How to Create Well-Crafted Podcast Summaries in Minutes

How to Create Well-Crafted Podcast Summaries in Minutes

Imagine you have created your podcast, decided your show's name, recorded your first video, and now, you are struggling to write a podcast summary. There's no doubt that writing a podcast summary is a deciding factor in whether your potential audience will listen to your show click away. 

The problem is it can be time-consuming and challenging to find the right words and create a summary. Fortunately, incorporating a few elements can help you create an effective podcast summary that gives your audience the essence of the podcast. 

But what are these key elements, and how to write a podcast summary that doesn't make your potential listeners click away? In this tutorial, I'll reveal a step-by-step process to create a summary that makes your audience want to tune in. 

What is a Podcast Summary? 

A podcast summary is a short description (usually 1-2 paragraphs) that defines the topics discussed throughout the episode. It's a concise version of the entire podcast written in an engaging and compelling tone without revealing the whole thing. 

One of the simple ways to write a podcast summary is by using an AI summary generator tool. A feature-rich AI summarizer can help you summarize an hour-long podcast into a few information-rich paragraphs. 

Having a summary in your podcast description can increase the views and attract people who prefer to read the description before listening to the podcast. 

Many AI summarizers will incorporate highly-ranking keywords in the description. Not only can you rank high with a keyword-rich summary, but it will also help you attract more active listeners.

What to Prepare for Podcast Summaries? 

A podcast summary is a brief blurb of text that describes what's being said or distills the most important points. 

Think of your podcast description as a synopsis written on the back of the book. It's the second thing that people will read after the title and will have a great impact on whether they'll proceed with reading it. 

Before you start to write your podcast summary, you'll need to determine the topics discussed, the most important points covered, and the guest's name. 

Your ultimate goal behind writing a podcast summary is to help listeners understand what they can expect from the show. 

How to Write a Podcast Summary Manually? 

In simple words, a podcast summary is a short recap of the important points discussed in an episode. Here's a step-by-step process to write a podcast summary manually. 

Listen to the Podcast or Read the Transcript 

Whether you are the host of a podcast or summarizing podcasts of other people, it's important to start by carefully listening to the podcast. If you have the transcript, you can go ahead and give it a read. 

The first step will help you identify the main idea or compelling points that can be used to create the summary. 

If you don't want to struggle back and forth listening to the podcast, consider using the Notta transcription tool. Simply upload the audio or video on Notta, and it will generate a transcript in one click. 

Determine the Main Points 

Only a good podcast summary can bring active listeners and build a loyal audience. The best way to grab people's attention is by nailing the summary of your podcast. 

While crafting an intriguing summary, write the main point in the first sentence of your summary. However, one important thing worth noting is that your summary should align with the episode title and the content. 

For instance, if your title implies you're sharing a solution to a certain question, but your podcast summary does not talk about it, it will confuse the reader and make them click away.

Prepare a Summary Structure 

Next, you'll need to prepare a structure that gives a brief introduction to each topic discussed. This part should include a few supporting sentences that align with the summary opening. 

The best format is to summarize all the themes or subject matters under the respective topic heading (preferably using bullet points!). Always make sure the summary is concise and informative and does not bore the readers. 

Your goal should be to entice readers to watch the episode. End the summary with a call to action that asks your listeners to subscribe and watch future episodes. After all, it's all about how well you promote your podcast. 

Mention Guests

Adding the names of your guests in the podcast summary is a great way to compel people to listen. It becomes more important if you're calling experts to discuss a burning topic. 

You can either write the names in the list format or weave their names within your description. This will add credibility and authenticity to your podcast, helping you stand out from the crowd. 

Edit Summary for Clarity 

A poor summary filled with grammatical and spelling errors can impact your podcast's name and fame. It's always good to edit and proofread the written summary before you hit the publish button. 

Additionally, ensure the summary is clear and concise, so your audience can make an informed decision. Rather than explaining the entire episode in complicated language, you should focus on the key information. 

That's it! 

With these five steps, you can craft a summary that lets you promote your podcast to a wider audience. 

Benefits of AI Written Podcast Summaries 

With the world becoming more digital, it's now easy to automate most of your manual tasks. An AI speech-to-text software can help you transcribe and summarize your podcast in real-time. 

Let's talk about a few benefits of using an AI podcast summary app

  • Saves Time: As mentioned above, writing a podcast summary means you've to spend time identifying the main points and then summarizing them. However, with AI software, you can automate the process and craft a summary in seconds. 

  • Keyword-Rich Description: Including keywords within the podcast summary can help you improve the SEO of your podcast. However, brainstorming keywords can be time-consuming. AI tools automatically add keywords so search engines can easily crawl and improve a podcast's visibility. 

  • Enhance Accessibility: Sometimes, people don't have enough time to listen to a 2-hour long episode. A well-crafted summary lets people get a gist of what's included in the podcast. This, in turn, spikes interest and helps you turn readers into listeners. 

  • Improve Productivity: When you don't have to spend time manually doing things, it helps you improve your productivity and focus on other things that need your attention — the content.

How to Write a Podcast Summary with Notta? 

Notta is a valuable recording and transcribing tool that can turn your podcast into text. With the help of advanced AI algorithms, Notta generates a podcast transcript in minutes and with 98.86% accuracy. 

You can then use Notta's AI Summary Generator to summarize the text in real-time. With one click, the tool lets you generate an AI summary and action items based on the transcription. 

Here's a step-by-step process to use Notta AI Summary Generator for podcasts. 

Step 1: Create a new or log in to your existing Notta account. If you've podcast audio or video saved locally on your device, select 'Import Files' to start the transcription process. 

Select import files to upload the podcast

Step 2: Double-click the transcribed file to view the full transcript. At the left side of the screen, select 'General template', and the podcast summary will be generated. 

generate Notta AI summary from transcript

You can copy and paste the summary wherever you like. Hence, Notta proves to be an ultimate game-changer for podcasters looking to improve productivity and save time. 

Transcribe & Summarize Podcasts in Seconds

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What Makes a Good Podcast Summary? 

A good podcast summary is short, to the point, and a catchy version of your lengthy podcast. Here are some ways to make your summary stand out. 

  • Explain Clearly: Your potential listener wants to understand what they can expect from the episode. That's why it's better to avoid using fluff and revealing the topic of your podcast as soon as the summary starts. 

  • Concise and Engaging: The crafted summary should be straight to the point. Instead of writing four paragraphs, describing speakers in detail, and introducing topics deeply, the summary should catch a person's attention. 

  • Easy to Search: Many podcasters often miss brainstorming a list of keywords while creating the summary. If you want to create a perfect podcast description, make sure it has enough strategically placed keywords for more views. 

What is the Difference between Podcast Summary and Show Notes? 

Podcast summaries and show notes are crucial parts of your podcasting workflow. They are as important as recording and publishing the episode on your podcasting platform. 

Let's discuss how summary and show notes differ. 

Podcast Show Notes Podcast Summary
Description The term 'podcast show notes' means a website page or post that describes what happened during an episode. Think of podcast show notes as the first page of your website, where you reveal all the important details of the website to the visitors. Unlike podcast show notes, the summary is a one or two-paragraph description with main ideas and highlights. It gives readers a little information about the podcast episode without revealing the entire detail.
What does it include The podcast show notes often include guest bios, affiliate links, a list of additional resources, a call-to-action, and other relevant content. It only includes guest names and designation, topics discussed, and action items.
Purpose Show notes act as a central location for listeners where they can access reference material during the episode. A meeting summary is the deciding factor if the reader will click the episode to watch it.
Length The show notes generally have 200-300 words. It usually has 50-100 words.

What is the Executive Summary of a Podcast? 

An executive summary is a written brief of the podcast that can grab the reader's attention. It usually summarizes critical information, including the type of podcast, key points, purpose, and any other relevant detail. 

Key Takeaways 

A summary is a must for audio or video content as it helps people with quick information about the episode. When summarizing a podcast, you'll need to explain the context from your perspective and thoughts. 

The podcast summary contains small blurbs for new episodes that can leave a positive impression on the potential listener. If you want to take things up a notch, try the Notta transcribing and summarizing tool

The speech-to-text converter uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to create a unique podcast summary that hooks listeners. For more information about the features, sign up for a free Notta account today. 

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