12 Best Zoom Chrome Extensions to Enhance Your Meeting Experience

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It's no secret that Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing platforms. 

With its easy-to-use interface and interesting features, it's no wonder so many people use it to conduct online meetings. However, not everyone knows about the various Zoom Chrome extensions available.  That's why we wrote this post.

In this post, we will discuss some of the best Google Chrome extensions for Zoom and how they can make your online meetings more efficient.

12 Best Zoom Chrome extensions

1) Notta

Notta Chrome Extension Overview

Manually creating transcripts isn't easy; with Notta, it can be effortless. Notta is an extension designed to make transcribing videos as seamless as possible. This extension records and transcribes Zoom recordings that you play through your browser.

It makes it easier than ever to transcribe a recorded Zoom call. If you're too busy to watch the recording, turn on Notta and hit play. 

Come back after the recording, and it will have the transcript ready for you. It will save you time by taking the notes for you. 

Notta will also record the audio and organize the text for you. Click on a section of text to hear the speaker from the Zoom recording again.

It doesn't only work for Zoom. With this extension, you can transcribe videos and audio from YouTube and other sites. 

It records using internal audio to have the best sound to work with to create transcriptions. Combine that with intelligent AI, and you have a very accurate transcription tool.


  • Free

Key Features:

  • Record Zoom Recordings, videos, and audio from any website

  • Transcribes audio into text

  • Identifies dialogue from different speakers

    Your best Zoom Chrome Extension

    With Notta, you can enjoy a seamless and feature-rich video conferencing experience directly from your Chrome browser. Embrace a new level of convenience and productivity with Notta.


2) ZED: Zoom Easy Downloader

ZED: Zoom Easy Downloader Chrome Extension Overview

ZED can easily download Zoom meetings from web pages directly onto your computer. It can help you save time by having the file on your computer to watch it offline. 

This Zoom plugin for Chrome is excellent if you have access to a Zoom video link, but you're not the host. Sometimes the host does not make the video available for download. With ZED, it is now possible. 

When viewing a Zoom video, you will see a blue banner appear at the bottom of the page. You will see the download options and be able to click download. The video will show up as an MP4 file in your downloads.


  • Free

Key Features:

  • Download Zoom meetings from a web page

  • Record Zoom meetings

  • Small video sizes for fast downloading

3) Zoom

Zoom Chrome Extension Overview

Zoom has its own Google Chrome extension for screen sharing and video conferencing. Features include high-quality video, password protection, and more. 

Take your web conferencing to the next level by installing Zoom on Google Chrome. Its quality and ease of use are impressive. 

More than 500,000 organizations use Zoom. TrustRadius rated it #1 in customer satisfaction. The Zoom browser extension makes it easy to start a Zoom call with anyone on your team.  


  • Free

Key Features:

  • Screen Sharing

  • High-Quality Video Conferencing

  • Password Protected Meetings

4) Zoom Utils

Zoom Utils Chrome Extension Overview

Zoom Utils is a great Chrome extension for students to keep track of their classes. It will keep track of all your classes and notify you when they are about to start.

You don't have to waste time digging through your emails to find the link for your class coming up in 5 minutes. This extension will trigger a notification with a direct link to your class.

The Auto-Join feature will help you be on time by automatically joining your class when it starts. You can even set a custom time range. 

Entering a password every time you join a meeting is a hassle. Thankfully, Zoom Utils will automatically put in the password for you to join the class.


  • Free

Key Features:

  • Notifications when class is about to start

  • Automatically joins class when it starts

  • Automatically enters the password for Zoom meetings

5) Zoom History

Zoom History Chrome Extension Overview

If you clicked a link to attend a Zoom meeting but forgot where it is, you will lose to history. But not anymore! 

You will now have an easier time finding your Zoom links and joining meetings with them. 

This extension has a search function, which allows you to look for old links. It can help you find a link you meant to share two weeks ago (or two hours ago). 

It also can order the links by the day that you accessed them. If you remembered clicking the link on a Tuesday, it would show every link clicked on a Tuesday.


  • Free

Key Features:

  • Find old Zoom meeting links

  • Search for Links by Date

  • Rename Links

  • Organizes Links by Day of the Week

6) Zoom Closer

Zoom Closer Chrome Extension Overview

Zoom Closer automatically closes the launched window from Zoom meetings. This extension lets you create visual coherence. It prevents you from getting distracted by other applications.

It is one of those Chrome widgets that are very simple but have an impact over time. It will automatically close the browser window 6 seconds after joining a meeting. 


  • Free

Key Features:

  • Closes the additional browser window when launching a Zoom meeting

7) Zoom.us Always Show "Join From Web"

Zoom.us Always Show Join From Web Chrome Extension Overview

You can only use the "Join From Your Browser" button to view the meeting in your web browser. You can't see it from an invite sent to you by email. 

This Zoom Chrome extension makes sure you always see the "Join From Your Browser" button.

You are usually taken to a download page when you click the invite link to a Zoom meeting through an email client. The Join From Web extension will always show you how to join a conference through your web browser. 


  • Free

Key Features:

  • Makes it easy to join Zoom meetings from a web browser

  • Avoids Zoom sending you to a download page for the Zoom Client

  • Record Zoom Meetings

8) VideoMirror

Video Mirror Chrome Extension Overview

This extension lets you mirror the screen left-to-right on any Zoom video call. It allows you to view things from another perspective. 

It also works for any other site with video. Sites such as YouTube and Google Meet can also use this extension.


  • Free

Key Features:

  • Mirrors the view of a Zoom recording

  • Supports fullscreen

  • Mirror all videos on a webpage at once

9) Zoom Scheduler

Zoom Scheduler Chrome Extension OverviewThis simple extension lets you add events and recurring meetings from Google Calendar. It helps you stay on top of your schedule at work or school. 

You can schedule Zoom meetings through your Google Calendar via email. Invitees can quickly join from your Google Calendar by clicking on your event link. 

This feature syncs everyone's schedules. It automatically sends them an invite over email with instructions on how to join you online.


  • Free

Key Features:

  • Schedule Zoom Meetings using Google Calendar

  • Send Zoom invites from Google Calendar

  • Start Meeting from Google Calendar

10) tl;dv

tldv Chrome Extension Overview

When using Zoom, you consume many browser resources by video recording. It can cause slow performance, CPU speed, and other negative consequences. 

Tl;dr handles recording on the cloud. It will free up your computer's resources to process other essential tasks. 

Setting time stamps for a meeting will ensure you don't miss out on essential details. This extension will allow you to add timestamps for crucial parts of your Zoom meeting.


  • Free tier (save recordings for seven days) 

  • $25/month for unlimited recording

Key Features:

  • Add timestamps to meeting

  • Record meetings to the cloud

  • Share recordings with others

11) Mindfulmeets

Mindfulmeets Chrome Extension Overview

When you’re on a team, there are few things more fun than sharing gifs and emojis to punctuate your conversation. It can get more members of your team to engage with each other.

Making small talk with colleagues encourages collaboration. A little camaraderie is nothing but good for business. 

The onscreen plan is a concise view of your video meeting, like the written agenda. It allows participants to see where they are on the meeting agenda. 

It enables attendees to view documents more efficiently. It also lets them know when to focus on other things participants may share during the meeting. 

As the meeting organizer, you’ll be able to create and edit your onscreen agenda. You can check off different topics to keep everyone on the same page.


  • Free

Key Features:

  • Sharable GIFs and animated emojis

  • Onscreen agenda that shows progress during the meeting

  • Show times, locations, and titles of other participants

12) Zoom Recording Playback Tool

Zoom Recording Playback Tool Chrome Extension Overview

This extension adds some features to make Zoom recording playback easier to use. It is helpful for busy people who need to rewind and replay calls quickly. It's much easier when you need to review sections of a recording to understand something.

This extension offers double-time and half-time playback speeds. These speeds are not adequate for normal viewing. You can best use them when reviewing a recording in detail or trying to find flaws in your delivery. 

Double time is also proper when you have one section of your video that you need to get through quickly. You can jump ahead more rapidly than 1.0x speed allows with this extension.


  • Free

Key Features:

  • Change playback speed

  • Hotkeys to rewind and fast forward

  • Hotkeys to play and pause the recording


Is There a Zoom Chrome Extension?

Yes, there is a Zoom extension for Google Chrome. You can join or start a meeting right from the Chrome extension. 

How Do I Add Zoom Extensions to Chrome?

Go to the Chrome Web Store and find the Zoom extension you’d like to add. Click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ button to add the extension to Chrome. The Chrome extension will be ready to use the next time you’re in a Zoom meeting.

Can I join Zoom Without the App?

You can use either the Zoom Chrome extension or the Zoom web client to join a meeting. When you click a link to enter a Zoom, close the pop-up window asking to open the client. Then you can click ‘Join from Browser’ to join a Zoom meeting with the web client.

Final Thoughts

Try out a few of these Zoom Chrome extensions in your next meeting. We're sure they'll enhance your experience productively.

Having a transcript allows you to reference key points of every Zoom recording. Make sure you check out Notta so that you never miss a thing. 

Seamless Integration with Chrome

Notta seamlessly integrates with Chrome, providing a hassle-free video conferencing solution. No more compatibility issues or time-consuming setup processes. Simply install Notta as your go-to video conferencing tool on Chrome and enjoy a smooth and reliable experience.

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