Best AI Summarizers to Save Time

10+ Best AI Summarizers to Save Time in 2024

Imagine having an AI tool that lets you summarize an hour-long meeting within minutes and ensure your team has quick access to all the important information without spending precious time. That's what an AI summarizer does. 

The primary aim of AI summarizers is to condense the lengthy content into small, digestible chunks. However, with hundreds of AI summarizers available online, how do you choose the one that aligns with your needs? 

Fret not; if you are wondering which is the best summarizer available online,  this guide has got you covered. I spent 72 hours researching in-depth and testing the features of all the top AI summarizers available to curate this list of the best out of the best. 

What are AI Summarizers? 

An AI summarizer tool uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms to break large chunks of text into concise versions. 

It works by detecting the best sentences from the paragraphs, understanding the context, and then generating summaries in its own words. 

Many free and paid AI summarization tools sum up essays, research papers, articles, videos, audio, and other documents within a few minutes. 

What Should You Consider in Choosing AI Summarizers? 

There's no doubt that AI summarizer tools are designed to make lengthy texts readable. However, not all summarization tools can align with your needs. Here are a few things you'll need to examine before finding which AI tool can best serve your needs. 

Upload File Format: Some AI summarizers accept only copy-pasted text, whereas in a few advanced tools, you can input audio, videos, files, documents, etc. For instance, if you want to summarize a podcast or video, it's crucial to choose a tool that accepts the particular file format. 

Pricing Model: If the summarization task you need to complete is a one-time project, you probably don't want to invest your money in buying a monthly subscription to the tool. That's why it's important to carefully examine the pricing model and frequency with which you'll use the summary generator. 

Output Export Options: Not all AI summarizers let you download the summary in PDF or any other format. Consider the export options while settling for a tool. 

Accuracy: Whether you're summarizing an hour-long meeting or a 100-page PDF, you'll need to ensure the information present is accurate. While researching for the tool, focus on how accurately it can generate summaries.  

List of the Best AI Summarizers 

Whether you're an avid learner, a professional, or someone who wants to stay informed, AI summarizer tools are a great way to digest more content in less time. In this section, I'll dive deep into the top 10+ AI summary generators suitable for different use cases. 

#1 Notta — Best AI Summarizer for Meetings and Conversations 

Notta ultimate AI summarizer tool

Notta aces in summarizing and generating transcripts of audio, videos, and documents. The all-in-one recording and transcribing tool lets you automatically record, summarize, and analyze your virtual meetings. 

What differentiates Notta from other AI summarizers is its ability to summarize non-text content, such as audio, videos, calls, conferences, and virtual meetings. Imagine you're in a virtual meeting with ongoing important discussions. 

Instead of taking manual notes, you can ask Notta to summarize the lengthy content. The advanced algorithms of Notta scan the content and generate summaries that include important information. 

Its high accuracy is one feature that makes Notta stand out from the crowd. The recording and transcribing tool generates transcripts with 98.86% accuracy, which is quite impressive. 

Notta AI transcription tool works by converting lengthy videos and audio into digestible transcripts to save you valuable time and effort. With the power of AI, the tool can summarize your transcripts and generate action items of 1-hour long video in less than 5 minutes. 

Key Features 

  • Real-Time Transcripts: Unlike other tools that only focus on summaries, Notta enables you to record videos, generate transcripts, and summarize lengthy text within minutes. 

  • Export & Share: You can easily export the transcripts or summaries to Word, PDF, SRT, or Text or send them to Salesforce and Notion. 

  • Enterprise-Grade Security: Notta keeps the client data safe, as the platform is SOC 2 and GDPR compliant. Hence, you can rest assured that all the important information is safely stored. 


  • With Notta Bot, you can record live meetings and generate transcripts in real-time. 

  • It has a fast transcription speed, helping you save time and eliminate manual note-taking. 

  • Notta identifies different speakers in audio and videos while transcribing, in addition to highlighting key points. 


  • The free plan offers limited features. 

  • You need to have a stable Internet connection. 

  • It does not generate unique content, as the tool focuses only on recording, transcribing, and summarizing meetings. 


  • Free Plan

  • Pro Plan: $13.99/per user/ per month 

  • Business Plan: $59/per 2 users/ per month

  • Business Plan: $67/per 3 users/ per month

  • Customizable Enterprise Plan

Transcribe & Summarize Audio & Video in Seconds

Try Notta - the best online transcription & summarization tool. Transcribe and summarize your conversations and meetings quickly with high accuracy.

#2 ChatGPT — Best AI Summarizer for Lengthy Texts

ChatGPT AI summarizer tool

Imagine you are looking for a tool to generate social media copy, blogs, articles, research papers, and more. That's where ChatGPT comes in. 

The recently launched artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT is a popular tool that lets you create content and summarize lengthy texts. You only need to use text prompts like 'Summarize the following text in 200 words.' 

Even though ChatGPT is an easy-to-use AI summarizer tool, it only supports text-based input. If you want to summarize files in document formats, such as TXT, Microsoft Word, and PDF, you'll either have to use API or look for other AI summarizer tools in our list. 

Key Features 

  • Process Long Text Documents: ChatGPT understands and processes long text documents. Hence, it makes it suitable for large amounts of information. 

  • Versatile: Whether you want to create short paragraphs, lists, or bullet points, ChatGPT can help in summarizing. 

  • Identify Key Points: ChatGPT gives the gist of a long document by highlighting key points within a few minutes. 


  • You can further expand the summary by using different inputs. 

  • It lets you get human-like summary text, all thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP). 

  • The plugins and extensions available extend ChatGPT's functionality. 


  • ChatGPT may generate inaccurate summaries, especially if the context is unclear. 

  • It summarises the topic but does not offer unique insights into it. 

  • It requires significant training to ensure it gives the right output. 


  • Free Plan

  • ChatGPT Plus: $20 per month

#3 QuillBot — Best AI Paraphrasing Tool 

QuillBot paragraphing and summarizing tool

QuillBot is one of the popular tools that allows you to summarize or paraphrase the text in minutes. It uses machine learning algorithms to scan text, suggest synonyms, and summarize the content. 

But that's not all! You can integrate the tool within Google Docs or Word, making it a great choice for users. However, one important thing to note is that the AI tool is not explicitly designed for summarizing. Hence, it might be less preferred. 

Key Features 

  • Adjustable Summary Length: The free AI summarizer tool lets you adjust the summary length using the short to long scale. 

  • Plagiarism Checker: Since QuillBot has an in-built plagiarism checking tool, you can rest assured the generated summary is free from plagiarism. 

  • Two Modes: You can summarize either key sentences or paragraphs. While key sentence mode lets you generate a bulleted list, paragraph mode summarises the content in one section. 


  • QuillBot lets you quickly summarize confusing paragraphs, research papers, and news articles. 

  • It allows you to even customize the sentence length. 

  • It generates content with high speed and accuracy. 


  • The free version lets you summarize 1200 words, which is not great for summarizing lengthy documents. 

  • It is not explicitly designed for summarization and lacks advanced features. 

  • It does not let you summarize videos or audio. 


  • Free Plan 

  • Premium Plans

    • Annual: $4.17 per month 

    • Semi-Annual: $6.66 per month 

    • Monthly: $9.95 per month 

#4 Jasper — Best AI Summarizer for Unstructured Text 

Jasper summarizer tool

Jasper is one of the powerful AI summarizer tools that let you create high-quality copy and summarize texts. It can extract valuable insights and generate automated reports, recommendations, and summaries. 

One feature of Jasper that differentiates it from other tools is the 50+ in-built summary templates. You can also use the sentence expander feature to turn short sentences into ones. 

Key Features 

  • Identify Key Themes: Jasper AI tool helps you identify key themes and ideas in the given text. Hence, it makes writing essays and reports on any material easier. 

  • Automatic Summary Generation: With the assistance of Jasper, you can eliminate the manual process of generating brief summaries of a text. 

  • Customized Summary Length: The command feature in the Jasper boss mode template lets you specify the summary length. 


  • Jasper has in-built surfer SEO integrations to optimize the texts. 

  • The user-friendly interface of Jasper makes it suitable for beginners. 

  • A 7-day free trial is available. 


  • Jasper does not offer a free plan. 

  • It summarises technical topics with less accuracy. 

  • The AI tool might be costly for small businesses and startups. 


  • Creator Plan: $49 per month 

  • Teams Plan: $125 per month 

  • Business Plan: Contact Sales for Pricing 

#5 TLDR This — Best AI Summarizer for Flexibility 

TLDR This summarizer tool

While testing the summarizer tools for this article and my experience using them, I found TLDR This appealing for a few reasons. The AI tool is designed to read and condense long articles and documents. 

The primary aim of the software is to extract information by filtering out weak and spurious arguments. Overall, the latest AI technology lets you get the gist of what is said in the long chunk. 

Key Features 

  • Article Metadata Extraction: TLDR This not only extracts vital points from the article but also provides author and data information, related images, reading time, title, and more. 

  • Ad-Free Reading: The tool eliminates ads, graphics, pop-ups, and other online distractions to keep you focused on the reading experience. 

  • Browser Extension: Chrome and Firefox extensions let you summarize any webpage in a few simple clicks. 


  • The free text summarizer gives you the necessary tools to generate a perfect summary. 

  • The interface is quite simple and easy to use. 

  • It offers a pay-as-you-go model. 


  • TLDR This gives you only 10 summaries for free. 

  • You cannot set the number of words or sentences for the summary. 

  • Only the Business plan version offers unlimited advanced AI summaries. 


  • Free Plan

  • Starter Plan: $4 per month 

  • Professional Plan: $8.25 per month 

  • Business Plan: $16.60 per month 

#6 Inksprout — Best AI Summarizer for Social Media 

Inksprout summarizer tool for social media

If you are tired of creating social media posts summarizing your articles, Inksprout has your back. It is designed to create quirky captions to share your blogs and articles on social media platforms. 

One notable feature of Inksprout is its Chrome extension, which works well with most social media applications. All you need to do is import the link to your article and pick your target audience. The tool will quickly generate summarized captions. 

Key Features 

  • Preconfigured Categories: These options enable you to generate AI captions with 5 categories, such as educational, personal, community, etc. 

  • Social Integration: The AI summary assistant lets you share captions directly on social media using a free social scheduler and drip campaign builder. 

  • Unlimited Scheduling: With Inksprout's free and paid plans, you can schedule unlimited posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. 


  • The Chrome extension integrates with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

  • It is easy to use and requires no learning curve. 

  • You can edit the generated text before sharing it on social media. 


  • Even though there is a free plan, it does not allow you to generate summaries or captions. 

  • Inksprout is highly expensive compared to other AI summarizer tools. 

  • It is limited to generating summaries and captions for social media. 


  • Free Forever Plan

  • Pro Plan: $19.99 per month 

  • Premium Plan: $99 per month 

#7 Scholarcy — Best AI Summarizer for Academic Fit 

Scholarcy AI summarizer tool

Scholarcy is designed to help users with their academic and online article reading. It eliminates the process of digging into lengthy papers, helping you identify key facts and main points quickly. 

The online article summarizer tool reads research articles, chapters, and reports in seconds. Then, it breaks crucial insights into bite-size sections, so you can read more information by spending less time. 

Key Features 

  • Highlight Key Points: The Robo-Highlighter™ automatically highlights the phrases in the published papers. 

  • Highly Customizable: The AI tool lets you choose the number of words and the level of language variation and highlight, making it fully customizable. 

  • Table Extraction: Scholarcy finds the table and figures in Word or PDF documents. It lets you download them in Excel format for quick access. 


  • The AI tool lets you break down the research articles and book chapters into easily digestible pieces. 

  • It extracts main points, references, and key sentences. 

  • You can access the saved summaries in the summary generator library. 


  • The sign-up process is complex compared to other AI tools. 

  • It creates summary cards for only small and medium-sized documents. 

  • You'll need to subscribe to paid plans to access more features. 


  • Browser Extension and Flashcards: Free 

  • Personal Library: $9.99 pcm

  • Academic Institution License: $8K+

#8 Frase — Best AI Summarizer for Short-Form Content 

Frase summary generator tool

Frase AI summary generator uses its proprietary AI model to help you generate informative summaries. You can input any article or passage, and the tool will start summarization. 

Even though the tool is easy-to-use and works efficiently, it has a downside. You can only summarize the article if it has 600-700 words. Hence, it makes it less suitable for someone looking to summarize lengthy research papers. 

Key Features 

  • Quick Turnaround: The free AI summarizer tool summarises the content in minutes, helping you save time and effort. 

  • Integrations: Frase integrates with Google Search Console, Google Docs, and WordPress. 

  • Sentence Rewriter: This option lets you rephrase sentences instead of summarizing. 


  • The AI summary generator lets you generate full-length, SEO-optimized content briefs in only a few seconds. 

  • It is an easy-to-use tool with an ad-free and minimalistic dashboard. 

  • It also has a free blog title, slogan, and meta description generator to ease content creation. 


  • Sometimes the answer engine includes content from spam pages. 

  • Frase does not offer a lot of customization options. 


  • Free Plan

  • Solo Plan: $14.99 per month 

  • Basic Plan: $44.99 per month 

  • Team Plan: $114.99 per month 

#9 Eightify — Best AI Summarizer for YouTube Videos 

Eightify summarizer for YouTube videos

Eightify is an AI-powered summarization Chrome extension that lets you condense YouTube videos in seconds. The Turbo GPT-powered YouTube video summarizer AI tool works on eight key ideas while summarizing lectures, news, interviews, podcasts, and more. 

Key Features 

  • AI-Driven Summaries: The powerful AI tool lets you get accurate and concise summaries of YouTube videos in 10-20 seconds. 

  • Eight Key Ideas: As the name defines, Eightify identifies the most important points from videos to create 8 bullet points. 

  • User-Friendly Interface: The Chrome extension is extremely easy-to-use, helping you navigate and access summaries on any device. 


  • The tool provides timestamps or chapter markers against each summarized point. 

  • The easy-to-use Chrome extension lets you generate summaries in just one click. 

  • Eightify supports multiple languages, including but not limited to Chinese, French, Spanish, and more. 


  • The AI app is only limited to YouTube videos. 

  • The summary will always have 8 bullet points, sometimes not aligning with the user intent. 

  • The free plan lets you generate only three free weekly summaries for 30 minutes or shorter videos. 


  • Download Eightify from the Chrome Web Store for free. 

  • Paid Plan: $4.95 per month 

#10 Resume Worded — Best AI Summarizer for Resumes 

Resume Worded summarizer for resumes

Suppose you want to summarize your experience and expertise in 6-7 lines but are unsure how. In this scenario, Resume Worded does the heavy lifting. 

Resume Worded has a summary generator designed especially for professionals and job seekers. The AI summary generator option helps you condense your achievements in paragraph form. 

Key Features 

  • Customization: Before generating summaries, you can choose a category that best describes you — mid-level, senior-level, career change, or other. 

  • Free Review: The AI-powered tool offers a free LinkedIn profile or resume review, so you can access and analyze its features. 

  • Templates: Over 350 free resume templates are available, including free summary templates for resume and LinkedIn profiles. 


  • It quickly and efficiently summarises the resumes and social media profiles like LinkedIn. 

  • It has an in-built ATS compatibility checker. 

  • The free version is feature-rich and lets you create basic resumes. 


  • Resume Worded is not versatile, as it is designed only for resumes and LinkedIn profiles. 

  • Extra emphasis on ATS compatibility sometimes leads to low-quality content and language. 

  • Poor customer support. 


  • Free Forever Plan

  • Pro Plan: $49 per month 

#11 Smodin — Best AI Summarizer for Websites and HTML Pages 

Smodin AI summarizer for websites

Smodin is a powerful AI summary generator to obtain a more condensed version of any website or HTML page. It works by removing the filler text without harming the overall content value. 

Suppose you are reading a lengthy website, and suddenly, the information starts flooding your screen. In this case, Smodin saves the day by condensing 2000-word text into a 200-word digestible version. 

Key Features 

  • Multi-Language Support: The tool summarises content in English, Arabic, Bengali, Turkish, Russian, and more. 

  • Summary Length Customization: You can modify the sentence length from 1-39 depending on your needs. 

  • Built-in Translator: The in-built translator lets you translate summaries into multiple languages with a few clicks. 


  • Smodin lets you customize the summary length. 

  • It can create summaries for web pages, manuals, books, research papers, etc.

  • It also has a plagiarism checker to ensure the generated summary is unique. 


  • Smodin does not support audio or video as input for summarization. 

  • The generated summary is available only in one format, i.e., paragraph. 

  • It may not produce unique or varied phrases while writing. 


  • Limited Starter Plan: Free 

  • Essentials Plan: $10 per month 

  • Productive Plan: $29 per month 

Top AI Summarizers: At a Glance 

Let's summarize the best AI summarizer tools covered in this article. 

Platform Price Range Top Feature(s) Best For
Notta One free plan and two paid plans from $13.99 to $59 per month. Real-time transcriptions and multi-language translation. Individuals, SMBs, and large enterprises that want to record, transcribe, and summarize meetings.
ChatGPT One free plan and ChatGPT Plus at $20 per month. Content creation and summarization in minutes. Users looking for a free AI summarizer with basic features.
QuillBot Free plan and premium plans from $4.17 to $9.95 per month. Adjustable summary length, plagiarism checker, and multiple modes. Individuals looking for a basic summarizing and paraphrasing tool.
Jasper 7-day free trial and paid plans from $49 to $125 per month. Automatic summary generation and customized summary length. Teams that want to generate automated reports, summaries, and recommendations.
TLDR This One free plan and paid plans from $4 to $16.60 per month. Article metadata extraction and browser extension. Individuals looking for a flexible AI summarizer tool with browser extensions.
Inksprout Free forever plan and paid plans from $19.99 to $99 per month. Social media integration and unlimited scheduling. Individuals or teams looking for an AI summarizer designed for social media.
Scholarcy Free browser extensions and paid plans from $9.99 pcm to $8K+. Table extraction and Robo-HighlighterTM. Students and professionals looking to summarize research papers and other academic-related materials.
Frase Free plan and three paid plans from $14.99 to $114.99 per month. Multiple integrations and sentence rewriter. Individuals or teams that want to summarize content less than 600-700 words.
Eightify One free and one paid plan of $4.95 per month. AI-driven YouTube summaries and user-friendly interface. YouTubers who want an AI tool to create summaries in a few seconds.
Resume Worded Free forever plan and a paid plan of $49 per month. Free built-in templates and review of resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Users who need an AI tool to create summaries for resumes and LinkedIn profiles.
Smodin One free plan and paid plans from $10 to $29 per month. Built-in translator and multi-language support. Individuals looking to summarize websites or HTML pages.


Which AI tool is Best for Content Writing? 

Jasper is a great AI text generator and assistant designed to help content writers speed up their writing process. It includes dozens of prompts for writers, content managers, and marketing teams to help them create marketing copy, case studies, product descriptions, blog content, and more. I've tested the Jasper AI tool and found the learning curve to be steep. 

What is the AI Tool to Summarize Video to Text? 

Notta is one of the feature-rich AI tools designed to summarize videos into readable texts. It also lets you produce video subtitles and highlight key phrases. 

The best part about the online summarizing tool is that you can transcribe 1-hour-long videos to text in less than 5 minutes, with 98.86% accuracy. 

What is the Best Tool to Summarize Documents? 

When choosing a tool for summarizing documents, you'll need to analyze its accuracy. I've used 20+ summarizing tools and found Scholarcy to be a great choice. 

Scholarcy AI summary generator uses advanced AI algorithms to quickly summarize articles, reports, and other documents. 

What is an AI Summarizer for a Website? 

AI summarizers for websites help you analyze text for crucial concepts and summarize them into shorter versions. These tools use advanced algorithms and technologies like machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and natural language processing (NLP). Some AI summarizer tools for a website include Smodin, Jasper, and QuillBot. 

Key Takeaways 

I've covered 10+ AI summary generator tools that can eliminate the hassle of reading hour-long articles or watching videos. While Jasper AI summarizer can condense complex information, Smodin is designed to summarize websites, and QuillBot lets you paraphrase articles and blogs. 

Notta is an all-in-one meeting assistant that can help you generate transcripts and summaries of videos, audio, documents, and podcasts. From assisting you in converting audio, video, or academic conference into readable text to recording meetings, Notta can do it all in real-time. Get ready to take your productivity to the next level using Notta

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