Top 6 Voice Translator Apps Powered by AI in 2024

Top 6 Voice Translator Apps Powered by AI in 2024

Voice translator apps present a modern solution to a decades-old problem of language barrier. Now, with a click of a button, you can convert audio to many languages and store all of the translated files on the platform. 

The core aim of the best voice translation app is to help you accurately convert the voice from one language to another — which can even be shared with anyone or used as subtitles on YouTube videos. 

To help you find the right voice translation app, I tested several dozen apps — that are compatible with iPhone, Android, iPad, or even Mac/Windows. I considered over 20 voice translators and spent a lot of time testing to see how well they stacked up. Here are my top 6 picks. 

How to Choose a Good Voice Translator App

Voice translation apps come with different features and functionalities. Some can translate voice into a few popular languages, whereas apps come with a host of AI features like transcription and camera translation. While each voice translator can vary in look and usage, here's what I looked for to select the best: 

  • Accuracy: A good voice translator tool should have the ability to accurately convert the spoken words into the language of your choice. 

  • Ease of Use: Most options in this list are easy enough and come with an intuitive interface — so that anyone can start using them right away. 

  • Storage: This is one of the most important features you'll need to look for. While some options are basic enough, there are certain advanced apps that will keep all the translations saved on the device.

  • Integration and Sharing Options: If you want basic voice translation features, chances are you don't need any integration or sharing options. But if you perform work-related translations, an advanced AI voice translator can help. 

List of the Top Voice Translator Apps 

In order to find the top voice translator apps, I compiled a list of around 20 options out there. I then downloaded each app and tested the important features like accuracy and ease of usage. Here are my best picks.

#1 Google Translate: Best For People With Hearing Issues 

Google Translate appGoogle's Translate app is one of the best voice-to-text translators for the deaf available in the market and for a good reason. The app's simplicity is its main selling point. It's a solid option that allows you to translate the text — which can then be copied and pasted wherever you like. 


  • Google Live Translate is absolutely free — meaning there's no hidden cost involved.

  • It can translate websites, documents, and words into text format.

  • It has a very basic and simple interface. 


  • Some of the translation languages are not available for offline use. 

  • It might fall short in terms of accuracy. 

  • The offline feature is only available for Android users. 


  • Free

#2 Translate (iOS): Best For Basic Translations

Translate app for iOS devicesTranslate was by far one of the best voice translation apps for iOS devices I tested. It comes with a simple layout to perform all the basic translations. The downside, however, is that it only supports 18 languages, like English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese. 


  • The translations by Translate (iOS) are more accurate than those of other free options.

  • It's completely free to use the voice translator app — no surprise charges. 

  • It's quite intuitive to use. 


  • The AI voice translator uses general vocabulary — which can be a major drawback. 

  • It faces issues when working with complex or compound words. 

  • It supports very few translation languages.


  • Free

#3 Notta: Best For Accurate Voice Transcriptions & Translations 

Notta Web App for voice transcription and translationThe most dynamic tool on this list is Notta. It's basically an inclusive hub for using AI to perform translation, transcription, and summarization. It packs more unique AI features than any other tool I tested into an easy-to-use dashboard. Whether you're looking to translate live audio or import an audio file for translation, Notta can help you do it all! If you want the best audio translation app, then Notta sounds like a great choice. 


  • Notta supports 40+ translation and 58 transcription languages. 

  • The AI transcription tool has a high accuracy rate of 98.86%. 

  • It has a very reasonable pricing. 


  • You'll need an active Internet connection to use the Notta Mobile App or Web App. 

  • The free plan does not offer some features, like translation. 


  • Free Plan

  • Pro Plan: $13.99 per user per month 

  • Business Plan: $59 per 2 users per month

  • Enterprise Plan: Contact Sales

Translate Voice to Text

Notta is the best online audio translator that helps you to transcribe and translate speech to text with 98.86% accuracy.

#4 iTranslate: Best For Translating Text on Images 

Translate voice translation featureThere are a ton of best voice translator apps out there, but iTranslate stands out as one of the best-suited for both Android and iOS devices. iTranslate is an especially useful translation tool as it can translate voice in over 100 languages. It's got a clean interface, and I like how well its camera lens translation feature works. Just scan the menus, cards, signs, or anything else around you — and iTranslate will help you with quick translations. 


  • There’s an offline translation mode — though it's only available in the pro plan. 

  • It supports voice-to-voice conversations in 100+ languages.

  • The camera lens helps translate menus, cards, signs, and more. 


  • The free plan has unwanted ads.

  • Many advanced features, like camera translation, offline mode, etc., are not available in the free plan. 

  • It might not be 100% accurate. 


  • Free Plan

  • Pro Plan: Contact Sales 

#5 AI Voice Translator Translate: Best For Translating on iOS Devices

AI Voice Translator Translate appAI Voice Translator Translate stands out with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. A notable feature of this AI voice translator is the ability to change the voice output settings and listen to the translated text in a male or female voice. If you're looking for the best voice translator app for iPhone or iPad, then AI Voice Translator Translate might be worth trying. 


  • AI Voice Translator for iPad supports two voice output settings — male and female. 

  • It supports more than 100 voice translation languages. 

  • The tool is completely free for iOS devices. 


  • It's mainly geared toward iOS users — and does not work on Android devices. 

  • The translated text might include some incorrect words or phrases. 

  • It does not offer extra features, like transcription. 


  • Free 

#6 Microsoft Translator: Best For Microsoft Office Users

Microsoft Translator voice translation appMicrosoft's Translator app works great on both Android and iOS devices. It offers more than 70 translation languages, including German, Greek, English, and Chinese. What I really love about Microsoft Translator is its ability to translate text even without an active Internet connection. Just download the offline language packs and get ready to translate anything you like. 


  • There are many translation methods available: text, voice, and image. 

  • It's completely free to use — though there are in-app purchases available. 

  • It integrates well with Microsoft Office tools. 


  • The translated text may not always be 100% accurate. 

  • While it offers offline translations, they are limited compared to online ones.

  • It has a less extensive language translation list than Google Translate. 


  • Free

Which Translation App Should I Use? 

The best voice translation app is one that you can use to get the job done for you. Some people will like the simplicity of apps like Google Translate or Apple's own Translate app, while others will love the advanced AI features of Notta. 

If you're trying to translate voice with high accuracy and professionalism, then the Notta AI transcription might be your go-to app. It's simple to use and even allows you to transcribe or translate any video or audio file in minutes. 


How do I translate live audio? 

Notta is one of the best voice translator apps that works well on iPhone, Android, iPad, and even desktops. It can help you transcribe the live audio in real-time, which can then be translated into 40+ languages. Here's how to translate live audio via Notta: 

  • Open the Notta Web App on Windows/Mac or the Notta Mobile App on Android/iOS, and then select ‘Record an Audio.’ 

  • Hold the device close to the live audio and watch Notta transcribing the speech to text in real-time. 

  • Once it's transcribed, click the ‘Translate’ option and then choose the translation language of your choice to convert the transcript into any other language. 

What is the best app for voice language translation? 

Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, or Apple's Translate are a few voice language translators available out there. These apps come with a built-in translation feature to translate speech, text, or other real-time conversations. 

Key Takeaways 

Voice translator apps all claim to do the same thing: allow you to translate audio from one language to another. But each of the translation apps on this list — and ones that are not on the list — comes with different standout features, accuracy levels, and limitations. My advice: if you're looking for an app that combines translation, transcription, and summarization into one, try out the Notta Web App today.