languages.


  • $1.44 per hour for regular audio.

  • $4.59 per hour for medical audio.


  • If you're already using AWS, it's simple to connect and use.

  • Great for quick audio commands and responses.


  • The transcription speed is a bit slow.

  • Customization options are somewhat restricted.

10. Otter.ai

Best for: Accurately transcribing a wide range of audio recordings, including phone calls, interviews, and meetings.

voice recognition software otter

Otter.ai is a well-liked tool that turns spoken words into written text using clever computer technology. It listens to the voice, uses AI to turn it into text you can read and change. Otter is accurate most of the time, but you might need to make some small corrections to make it just right. You can use it on Windows 10, Mac, Android, iPhone, and the web. It also works as an add-on for Google Chrome.


  • Identifies who is speaking.

  • Supports real-time transcription for you.


Starting at $8.33 per month.


  • Accurate transcription is done with smart computer programs.

  • Works with many different devices and systems.


  • You need the internet to change spoken words into written text.

11. Fireflies.ai

Best for: Meeting transcriptions.

voice recognition software fireflies

Fireflies.ai is a special computer program that can write down what people say in meetings. It works with different video call apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and more. You can use Fireflies.ai on your computer or phone. It works on Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone.


  • Works with common video call apps and is simple to operate.

  • This tool can record video and sound


Fireflies.ai offers four types of payment plans -

  • A Free Plan.

  • The Pro Plan costs $10 each month.

  • The Business Plan can be bought for $19 per month.

  • The price for the Enterprise Plan is not fixed, and it depends on your specific needs.


  • Quick at turning speech into text

  • Works with well-known video call apps


  • This software has a free plan with restrictions.

12. Google Speech-to-Text

Best for: Transcribing spoken words into written text.

voice recognition software google speech to text

You can use Google Speech-to-Text for both short and long videos. It works for live streaming and recorded audio. It can automatically write down the right names, dates, and phone numbers.


  • It can remove the inappropriate content.

  • Supports working with 120 different languages.


  • You can use speech recognition and video speech recognition for free if it's under 60 minutes.

  • If it's more than 60 minutes, you'll need to pay $0.006 for every 15 seconds you use.


  • It can correctly write down periods, commas, and other punctuation marks.

  • It can understand the language people speak without needing help.


  • Only works with Google Chrome, not with other web browsers.

13. Microsoft Azure Speech Service

Best for: Providing a wide range of speech-related capabilities.

voice recognition software microsoft azure speech service

Microsoft Azure Speech Service is a tool that changes spoken words into written text. You can use it on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. It's part of the Speech Studio, which makes tasks related to speech easier. It can work with over 100 different languages, so you can get your transcriptions in the language you like. If you want to understand your special words better, you can teach them.


  • Can work together with any computer program.

  • Supports automatic punctuation.


Free version and customizable pricing options.


  • Understands special words used in a specific field.

  • It can be used with all Microsoft products.


  • Hard to set up this tool.

14. IBM Watson Speech to Text

Best for: Instantly turning spoken words into text, and also the ability to convert multiple audio files at once.

voice recognition software ibm watson speech to text

IBM Watson is famous for playing a smart game show, but it's also good at doing simple jobs like turning spoken words into written text. It uses smart computer skills to understand how people talk and make accurate written records.


  • Software that works on the internet.

  • This tool can be accessed from any place in the world.


  • It costs $1.20 for every hour of audio.


  • Quick and very accurate writing down of words.

  • You can put it inside other apps using a special tool called an API.


  • Expensive compared to other choices.

15. Speechmatics

Best for: Real-time transcription.

voice recognition software speechmatics

Speechmatics is a great tool for changing spoken words into text. It can turn spoken words into written words quickly. If you have a recording of someone talking, this tool can turn it into text for you. Speechmatics is good at understanding different English accents like South African, British, American, Canadian, Jamaican, and more. This tool can also transcribe phone calls, so you can get the words from both sides of the conversation. You'll get the text in a Word document that you can share with others.


  • Can understand many different ways of speaking in English.

  • Ready for big companies or businesses.

Price: Based upon requests.


  • It's a program you can use on any phone or computer without needing to install it.

  • It can change almost any way of speaking in English into writing.


  • Speechmatic can only change speech into text and doesn't do anything else.


1. What is the best voice recognition software?

In this guide, we have listed 15 best recognition software. Among all of them, we think Notta is the best voice recognition software. Because it provides you with 98.86% accurate transcription.

2. Does Windows 10 have voice recognition software?

Yes, Windows 10 has a voice control system called "Windows Speech Recognition." It lets you tell your computer what to do, type by talking, and move around your computer using your voice.

3. What can be a disadvantage for both voice recognition and handwriting recognition software?

Voice recognition software and handwriting recognition software have their own good and bad sides.

Voice recognition:

Voice recognition software is helpful because it lets you use your voice instead of your hands, which is great for people who have trouble moving. It can also help you get things done faster by speaking instead of typing. But sometimes it doesn't work well with background noise or accents, and you might worry about your privacy since it often stores your voice data in the cloud.

Handwriting recognition:

Handwriting recognition is useful when you want to add a personal touch or if you prefer using a pen and paper. It also works on devices with touch screens or a special pen, so you can draw and take notes. It's also good for languages with complicated characters. However, it can be tricky if your handwriting isn't clear, and it might not always understand your writing. You might need to learn how to use it, and it's not as fast for writing long things as regular keyboards. Plus, not all devices and apps support it as much as voice recognition.

4. How to use speech-to-text on Google Docs?

Here are the steps to use speech-to-text on Google Docs -

Step 1: To start, we need to turn on the microphone in Google Docs. Go to the top and click on 'Tools.'

Step 2: Tap the 'Voice Typing' button.

Step 3: Press the 'Microphone' button and tap on “Allow”.

Step 4: Just say the words, and Google Docs will write them down for you.

5. What is Free voice recognition software?

Free voice recognition software is a computer program that turns spoken words into written text. It does this by using smart technology. Here are some free voice recognition software - Speechmatics, Microsoft Azure Speech Service, IBM Watson Speech to Text, Otter, Google Docs, Voice Typing, etc. You can use these tools if you want free transcription service, but they are not so accurate. To get all around accurate and best results, you should try Notta instead.


Voice recognition software is like magic for our computers and devices. It helps us type what we say, and it's super helpful for many people and businesses. In this guide, we've shown you the 15 best voice recognition software for Windows 10/Mac users. They can do lots of things, like turning your speech into text.One of these options, Notta, is especially great. It's super accurate, works on different devices, and is easy to use. Whether you're a pro or just a regular person, Notta can help you type and edit text, even in different languages. It's a top choice for voice recognition, and we highly recommend it.

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