How to Record a Phone Call on an iPhone

How to Record a Phone Call on an iPhone

Virtual meetings have soon shifted from video conferencing apps to phone calls — and it's true in remote companies, and it's increasingly becoming true in hybrid companies. Those important phone conversations — interviews or customer calls — need to be recorded and safely saved on your device. 

It's also a great way to collaborate on a podcast episode or audio interview — and save the recording of the conversation for later reference. But how to record a phone call on an iPhone? As an iPhone user and lover of the iOS ecosystem, I know there is a solution to every problem — and recording calls isn't a hassle as well. 

In this article, I'll reveal some of the easiest and most straightforward methods to record iPhone calls — just make sure recording phone calls is legal in your state. 

How to Record a Call on iPhone with Voice Memos 

Note: If you want to record an iPhone call, always ask permission — or at least inform — the other callers that you are recording the conversation. It's the law in many states — and the right thing to do everywhere. 

There are many ways to record calls on mobile (or, more specifically, iPhone) — and all of them take a workaround. The most straightforward option on an iPhone is the built-in recorder app Apple Voice Memos. Here's how to record a phone call on an iPhone with a Voice Memo

Step 1: Open the Apple's free Voice Memos app on your iPhone, iPad, iPad touch, or even a Mac. Tap the red 'Record' button to start voice recording a new Voice Memo. 

Open the Apple Voice Memos app and click the red record button

Step 2: Using the second iOS device, make a call. Select 'Audio' and then tap 'Speaker' to put the phone call on speakerphone. Make sure you hold the second device close to the iPhone. 

Start the call and select audio followed by speaker

Step 3: Once the call is over, tap the 'Record' button again to stop the voice recording. You can even share the recording by selecting three dots followed by the 'Share' option.


Click the three dots next to the recording and then select share

How to Record a Call on iPhone Without App

If you don't want to install any third-party application or recorder, you'll need at least two devices (for example, an iPhone and a computer) to record calls. But how to record a call on an iPhone without an app? Here is the answer! 

Step 1: Call the person you wish to record the conversation with and put the phone on loudspeaker. Or, you can connect an audio-to-audio cable from your phone to another device. 

Step 2: Open any recorder on another device — or computer — to start recording the conversation. 

Step 3: Once you hang up, the call will be typically saved on your device (in this case, your PC) — and can be quickly shared with others. 

Record a Call on iPhone Using a Third-party App

There are many third-party call recorders for iPhones that can record incoming and outgoing calls — but not all of them will work well for you, and you'll need to test the app to see if they work. I've evaluated and tested almost 18 call recording apps, and here I'll present the two best. 

Method 1: Use Google Voice 

If you want to quickly record the incoming calls on your iPhone, give Google Voice a chance. Google Voice isn't overly complicated when it comes to recording: it's a free phone service that works over WiFi — and is available only in the US and Canada. Here is how to record a phone call on an iPhone for free. 

Step 1: Download the Google Voice from the App Store and launch the application to record iPhone calls. 

Google Voice on the App Store

Step 2: In the top left corner of the screen, tap the three-line icon followed by 'Settings.'

Step 3: Tap the 'Calls' option and enable the toggle next to 'Incoming call options.' 

Step 4: When you receive a phone call, answer it and tap 4 on the keypad to start or stop recording. When the recording starts, you and the other person on call will hear an automated message that indicates, 'This call is now being recorded.' 

Step 5: Once you finish, the recorded calls will be uploaded and directly stored in the voicemail tab of the Google Voice app. 

While the Google Voice app gets the job done, it isn't perfect, and I have found the application is limited in some ways. The voice recorder, for example, can record only incoming but not outgoing calls and is available in only a few major countries. 

Method 2: Use Notta 

Sometimes, you just want to quickly record an iPhone call and send it to someone without having to edit anything — and Notta is perfect for this. You can record calls on your iPhone — or Android — using the Notta mobile app. What I really liked about the application is its high accuracy, intuitive interface, and easy-to-use nature. 

Step 1: Install the Notta mobile app on one device and open the application when it's done. Click the '+' icon to start a new audio recording. 

Open the Notta mobile app and select the Plus icon

Step 2: Start the call on your iPhone (second device) and turn on the speaker. When you are ready to record, select 'Record Now.' 

Select the Record Now option to start recording

Step 3: Notta will start recording and transcribing the call in real-time. Once you are done with the call, tap 'Stop' to end. 

Click the Stop button to stop the ongoing recording

With the Notta mobile app, recording any call, meeting, podcast, or interview should be as simple as clicking a button. You can even share the recording and transcript link that everyone can access. 

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Is it Illegal to Record Phone Calls? 

In most of the US states, federal laws require one-party consent — which means at least one person (in this case, it is you) should be aware of the recording. However, it's legal — and a polite — thing to let all the people involved in the call know that they are being recorded. 

Some states like California, Florida, Illinois, Oregon, Washington, and Maryland require all-party consent — meaning all the parties involved in the call recording should be made aware. To learn more about this, check out our guide on 'Is it illegal to record someone without their permission.' 


Does Apple Have an App to Record iPhone Calls? 

Apple does not have a dedicated recorder for iPhone calls, nor does it allow recording through the built-in microphone. However, there are many third-party recording tools available on the App Store that can help you record and save voice calls. 

Apple also offers Voice Memos, which is most likely pre-installed on the iOS device. It's more of a voice recorder than a call recording application, but it can help you record iPhone calls with a hack: Use two devices. 

Can I Record Phone Calls on iPhone without Them Knowing? 

Many people always wonder 'How to record a phone call on an iPhone without them knowing' — and the answer is a bit tricky. In most states, recording any voice calls with someone without letting them know is illegal. Hence, I would recommend you check the call recording laws of your state and understand if it's legal or illegal. 

Can I Screen Record a Phone Call with Sound on iPhone? 

No, you cannot screen record a phone call with sound on an iPhone using the built-in screen recording feature or Apple Voice Memos. Apple has serious privacy and security concerns when it comes to recording calls — because of this, you'll have to choose third-party apps to do the job. 

Key Takeaways 

Most third-party call recorders for iPhone claim to do the same thing: allow you to record phone calls. But each of the call recording solutions on this list — and the ones not on the list — has different levels of quality, stand-out features, and certain limitations. 

If you are looking for the best answer to how to record a phone call on an iPhone, your best bet is to try Notta. It records calls, meetings, interviews, or podcasts on iPhone, Android, and even computers. Plus, there's no signup fee to try the features of the Notta audio recorder and transcriber. 

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