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Transcribe any Chinese audio to text for free with the best online speech-to-text converter. Easily get transcription for Mandarin audio/video files within a few seconds.

Chinese Audio to Text
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Accurate Chinese Audio to Text Converter

With advanced technology and powerful algorithms, Notta excels in accurately transcribing Chinese audio, ensuring that no important details are missed. Whether it's a lecture, interview, podcast, or any other Chinese audio content, Notta delivers precise transcriptions that you can trust.

How to transcribe Chinese audio to text?

voice memos to text steps

1. Upload your Chinese audio file

Click on the ‘Import Files’ and select the transcription language as Chinese(Mandarin). You can drag and drop your Chinese audio file to the upload window or select it from your local folder directly.

2. Convert Chinese audio to text

The transcription process will start automatically upon the completion of the uploading. Close the upload window and click on the transcription file to edit the transcript, add notes, and insert images.

3. Export & Share

Click ‘Export’ to export the transcript of your Mandarin file to your preferred formats, including TXT, Docx, SRT, PDF or XlSX. Or you can choose to export the audio. Sharing with others is also possible by clicking ‘Share’ to get a link.

Advanced Chinese Speech Recognition

Instantly transcribe memos to textual documentation

Accurate Transcription

  • Notta AI recognizes Chinese words at a rate of accuracy of 98.86%.

  • Meetings or speeches in Chinese can be recorded and transcribed in real time.

  • Notta gets your content transcribed instantly, no need for manual transcription.

Collaboratively edit and effortlessly share

Multi-language Translation

  • Choose from a selection of up to 42 languages for translation.

  • Download your translations in common formats such as SRT or PDF.

  • Extract only the translated text without the source content, if desired.

Seamlessly generate translations and summaries

AI Summarization

  • Get concise summaries from Chinese audio and video files instantly.

  • Customize and refine summaries according to your preference.

  • Share summaries effortlessly with just a click.

Why Choose Notta

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High Accuracy

With advanced machine learning and A.I. technology, Notta achieves up to 98.86% accuracy for most transcription.

multiple formats

Multiple Formats

Notta supports most of the popular audio/video formats on the market, including but not limited to WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, AIFF, AVI, RMVB, FLV, MP4, and MOV.

security and privacy

Safe & Secure

Employs AWS’s RDP and S3 service to ensure your data security. Moreover, Notta complies with international safety standards SSL, GDPR, APPI and CPPA.

multiple languages

Multilingual Supported

Transcribe audio or video files from 58 languages. Translate the transcript into 42 languages within a few clicks.

AI summary

Seamless Workflow

Collaborate with colleagues easily by accessing and editing the same transcript on different Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android devices.

sync between devices

Quick as a Flash

Get your audio, video, online meeting, real-time recording, and YouTube video transcribed quickly within 3 steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transcribe a Chinese video into English?

You can’t transcribe a Chinese video to an English transcription directly. You can use Notta to transcribe the Chinese video first and then translate the transcript to English.

Can I transcribe a YouTube video in Chinese without downloading the video?

Sure, use Notta. Click the ‘Import Files’, copy and paste the YouTube link to the input box and Notta will take care of the rest for you.

How long does it take to transcribe my Chinese audio?

It depends on the audio length. Generally speaking, for most audio files, Notta will complete the transcription within minutes. Our app can transcribe 1 hour of audio in about 5 minutes. Also, you need to make sure that the internet connection is stable for better performance.

How can I get a better transcript accuracy?

In order to get higher accuracy, below are the things you should pay attention to:

1. High audio quality. 

2. Few background noise. 

3. High-quality microphone. 

4. Speak directly to the microphone.

Who should use the Chinese audio to text converter?

Notta Chinese audio to text converter is a good solution for anyone who needs to convert Chinese audio to text. Should you be a journalist, podcast owner, or freelancer, Notta gets you covered. What’s better, for Notta Basic users, you can transcribe up to 5 minutes of the audio/video file you uploaded.

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What Our Users Say

It is not easy to find a transcription service for languages like Chinese, Japanese, and English at the same time. That’s why I am so pleased when I find Notta. If you need to deal with multi-lingual tasks, Notta will definitely help.