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What does CC Mean on Youtube?

CC stands for closed captioning. The meaning of CC on Youtube videos refers to the video's ability to translate the audio into text. 

You can do it either through automatic or manual means. CC-enabled videos help a wider audience view your interviews or marketing content. 

In this article, we'll go in-depth about what CC means on Youtube and why you should use them in the first place.

What is Closed Captioning?

Closed captioning (CC) transcribes information from audio content and displays it as text. Broadcasters, cable television companies, and other distributors supply this service.

They allow people to access audio programming that they may otherwise be unable to hear. The FCC has rules requiring captioning of all non-exempt television programs. 

They updated the rules in 2016 to require video streaming services. Services such as Netflix and Hulu must provide CC for their video programming.

Understanding Closed Captioning

Closed captioning, or CC, is a feature that appears in some videos on YouTube. They describe what's happening in a video so users can understand the content.

It can be helpful for users who have trouble hearing or who prefer to read the text instead of listening to it. The closed caption feature has been around since 2011. Some previously-uploaded videos even have it enabled by default. 

Some videos don't have Captions. Usually, it’s because YouTube does not require them under their current policies. But there are a few ways to tell if a video has captions available.

The CC icon is an abbreviation for closed captioning. It indicates if the services are available for a video. 

This icon may appear in different formats depending on your device, such as: 

  • In-video settings

  • An image appearing next to a video title in search results or a playlist 

  • A closed captioning menu item 

Where is the CC Button on YouTube?

If you click Play on YouTube and do not see captions show up, it's because you need to enable them. You can find them by clicking on the Settings icon in the top right corner of the video. Or you can click the "CC" icon at the bottom. 

Why Use Closed Captioning?

If you have never used closed captioning before, you may not know what it can do for you or why you would use it. Here are some reasons why more people are using closed captioning today.

The Volume is Too Low

Turning up your device's volume is a quick fix for not being able to hear what people are saying. Suppose you're still having problems with audio clarity after boosting the video's volume. Then it might be time to turn on closed captioning. 

It Makes Videos Easier to Watch Without Distractions

CC makes YouTube movies easier to watch without interruptions or distractions. You don't have to worry about pausing a video when someone walks into the room or talks on their phone. You can keep watching and not miss a beat!

Captions Make TV Shows Accessible for Those with Hearing Loss 

Closed captioning makes videos accessible for those with hearing loss. If you have trouble hearing dialogue over background noise or music, you can turn on captions. Then you can enjoy watching videos as much as everyone else in your household does! 

Captions Can Help Build Your Vocabulary 

Another reason why more people are turning on captions has nothing to do with convenience. It has everything to do with learning. 

You'll expose yourself to new words that might not be in your vocabulary yet. It may help build your vocabulary and better understand how we use words in everyday speech. 

Improve SEO on YouTube Videos

YouTube is a powerful platform for video marketers. You will be at a great advantage if you know how to influence its SEO algorithms. 

Most YouTube searches don't use descriptions or tags in their results. Unless users are looking for your brand or keyword, they may see irrelevant content first. 

Luckily, there's an easy way to improve YouTube SEO. Adding closed captions can boost your video's ranking on Google's SERPs. 

How to Add Closed Captions (CC) to Youtube

YouTube can be a phenomenal way to promote your business or to get backlinks. Adding captions to your videos can be a great way to efficiently and effectively do these tasks. 

But not everyone has the time it takes to add captions to every video they've made manually. There are several tools available that make adding captions much easier.

1) Notta Voice to Text Software

Notta converts your video into text in real-time by using natural language processing! This app creates captions that you can copy-paste into YouTube. 

You can upload your video into this app, and it will do all of the work for you. It will even add the timestamps.


Rev specializes in producing caption files. It makes all uploading, caption editing, and syncing a breeze. You can also hire Rev writers to create your captions. It can be an expensive way to maintain some control over your content.

3) Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription can help with your closed captioning needs as well. It has a reasonable turnaround time and per-minute rates. It offers you a way to give your audience more accessibility with captions. 

How to Use Notta to Create Youtube Captions

Step 1: Log in to your Notta Dashboard.

Notta homepage with Log In icon highlighted

Step 2: Click ‘Import Files’.

Import Files option highlighted

Step 3: Open another tab and go to the YouTube video you need captions for. Copy the URL and paste it into the “Upload a YouTube video” box on the Notta Dashboard. Then click ‘Upload.’

Upload a YouTube video part highlighted

Step 4: Click on your caption.

Click on the transcription file of your caption

Step 5: Here, you have your captions separated by timestamps. In another tab, log in to your YouTube Studio account. Click on ‘Content.’

Click Content on your YouTube Channel page

Step 6: Hover over the video you want to add captions to and click ‘Details.’

Click details

Step 7: Click ‘Subtitles’ on the right.

Click subtitles on the left

Step 8: Go back to the Notta Dashboard. Right-click one of the captions and click ‘Select All.’ Right-click again and click ‘Copy.’

Select all text of the transcript on Notta

Copy the selected transcripts on Notta

Step 9: Paste the text where it says, “Enter the words that are spoken.” When you play the video, it will match the text to the words of the video.

Paste the text to youtube subtitle editor

Step 10: Click ‘Done.’

Click Done

Final Thoughts

Captions are essential for making your videos accessible to the broadest audience possible. Using Notta is a great way to quickly and easily create captions for any of your videos. You won't spend time and money typing them manually or paying someone to do it.

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