9 Best Meeting Transcription Software to Boost Efficiency [2024]

Transcription software for meetings is an invaluable tool for creating memos, reports, and other types of usable text. An excellent meeting transcription software saves you time and effort by taking the place of typing during the meeting.

In today’s guide, we’re sharing the top 10 best meeting transcription software to boost meeting effectiveness for you and your team.

What makes a good meeting transcription software?

While creating this guide, we considered many features that make a good meeting transcription software. Here are the top 5 factors we judged most important when creating the following list: 

  • Accuracy: Good transcription software must be accurate. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting valuable time going over your transcription to find mistakes and spending even more time editing the transcription before creating notes, memos, reports, or sharing it with coworkers. When available, we listed the exact accuracy percentage advertised by the software company. 

  • Editing capabilities: A strong transcription software should allow you to edit your transcription easily. Ideally, the transcription software records everything as close to perfect as possible. However, no software will be 100% accurate every time. Therefore, user-friendly editing tools are essential to the functionality of transcription software and to create the best possible transcription. 

  • Recording options: Does the transcription software offer multiple choices for recording and playing the audio back to it? Some software allows you to upload a previously recorded file and transcribe meetings live, which is a valuable asset that reduces how many steps you have to take. 

  • Pricing: Investing in great meeting transcription software is a worthwhile investment that can save you time and money in the long run. However, we did consider if the pricing was reasonable and competitive. We also assessed the different pricing models these software programs offer their users, as some individuals may prefer to pay a one-time fee for the audio length or with a subscription model. 

  • Flexibility: Does the meeting transcription software offer a mobile app or Chrome extension? Different features like these make the software easier to use on the go or within your preferred browser, so we considered these while choosing the best meeting transcription software.

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What are the benefits and use cases of using meeting transcription software?


People in sales are some of the most likely to use transcription software for a simple reason - it allows them to take high-quality notes during their meetings and sales calls. This is a valuable asset that enables you to assess the quality of your pitch, the reception of your pitch, and much more. You can also automate CRM data entry and collect and retain customer feedback with transcriptions. The meeting scripts may also help with onboarding new sales representatives, as you can walk them through real sales meetings.


Having transcription software take notes for you during customer interactions frees you up so that you can focus all of your attention on the customer. Transcribing customer calls allows you to capture live feedback from customer interviews and provide the marketing team with information directly from the mouth of the customers. Transcriptions are a crucial part of figuring out the nuances of the challenges customers face, allowing your company to create more helpful services and products to address these challenges. 


Transcribing interviews is critical for reviewing both the interviewer's and the interviewee’s chat. Recruiters have a lot to keep track of during the interview, so transcription is invaluable for studying everything the interviewee said. On the other hand, the recruiter can study how they sounded and how attentive they were during the interview so that they are continuously improving their communication skills. Like sales call transcriptions, interview transcriptions allow the interviewer to pay less attention to taking notes during the meeting and focus more on the individual in front of them. 

Internal meetings

Informal work meetings may not need a transcription, especially if you have a secretary jotting down notes as you go. However, high-level organizations or executives may need a transcript of their meetings to meet specific legal requirements so that the organization can easily document essential board meetings and discussions. 

A few other notable uses for creating meeting transcriptions: 

  • Preachers and pastors transcribing sermons

  • Content and video creators creating subtitles, written and video content

  • Journalists conducting extensive research interviews

9 Best Meeting Transcription Software

1. Notta - Best for Transcribing Live Meetings & Transcript Editing

Notta - Best for Transcribing Live Meetings & Transcript Editing

Notta is a user-friendly speech-to-text app with a browser, mobile app, and Chrome extension option. It has over 98.86% accuracy, making it an incredibly competitive and accurate transcription software. Additionally, Notta doesn’t share data with third parties or collect data, as all of your private data is encrypted while in transit. 

Notta offers both live and post-recording audio transcription. You can even set up a Notta Bot to join your video meetings on Zoom and other platforms. Notta also connects to Notion, allowing you to save transcripts to Notion easily. 

Notta is one of the best organization meeting transcription software. You can create and organize your transcripts into custom folders. It also offers many editing abilities, including adding images and notes to your transcriptions.

In addition, Notta has many export formats, including pdf, xlsx, docx, and txt. You can also easily create reports and memos from your transcripts too, saving you time and energy. 

Key Features

  • Mobile app and Chrome extension

  • Add images to the transcript

  • Automatic correction and editing while you’re speaking

  • Syncs transcripts across multiple devices

Pricing: Basic plan: $0, Pro: $8.25 per month billed annually, Team: $18 per month billed annually

Supported transcription languages: English, a total of 104 supported languages

Easily Capture Meeting Minutes

Rely on Notta to automatically generate clear, shareable transcripts from meetings. This streamlines record-keeping so you can focus on discussions, not note-taking.


2. - Best for Salespeople - Best for Salespeople

Self-described as a revenue intelligence platform, Gong is a sales-focused meeting transcription tool that analyzes interactions. Gong’s AI assesses text from the audio and uses advanced business intelligence algorithms to find patterns.

The business AI suggests helpful sales advice, such as not relying on opinions. It’ll even point out things the top performers talk about and suggest things you should talk about less. For example, it may indicate that you speak about discounts rather than less concrete examples, like security.

Gong is also beneficial for marketers looking for deeper customer insights to help craft hyper-relevant messaging, driving a better customer pipeline. It also offers organization tools to sort your messages using different fields, such as email, direct mail, chat, event, etc.

Gong can even sort your audio into a talk ratio and topic duration, highlighting how long individuals speak during the conversation compared to the other and the ratio of different topics discussed. 

Gong also supports a huge number of integrations, including Slack, Managr, Google Workspace, Office 365, Highspot, Seismic, and much more. 

Key Features

  • Team coaching

  • Advertises 20% time saved

  • Provides valuable insights into sales language

  • Pattern-finding AI

Pricing: Custom pricing depending on team size and needs

Supported transcription languages: Over 70 languages, English, Chinese, Danish, German, Hindi, etc. 

3. - Best for Team-based businesses - Best for Team-based businesses

Otter helps you capture and share insights from your calls and meetings. You can take notes in real-time as Otter generates an automatic summary to share with your team. Otter’s AI technology continues improving and better understanding your team’s conversations over time. It can even apply speaker identification and custom vocabulary. 

You can easily annotate, edit, and share the notes with your colleagues, saving you time and reducing how many meetings you need to make to rely on the same information repeatedly. Meeting slides can also be directly added to the Otter Notes, along with creating an outline summary of the transcription. 

Top companies, like UCLA, Zoom, Dropbox, and Rakuten, use Otter, making it a reputable company. Otter Assistant also integrates directly with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet in one secured dashboard.

In addition, you can connect your Microsoft or Google calendar and schedule the Otter Assistant to join your meeting automatically. You can also use it in in-person, mobile, hybrid, and virtual conversations. 

Key Features

  • Live captioning available

  • Free plan available

  • Team collaboration features

  • Several export options

Pricing: Basic plan: free, Pro plan: $8.33 per month, Business plan: $20/per user per month, enterprise plans available

Supported transcription languages: English and regional accents

4. - Best for Improving Sales Team Productivity - Best for Improving Sales Team Productivity

Chorus is meeting transcription software that helps managers help their sales team win by recording sales calls and meetings. It improves pipeline visibility and sends proactive alerts for deal risks, efficient call review, and automatic call review.

This software is ideal for developing a sales team’s skills because it tracks progress and generates personalized feedback for every sales rep. Chorus has analyzed over 35 million sales calls to help businesses explore trends that will drive their sales team. This unbiased market intelligence can give you a leg up over your competitors. 

We like that Chorus stores all of your customer interactions in a user-friendly interface, including emails, calls, and meetings. The software offers enterprise-grade security standards, giving you peace of mind that your stored interactions are well protected.

Chorus also has custom language models, which allow for the most relevant recording analysis, improving transcription accuracy every conversation. Lastly, this software can free up your hands so that you can focus on the customer during the call rather than taking notes. 

All in all, Chorus may be a great choice for you if you are managing a large sales team and are struggling to keep up with individualized feedback to help each of your reps out. 

Key Features

  • Automatic CRM population

  • Team benchmarks and peer-coaching

  • Proactive alerts for deal risks

  • Efficient call review options

  • Measures Progress and ROI over time

Pricing: Personalized to your team’s needs

Supported transcription languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, and Italian

5. - Best for Individuals Looking to Integrate Many Softwares - Best for Individuals Looking to Integrate Many Softwares

Fireflies is a conversation-tracking platform that records, transcribes, and digitally analyzes meetings and calls. It has been featured on Forbes, YOURSTORY, and TOI, and is trusted by users across 200,000+ companies of all sizes, including Intuit, Uber, Nike, and Oyo. 

You can invite Fireflies to join your meetings to record and share meeting conversations easily. Its features include the ability to skim transcripts while you listen to your audio later. In addition, Fireflies has multiple collaborative features, including highlighting specific parts of the call for your teammates, allowing you and your coworkers to save time later reviewing the transcript. 

Fireflies does offer a free plan, which boasts 3,000 minutes of team storage. We also like that Fireflies provides a search function. With this search function, you can review an hour-long call in under five minutes by looking across action items and other top highlights.

Another benefit of Fireflies is its Chrome extension, which directly captures calls and meetings right from your browser. Alternatively, you can upload existing audio files later to be transcribed. 

Key Features

  • Integrates with dialers, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zapier, and Slack

  • SOC 2 Type 2 & GDPR Certified for top-notch security

  • Many organization and search tools 

Pricing: Free plan, $10 Pro plan, $19 Business plan, and Custom plans for enterprises

Supported transcription languages: Only English currently. Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese are being released soon.

6. Inqscribe - Best for Professional Transcribers

Inqscribe - Best for Professional Transcribers

Inqscribe allows you to transcribe audio and video, type notes, and export subtitles. You can insert timecodes anywhere in your transcription, then click on the timecode to jump to that point in the video. 

Inqscribe is also great for professional transcribers because it offers improved foot pedal support with an upgraded plan. It also allows inserting frequently used text with a single keystroke utilizing custom snippets.

The program is set up like a word processor so that you can type anywhere in the transcript. You can use this software to create word-for-word transcriptions, making it great for individuals looking for flexibility with their note-taking.

In addition, it offers a pitch lock feature that keeps voices from sounding squeaky when they are sped up to listen to the audio again. 

Key Features

  • Spellcheck and grammar autocorrect

  • Works with digital video and audio

  • Plays audio and video from flash drives, CDs, servers, hard drives, servers, or URLs

  • Mouse-free media controls, such as USB foot pedals or foot pedal buttons

Pricing: Free and paid plans are available

Supported transcription languages: Unicode complaint, a massive variety of languages from English, Thai, Latin, Greek, Ethiopic, and Hebrew 

7. Express Scribe - Best for Basic, On-Screen Transcriptions

Express Scribe - Best for Basic, On-Screen Transcriptions

Express Scribe is compatible with both Mac OS X and PC. It’s designed to help with audio recording transcriptions. You can adjust its audio playback to your needs, typing skills, and the quality of the audio recording that you’re transcribing.

You can load dictations in many ways, including Express Delegate, LAN, FTP servers, local computer folders, LANs, or directly from your portable dictation recorder. 

We like that Express Scribe offers a mini control, which allows you to minimize the screen space the application fills on your screen while the audio file is transcribed. With the professional plan, you can access a switch sound format converter, which converts your audio file to over 30 formats within its universal converter.

The Pro plan also offers a discounted rate on multiple related softwares, such as KeyBlaze Typing Tutor, Express Invoice, and FastFox Typing Expander, if you’re looking for a suite of business softwares to run your business with. 

Key Features

  • Searchable editor for transcribed text

  • Compatible with a foot pedal or hotkeys

  • Supports most multimedia file formats

  • Automatically receives and loads files using FTP or email

  • Compatible with digital and analog voice recorders

Pricing: Basic plan ($70), Express Scribe Professional plan ($99)

Supported transcription languages: English

8. Trint - Best for Content Creators

Trint - Best for Content Creators

Trint uses AI transcription to convert video and audio files to text. This software is geared towards content creators, allowing you to turn raw files into fast but meaningful content and fair-use transcription. The transcripts are all editable, searchable, and collaborative in doc form, making it an excellent choice for individuals or teams.

In addition to transcribing content to more than 30 languages, Trint can also translate content into more than 50, allowing you to create content for a global audience. 

We like that you can pause your subscription plan if you don’t need to transcribe anything that month. The fee is only $5 per month while paused to keep your files safely stored, saving you money if you only need transcription services during certain times of the year.

The Trint software is also trusted by top brands, like The Washington Post, DER SPIEGEL, and Nike. 

Key Features

  • Trint’s Editor integrates with content creation tools like Adobe Premiere 

  • iOS app makes capturing phone calls or live conversations easier

  • Generate and edit closed captions

  • Powerful search functionality

  • ISO-certified security

Pricing: Free trial available, Starter plan $60/month for 1 - 3 users, Advanced plan $75/month for 1 - 15 users, Enterprise plan is custom pricing, Annual plans available for reduced rates

Supported transcription languages: Trint supports over 30 languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Danish, Chinese Mandarin, Spanish, and more.

9. Go Transcribe - Best for Online Interface

Go Transcribe - Best for Online Interface

Go Transcribe boasts a simple user interface that quickly converts any video format to text. You can export your files into many forms, including Word doc., SRT, and PDF. After the file has been converted, you can easily edit and perfect your transcription using the Go Transcribe online editor, which includes features such as control over playback speed, highlighting, striking through text, and commenting. 

However, unlike other transcription software we’ve reviewed, Go Transcribe requires all files to be uploaded to their fully-secured cloud-based servers. This limits your options, as you can’t use a Chrome extension, phone app, or bot on a video call to complete your transcription. 

Key Features

  • Unlimited storage

  • Email support

  • Timestamp by paragraph

  • Public transcription links

Pricing: $12/hour for pay as you go option or $36/month for a subscription option. Business plans are available at $90/month.

Supported transcription languages: 31 languages, including a variety of accents and dialects. Some languages are Arabic, English, Danish, German, French, Korean, Mandarin, and many more. 



How can I transcribe a meeting?

You can transcribe a meeting in two primary ways: manual transcription or a transcription program. Manual transcription involves sitting down with a pair of headphones and a word processor and typing out what is said.

However, this is tedious work that requires a lot of time and patience. Transcription software saves you time by taking a live conversation or audio file and converting it into text for you. Many of these are highly accurate and only require minimal edits for a perfect transcript. 

Can I use Siri or Google Assistant to transcribe meetings?

No, you can’t use Siri or Google Assistant to transcribe meetings, at least not well. Neither program has a built-in program for transcribing live meetings or audio files.

They both offer dictation features where you can transcribe yourself speaking, but anything more complex than that, such as a conversation with multiple speakers, will be challenging. 

What is the best way to transcribe a Zoom meeting?

The best way to transcribe a Zoom meeting is by using a Zoom-friendly transcription tool like Notta. Many transcription softwares allow you to upload a recording of your Zoom meeting for transcription, and some, like Notta, will transcribe the meeting live. 

Does Zoom provide a transcription service?

Yes, Zoom does provide a transcription service that is built-in into the program, making it a convenient choice. However, Zoom’s transcription service only offers around 70 to 80% accuracy, while many dedicated transcription programs offer accuracy rates in the high 90s. 


Transcription software saves you time, frustration, and, ultimately, money by streamlining your work, allowing you to impart crucial information to your colleagues, and much more.

Before choosing a transcription service, we recommend considering what features, such as the ability to edit your transcription or add a live bot to your Zoom call to automate transcription, are most important to you and your needs.

Notta is an ideal choice for professionals, content creators, students, and much more because of its user-friendly interface, collaborative features, and much more. 

Transcribe Meetings with One Click

Notta transcribes Google Meet, Teams, Zoom and Webex calls effortlessly. Never miss a detail with easy-to-share meeting transcripts.

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