Live Transcribe Google Meet Calls

If you want to live transcribe your Google Meet calls into text, then use our free online transcription tool. Notta converts your Google Meet calls to text in real time.

live transcribe google meet calls
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Transcribe and Summarize Google Meet Calls with Notta

Notta effortlessly transcribes and summarizes your Google Meet calls. With real-time accuracy, Notta captures every spoken word and detail, ensuring precise transcriptions throughout your conversations. Seamlessly integrating with Google Meet, Notta provides live transcriptions within the platform, enhancing collaboration and accessibility.

How to Live Transcribe Google Meet

Live Transcribe Google Meet Steps

1. Add a Google Meet link

Go to the bottom of the Google Meet page and choose 'Meeting Details,' then 'Copy Joining Info.' Log in to Notta Web, go to the Notta dashboard, click 'Join Live Meeting' on the right side, and paste the Google Meet calls link you copied before.

2. Live transcribe Google Meet

Select the correct transcription language to ensure transcription accuracy. When you click 'Transcribe Now,' the Notta Bot will automatically join the meeting and record and live transcribe video calls.

3. Export and Share

You can export or share the meeting minutes after you complete editing. TXT, DOCX, SRT and PDF formats are supported.

Enhance Your Google Meet Experience with Notta

Instant transcription downloads for better documentation

Automatic Transcription

  • Notta provides live transcriptions of your Google Meet calls with exceptional accuracy.

  • Connect with your calendar and automatically transcribe your meeting as it starts.

  • Download your transcript with speakers shown.

Convert audio to text and create globally accessible content

Seamless Translation

  • Translate your Google Meet transcripts with just one click.

  • Choose to show original text only, translated text only or both of them.

  • Download your translation in popular formats.

Notta AI Summary

AI Summary

  • Provide a clear and concise summary of the discussion for easy reference.

  • Offers three structured layouts for your meeting content: AI summary, chapters, and action items.

  • Export summaries in various formats for review or records.

Why Notta

security and privacy

Security & Privacy

Notta complies fully with all relevant security regulations, including CCPA, SSL, GDPR and APPI. All data is encrypted using AWS' RDP and S3 services to protect your privacy.

sync between devices

Sync Between Devices

Transcription data will sync across on Macs, iPhones/iPads, Androids tablets, and web browsers like Google Chrome and Safari, Edge.

AI summary

Various Alternatives

Notta's real-time live transcription service can swiftly capture and transcribe ongoing conversations such as webinars. You can also upload pre-recorded audio files to convert audio to speech.

multiple formats

Multiple Formats

Notta can transcribe most audio and video file formats such as WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, and video formats such as AIFF and AVI, RMVB, FLV, MP4, MP3, and MOV.

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High Accuracy

We're always working hard to improve our speech to text recognition technology. In most cases, we can achieve an accuracy rate of 98.86%.

multiple languages

Multiple Languages

Notta is capable of converting any audio file into plain text in 58 languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Hindi. It also offers a translation option from one language to another.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you get a transcript of a Google Meet meeting?

Sure! It's super simple. You can use Notta to capture and live transcribe Google Meet video calls.

  • Step1: On the Google Meet page, navigate to the bottom and select 'Meeting Details.'

  • Step2: Click on 'Copy Joining Info' to obtain the video call link.

  • Step3: Access the Notta dashboard, locate the 'Join Live Meeting' button on the right side, and paste the copied link. 

  • Step4: Click 'Transcribe Now' to initiate the process. The Notta Bot will automatically join the meeting, record, and provide live transcriptions of your video calls.

How do I convert speech to text in Google Meet?

Notta offers the best Google Meet transcribe extension to convert speech to text in Google Meet. Install the Notta chrome extension, login to Notta, and select the transcription language. Click 'Start Recording' to live transcribe your Google Meet video calls.

Does Google Meet have captioning?

Yes. You can use captions in a video call. To enable captions, 

  1. Go to the Google Meet page.

  2. Click to join a video call

  3. Click 'Turn on captions' at the bottom to turn on live captions.

Can Google transcribe audio to text?

Google Docs can help transcribe voice in real time.

  1. Select "Tools," then "Voice Typing," then "Language." 

  2. Click the microphone icon to speak. 

  3. Google Docs will automatically transcribe your speech into text. Remember that you must remain in the current document, or the transcribing process will stop automatically. 

With Notta, you may record and transcribe in the background as you read emails or communicate with coworkers.

Does Google Meet translate?

Yes! Google Meet now supports live translation. It automatically translates English to German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. You can read the translation via live captions.

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