How to Get Transcript of Spotify Podcast to Text

How to Get Transcript of Spotify Podcast to Text

Podcasts have exploded, with an estimated 164 million US listeners in 2023 in the US alone. That’s a massive opportunity for you and your brand to get inside the ears of new listeners.

Over the last few years, I’ve co-hosted and produced solo and guest-based podcasts, so I know first-hand how transformative podcast transcripts are for your reach and accessibility. Transcripts make your audio content searchable and those who prefer to read can absorb your podcast more easily.

Spotify is the second largest podcasting platform with over 40 million monthly downloads, but right now, you can’t download transcripts directly. To create show notes, social media posts, and captions for podcast videos, you need the transcript as a starting point.

I’ve spent hours documenting the easiest methods for getting a Spotify podcast transcript. Keep reading for three simple methods using Notta’s Spotify podcast transcript generator for free.

3 Ways to Get Transcripts of Podcasts on Spotify

In this guide, I’m going to walk you through three methods of how to get transcripts of Spotify podcasts, including:

  1. Automatic Transcription: Using the Notta Web App

  2. Automatic Real-Time Transcription: Using the Notta Chrome Extension

  3. Manual Transcription: Using your favorite word processing software

Method 1: How to Get Transcripts of Podcasts on Spotify with Notta Web App

Step 1: Get a Copy of the Audio

Spotify Premium does allow you to download podcast episodes to your device, but they’re encrypted, meaning you can’t convert them into usable audio files. Instead, use a third-party service like Listen Notes to capture the audio.

  1. Visit the Listen Notes website.

The Listen Notes website to download Spotify podcast audio

2.Type the name of the podcast in the search bar and click on the podcast.

Searching for a podcast on Listen Notes

3.Select the episode you want to download as audio and click the three dots icon to bring up further options.

Downloading an MP3 file of a Spotify podcast

4.Click the ‘download audio’ link to save the MP3 file to your device.

Downloaded MP3 file saves to your device automatically on Listen Notes

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Step 2: Import Your Podcast Audio Recording to Notta for Transcription

  1. Visit the Notta dashboard once you’ve logged into your account.

Notta’s transcription dashboard

2.Click ‘import files’ on the right-hand side of the dashboard page.

Upload Spotify audio files to Notta

3.Drag your audio file into the box provided, or click to search your file explorer for the file. Your audio file will automatically begin uploading to Notta.

Drag or click to upload your audio file to Notta

Step 3. Create a Spotify Podcast Transcript

  1. View the transcription progress bar on your dashboard page. Once Notta has finished transcribing, click to view the entire podcast transcription.

Recent recordings shows the latest Spotify transcription in progress

2.Read through your podcast transcription and identify and assign the speakers—click the speaker name to change it in the drop down menu.

Click any speaker to change their name

3.Correct any errors in the transcript. Click any word or phrase to play that part of the audio file and type the correction.

Clicking on any word or phrase moves to that section of the audio playback

4.Export your transcript by clicking the ‘download’ icon in the top right-hand corner and selecting your preferred format.

Click the download icon to export your transcript

Choose your transcription file format

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Method 2: How to Get Transcript of Spotify Podcast with Notta Chrome Extension

The Notta Chrome extension can transcribe any audio or any webpage in real time. Here’s how to do it for a podcast on Spotify.

Step 1: Install and Prepare the Notta Chrome Extension

  1. Visit the Notta Chrome Extension Web Store page and click ‘Add to Chrome’.

Add the Notta extension to your Chrome browser

2.Navigate to the Spotify Web Player and search for your podcast in the search bar.

Search for your podcast in the Spotify Web player

3.Click the podcast and find your episode by scrolling the episode list and click the ‘play’ icon.

Play the podcast episode on Spotify for Web

4.Prepare the Notta Chrome Extension to begin transcribing your podcast—log into your Notta account and choose the correct transcription language.

Log into Notta via your Chrome extension

Step 2: Create Your Spotify Transcript

  1. Click ‘Start Recording’. You will see a waveform appear once recording is active.

Record your active browser tab

Detected audio shows up in your Notta Chrome extension as a waveform

2.To end recording, click the red square ‘stop’ icon. Notta sends the transcription directly to your Notta dashboard.

Click Stop to end transcription.

3.Navigate to the Notta dashboard.

Notta’s transcription dashboard

4.Identify and click the correct transcript under ‘Recent recordings’ —the Notta extension names your file after the webpage for easy navigation. 

Your latest recording and transcription from the Notta Chrome extension

5.Read through the transcript and change the speaker names if needed by clicking the name and choosing a new one from the drop down menu.

Rename speakers in the transcript by clicking the name

6.Correct any transcript errors by retyping the words or phrases—you can listen to the audio for reference by clicking the ‘play’ button and it’ll play from the highlighted blue text.

Correct words and phrases by typing in Notta

7.Export in various formats by clicking the ‘download’ icon and choosing your export options.

Click the download icon to review your export options

Method 3: How to Transcribe Podcast Audio to Text Manually

Manually transcribing a Spotify podcast means listening to the audio and typing out the speech by hand. Here’s how you can do it using any word processing tool like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. You could also use a transcription tool like oTranscribe which has handy shortcuts for timestamping and formatting.

  1. Open a new blank document. In this example, I’m using Google Docs.

Create a blank document in Google Docss

2.Open your Spotify podcast episode either in the web player or desktop app.

Play your podcast episode in Spotify for Web

3.Press ‘play’ to begin listening and adjust the playback speed to make it easier to type. I found 0.7x was slow enough but Spotify supports up to 0.5x speed.

Adjust the playback speed in Spotify

4.Begin typing everything you hear into your blank document. For now, don’t worry about identifying speakers or timestamps and don’t go back to edit.

Transcribing manually into Google Docs

5.Listen through the podcast again, this time adding words and phrases you couldn’t decipher the first time. Edit your typos and incorrect words.

Correcting mistakes in your manual transcription

6.Listen through one more time, adding in timestamps and speaker tags. Stop and start the podcast whenever you need time to type the correct tags.

Add timestamps and speaker tags in your manual transcription

Tips for Automatic Transcription

  • Download the clearest, most high-quality audio file possible. Notta’s automatic transcription is up to 98% accurate when transcribing clear speech with minimal background noise.

  • Has your audio file got background noises? Clean it up using a free AI-powered tool like Adobe Podcast AI.

  • Create an AI summary of your transcript using Notta AI. This summary tool generates a condensed version of the transcript, highlighted chapters, and action points. These can help structure content creation around the podcast such as social media posts and show notes.

Tips for Manual Transcription

  • Use a tool with shortcuts for timestamps and playback to make the process quicker. A free tool like oTranscribe is web-based and works like a word processor with added features.

  • Slow the playback down so you can type at the same speed as you listen. This will prevent you from repeating sections of audio. It also assists you in deciphering hard-to-understand words.

  • Break down long sections of speech into shorter paragraphs and timestamp them so they’re easier to read. No one likes reading huge chunks of text with no formatting, right?

  • To save time, leave out filler words like ‘umm’ and restarted sentences. This is commonly called ‘edited’ or ‘clean’ transcription.

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How to Get a Transcript of a Podcast on Spotify: A Summary

There we have it; three simple methods to generate a Spotify podcast transcript.

The manual transcription method is by far the most time-consuming, so I’d recommend the automatic methods using either Notta Web or the Notta Chrome extension. These are quick and accurate, especially considering podcast audio is usually polished and clear.

My favorite is the Chrome extension and here’s a little tip—open your podcast in a new window when using the extension. That way, you can navigate away and Notta continues to transcribe!

Now all you need to do is decide how to harness the power of your written transcripts to support your podcast! When you’re ready, try out Notta transcription for yourself.

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