Transcribe Online Zoom Meeting

Easily record & transcribe your online Zoom meetings with Notta. Import your meeting link and get your transcription immediately.

Transcribe Online Zoom Meeting
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Notta, the all-in-one solution for your Zoom meetings. Seamlessly integrated with Zoom, Notta not only provides accurate and reliable transcriptions using advanced speech recognition but also breaks down language barriers with its translation feature. Experience the convenience of automated transcriptions and multilingual understanding.

How to Transcribe Zoom Meeting

transcribe zoom meeting steps

1. Join an Online Zoom Meeting

Login to your Notta account and go to the dashboard. Click “Join Live Meeting” to join an online Zoom meeting. Paste the meeting invitation link to Notta and click “Transcribe Now”. Notta will send a Notta Bot to attend the meeting to record and transcribe the meeting.

2. Transcribe Online Meeting

Notta will start recording and transcribing when the meeting owner admits Notta Bot into the meeting. The recording and transcripts will be on Notta’s dashboard. Click on the record to open the transcript and edit the content.

3. Export and Share

You can export or share the meeting minutes after you complete editing. TXT, DOCX, SRT and PDF formats are supported.

Enhance Your Zoom Meeting Experience with Notta

Instant transcription downloads for better documentation

Seamless Integration

  • Offer a seamless integration with Zoom meetings.

  • Record and transcribe your meeting automatically by Notta Bot.

  • Download your transcript with timestamps shown.

Convert audio to text and create globally accessible content

Seamless Translation

  • Translate your Zoom Meet transcripts with just one click.

  • Opt for displaying the original text, translated text, or both.

  • Download your translation in popular formats.

Notta AI Summary

AI Summary

  • Give a clear and comprehensive summary of your meeting content .

  • Provides three structured layouts for your transcripts.

  • Export summaries in various formats for review or records.

Why Choose Notta?

multiple formats

Simple Setup

As an online meeting transcribe tool, no complicated setup is required for using Notta. Transcribe Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, and Microsoft Teams meetings in just 3 steps.

AI summary

Auto Join Meeting

By granting Google Calendar access to Notta and turning on the Schedule Notta Bot switch, Notta Bot will join the meeting automatically. You won’t miss any meetings anymore.

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Highly Accurate

Powered by advanced A.I. and machine learning, Notta provides up to 98.86% accuracy for the Zoom meeting transcripts.

sync between devices

Multi Platforms Supported

Get access to Notta services on different devices, including Windows PC, Mac, Android devices, iPhone, and iPad. Or use the online service on browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

multiple languages

Easy to Cooperate

Work with your team members on the same meeting notes with Notta Team Workspace. Edit the text, insert images, and add notes simultaneously.

security and privacy

Privacy Protected

Your privacy is of great importance to us. Notta complies with international security standards like GDPR, CPPA, SSL and APPI and uses AWS’s RDP and S3.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Zoom offer transcripts for online meetings?

Yes, Zoom offers transcripts for online meetings that meet the below requirements. 

  1. The meeting owner has a Business, Education, or Enterprise license. 

  2. Cloud meeting is enabled. 

  3. Audio transcription is enabled. 

If the above requirements are met, follow the below steps to get the audio transcription for the meeting. 

  • Step1:  Log into your Zoom account. 

  • Step2: Start a Cloud Meeting. 

  • Step3: After the meeting ends, you will receive an email informing you that the audio transcript has been created.

How can I enable audio transcript for Zoom cloud meetings?

If you want to enable audio transcript for your Zoom cloud meetings, follow these steps. 

  • Step1: Sign in to your Zoom account online. 

  • Step2: Click “Account Management”, then “Account Settings” in the navigation menu. 

  • Step3: Click “Cloud Recording” and enable the Recording tab. 

  • Step4: Under “Advanced cloud recording settings”, click the “Audio Transcript” checkbox to enable audio transcription. 

  • Step5: Click “Save” to save the changes.

How can I transcribe a Zoom meeting for free?

Use Notta. Notta supports transcribing online Zoom meetings in real-time. Sign up for Notta now and transcribe an online Zoom meeting for 5 minutes to test Notta. You won’t need to subscribe unless you are satisfied with the transcripts.

Can I enjoy live transcription with a free Zoom account?

Yes, you can. The live transcription feature is currently available for free users. As a host, you can start a live transcript by following the below steps. 

  • Step1: In the online meetings or webinars you are hosting, click Live Transcripts. 

  • Step2: Choose Enable Auto-transcription to allow Zoom to provide live transcription. Once the live transcript feature is enabled, the participants will be notified.

How many languages are supported by Zoom’s Live Transcript?

Zoom’s Live Transcript supports English only. If you are looking for real-time transcribing tools for Japanese, Chinese, German, or other languages, try Notta. Notta supports transcription for 58 languages.

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