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14 Best Transcription Software in 2024 [Speech to Text]

Imagine sitting for hours trying to transcribe a huge video or video file manually; that must be a daunting task and extremely time-consuming!

Thankfully, technology is changing things, and AI-powered transcription software has come to the rescue, which converts any video or audio recording into text without human labor. In fact, speech-to-text tools have become a must-have for businesses and professionals who want to get the most out of their audio and video content. 

Whether you want your audio/video converted to text for education, journalism, podcast, or other purposes, I’ve put together the 14 best transcribing software to get the job done efficiently. Read on!

Automatic vs. Manual Transcription: What’s the Difference?

Basically, transcription services can be divided into two types:

  • Automatic transcription

  • Manual (human) transcription

Automatic transcription adopts AI-based technology called natural language processing (NLP) that converts audio and video files to text automatically. The text can be further edited and shared. The major benefits of using automatic transcription software are fast and cheap. 

Moreover, it usually includes extra features like speaker recognition and time stamps that enable you to review the transcript easily.

Human transcription, however, is completed by trained transcriptionists who listen to the audio recording and then transcribe it manually. Due to this, it takes a longer turnaround time with a higher accuracy rate than automated transcription, though the cost is higher.

The benefits of using automatic transcription software are as follows:

  • Saves you a lot of time and money.

  • Improves accessibility.

  • Eliminates miscommunication.

  • Quickly review and search content.

What Makes Great Transcription Software?

Before jumping to the list, I’d like to clarify the specific criteria for why each audio transcription software lands in its role as one of the best options available. 

I didn't choose our top picks without serious consideration and below are the standards.

  • Accuracy

First, the app must have an AI-based transcription system that delivers accurate results. Although errors are common with using transcription software, they should be within a limit.

The lower the accuracy, the more you will need to edit the transcripts, which takes extra time.

  • Affordability

The price of transcription software services can range from a few to hundreds of dollars per month. I looked at both extremes to find the best middle ground for businesses with different budgets. 

  • Versatility

The transcription software should be able to convert multiple types of video and audio files into text, including the most common ones like MP3, MP4, MOV, WMV, etc.

Versatility also lies in that the software is available on the Web, Android, and iOS devices, so you can access it anywhere you like.

  • Security

If your information isn't safe, it doesn't matter how accurate the transcription is. So I choose transcription tools that have a good reputation and offer security measures.

  • Ease of use

Lastly, ease of use is a must since no one wants to waste time trying to figure out how to use a new app. The best transcription software will have an intuitive interface that even first-time users can get the hang of it.

14 Best Transcription Software to Convert Audio to Text

Now that I've explained our criteria for choosing the best transcription software, let's move on and reveal our top 14 picks after multiple hours of researching

1) Notta

Best for real-time transcription and versatility.

Notta Transcription Software - HomepageNotta is AI-powered transcript software that automatically transcribes live recordings from a microphone, audio/video files, webpage audio, and online meetings. It has a well-designed interface that you can navigate through easily when using it for the first time.

Once the transcription is complete, this tool allows you to search for keywords, edit the text, insert images, and share the transcripts.

What makes Notta unique is that it links the transcript to the original audio and adds timestamps that make getting to any information much more straightforward.

What's better, Notta supports 58 languages, making it one of the most versatile transcription tools on the market.


  • Automated video and audio transcription.

  • Up to 97% transcription accuracy.

  • Accessible on desktop, mobile (Android and iOS), and Chrome extension.

  • Export a transcript to various formats like DOCX, TXT, PDF, and SRT.

  • Powerful search, editing, and sharing capabilities.

  • Sync your transcripts across all your devices.

  • SOC 2 and GDPR compliance for data safety.

  • Generate automated summaries powered by AI.


  • The free version has a time limit per transcription.


  • Free plan.

  • Pro: $14.99 per user per month for 1,800 transcription minutes.

  • Business: $27.99 per user per month for unlimited transcription minutes.

  • Enterprise: custom pricing.

With Notta, you get a solid option for transcribing video and audio and keeping them organized across all your devices. Try Notta to see how much it frees your hand while more positively engaging in online classes, presentations, and meetings.

Transcribe with Notta AI

Frustrated with losing important details? Notta AI transforms your meetings into instantly searchable, verbatim notes. No more replaying recordings – start preserving valuable insights. Give Notta a try today!


2) Descript

Best for platform integrations.

Descript - the best transcription software - homepageDescript is essentially a video and audio editing software that comes with transcription features.

It offers automatic audio transcription in 23 languages and has up to 80% accuracy. But if you demand perfection, go for its professional transcriptionists who assure 99% accuracy.

With Descript, you can transcribe audio files and then edit the transcriptions right in the software. The software works well for podcasters and YouTubers because it allows you to easily edit and format your transcriptions to place on blog posts. You can also use Descript to create subtitles for your videos or caption files for your audio. 


  • Automatic transcription.

  • Remove filler words from transcripts.

  • Sync the files across platforms.

  • Integrate with YouTube, Vimeo, and other video hosting platforms.


  • Its accuracy went down significantly when transcribing speakers with accents or speech impediments.

  • Transcription in languages other than English is not very good.


  • Free plan with 1 transcription hour per month.

  • Creator: $12/use/month for 10 transcription hours.

  • Pro: $24/user/month for unlimited features.

  • Enterprise: Contact for custom pricing.

If you are a content creator who records videos or podcasts, Descript is an excellent tool to transcribe your audio files and then easily edit the transcriptions. The software also offers screen recording and webcam recording options. 

3) Rev

Best for fast turnaround with per-minute rates.

Rev - auto audio transcription homepageBeing one of the most renowned transcription services in the market, Rev provides accurate video/audio transcripts, on-screen captions, and translated subtitles powered by AI.

This service is pretty straightforward to use. With Rev, you can upload lectures, interviews, podcast episodes, or meeting recordings and receive a written transcript quickly. The transcriptions are ~90% accurate.

You'll need clear, high-quality audio with no background noise for a quality transcript. If the audio quality is shoddy, you may do better off hiring one of their human transcriptionists.


  • Human and automated transcription.

  • Fast turnaround time.

  • Supports up to 31 transcription languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, and more.

  • The interactive editor makes it easy to make corrections.


  • Sometimes it misses brand or technical terms.

  • Slow customer support.


Rev offers a subscription plan with 20 automated transcriptions and captioning per month at a flat rate of $29.99, which is best for professionals who use a transcription service regularly.

If you only need to transcribe a file occasionally, a non-subscription charge based on time is more suitable: 

  • Audio & video human transcription: $1.50 per minute

  • Automated transcription: $0.25 per minute

Rev is a versatile tool when you need transcripts of your audio and video files. Trusted by Turner Classic Movies, CBS, Viacom, PBS, Spotify, and Stanford, it's well worth it to give Rev a try when you want to test human transcriptions aided by artificial technology.

4) Happy Scribe

Best for fast and relatively accurate transcription.

Happyscribe - Transcription & subtitles homepageHappy Scribe is one of the best transcription software in the market that offers fast and accurate transcription and subtitle services via artificial intelligence technology. 

By the time of writing this article, this tool offers automatic transcription in 60+ languages (up to 85% accuracy) and human-made transcription in 10 languages (99% accuracy).

Happy Scribe is pretty easy to use. Simply upload the files, select your language, and it will start processing. You'll have a full transcript at half-time of the audio length, e.g., it takes 5 minutes to transcribe a 10-minute file.

Happy Scribe also has an interactive editor that allows you to edit and manage the text freely. Students, professionals, and busy people who need to transcribe audio files for work or school will enjoy using the tool.


  • Automatic and human transcription.

  • Add captions to videos.

  • Support audio files of any size and length.

  • Export your file to TXT, PDF, SRT, Word, STL, VTT, and more.

  • Sync audio and video with timestamps.


  • For automated transcription: starting from $10 per month (billed annually) for 120 minutes.

  • For human transcription: starting from $1.75 per minute.

You can choose to use its automated software to get your transcription work completed or hire Happy Scribe's human transcribers to create more accurate transcripts. 

5) Otter.ai

Best for collaborating on transcriptions with team members.

Otter.ai - transcription software homepageFounded in 2016, Otter is a reputable transcription software that can transcribe pre-recorded video and audio files to text, including interviews, lectures, and podcasts.

It has a web app, a mobile app for iOS and Android, and a Chrome extension so that you can access it almost anywhere.

Otter also has an assistant that will join virtual meetings and record and transcribe the voice conversations in real-time. With this tool, you can review, edit, and manage the transcriptions directly in the app.


  • Intuitive interface.

  • Automatically transcribe online meetings and recorded files.

  • Rich editing features.


  • Only supports English (U.S. and U.K.).

  • Not able to handle background noise and accents well.


  • Basic: offers 300 monthly transcription minutes for free.

  • Pro: $16.99 per month with 1,200 monthly transcription minutes.

  • Business: $30/user/month with 6,000 monthly transcription minutes.

  • Enterprise: custom pricing.

If you're a faculty member at a school, a student, or a staff member inside a nonprofit, you can receive discounts from Otter on its plans. 

Check the comprehensive Otter review

6) Scribie 

Best for users who need simple, affordable human transcription services.

Scribie transcription toolScribie is a nice option for those who need to transcribe audio files regularly. While it doesn't have as many features as the ones we introduced above, Scribie does offer accurate transcription with a simple 4-step process (transcribe, review, proofread, and quality check) and its price might be the lowest in the current market.

Scribie claims to transcribe files quickly and efficiently with 80%-95% accuracy for its automatic transcription service, and the rate can be up to 99% in manual.


  • Automatic and manual transcription.

  • Online transcript editor.

  • Fast turnaround time.

  • All transcribers are under NDA.

  • Affordable price.

Cons: </