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Top 10 Article Summary Generators with AI

Imagine you have a few hours left to submit your assignment or report, and you still have to read multiple documents and research papers. You feel overwhelmed to read the entire piece, digest the core idea, and ensure everything is submitted on time. 

Fortunately, the AI article summary generator is there to help. These text summarizers read the text, understand the concepts, and write a shorter version. I've been experimenting with article summary generators for a while to condense documents, articles, blogs, research papers, and PDFs. 

After in-depth research and testing dozens of tools, I've compiled a list of the top 10 article summary generators powered by AI. In this guide, I'll cover their pros, cons, pricing, and other details so you can quickly choose the best summarizer. 

What is an Article Summary? 

An article summary means condensing the lengthy information into smaller versions, ensuring the main idea of the content remains intact. It omits sentences and phrases that do not disturb the underlying message. 

Most AI summary generators work on the idea to condense the original text and present the summary in a readable manner. Not only will this help readers skim through the lengthy content, but it will also assist students in digesting concise information. 

While there are free summarizers with basic features, many paid AI tools go beyond summary generation. They help you with other tasks, including paraphrasing, identifying plagiarism, and translating the summary into other languages. 

What to Consider in Choosing Article Summary Generators? 

Whether planning to summarize a long article or just a few paragraphs, you can find a lot with a Google search of the 'best summary generators.' This will give you a million plus results, making it cumbersome to choose the feature-rich and affordable summarizer. 

So, how do you choose the best article summary generator from millions of available tools? Fret not; this section will reveal a few factors you must consider to select the AI tool that aligns with your needs. 

  • High Flexibility: Not every AI summary generator can effectively summarize articles in short and long versions. That's why it's better to choose a flexible tool that lets you specify the summary length. 

  • Quality Output: Next, you'll need to select an article summarizer that provides relevant and quality results. The tool should be capable of reading and understanding the context in which words are used. 

  • Multilingual: Any free or paid summary generator would work great to generate English summaries. However, you'll need to choose a multi-language supporting tool to summarize the text in a language other than English. 

  • Support URL: Sometimes, you'll want to generate a web page summary. In this case, a generator that supports URLs is far better than copying and pasting the entire page. 

List of the Best Article Summary Generators 

There's no question that the best AI article summary generators can help you with quality summaries. However, you'll need to understand your specific requirements to choose the best tool. 

I have spent 36+ hours trying and testing multiple generic and news article summary generators to shortlist the 10 best ones. 

#1 QuillBot — Best Overall Article Summarizer 

QuillBot article summarizer tool

If you're looking for a free tool to quickly summarize articles down to the main points, QuillBot is the way to go. It's a web-based translating tool that helps you condense all the information and drive the article's core idea. 

The tool uses AI-based algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) to maintain the original context while summarizing articles. One thing I loved about the AI tool is its two modes — Paragraphs and Key Sentences, which let you define the summary format. 

Key Features 

  • Paragraph Mode: This option helps you summarize the text in paragraph format. You can use the summary length slider to manage its length. 

  • Key Sentences Mode: This feature provides a bullet-point list of all the critical sentences. You can change the number of bullets in the output using the summary length slider. 

  • Additional Tools: QuillBot has in-built paraphrasing, plagiarism-checker, and grammar-checker tool to improve your summary. 


  • QuillBot summarizer lets you copy-paste the text or upload the file from your computer. 

  • The tool also highlights the sentences being used in the summary. 

  • You can pick the keywords to generate summaries of a specific theme. 


  • Sometimes, there are some errors in the summarized text. 

  • The free plan offers limited words for a summary. 

  • QuillBot does not offer AI content detection. 

Summarizing Example 

QuillBot summarizing example


  • Free Plan 

  • Premium Plans

    • Monthly Plan: $9.95 per month 

    • Semi-Annual Plan: $6.66 per month 

    • Annual Plan: $4.17 per month 

QuillBot pricing and plans

#2 Scholarcy — Best for Summarizing Research Papers

Scholarcy research paper summarizer

Scholarcy is another popular text summarizing tool available on the market. You can copy and paste your article's content or upload a document from your device. One thing that differentiates Scholarcy from other article summary generators is the 'Summary Flashcard.' 

The flashcard-like format ensures the information is neatly organized under different sections, like key concepts, highlights, summaries, and abstracts. Additionally, you can enter an open-access URL or DOI to summarize any published page. 

Key Features 

  • Interactive Flashcard Format: The unique interactive format summarizes the article in different categories to provide quick access to information. 

  • Comparative Analysis: The feature lets you quickly see how a study compares to earlier research. 

  • Import Options: Scholarcy lets you download and import your flashcard into your favorite knowledge management tools, like Roam, Notion, and Obsidian. 


  • Scholarcy has a modern interface, making it easy to use. 

  • The information is summarized in an easy-to-access and concise manner. 

  • You can conveniently summarize an article via URL, upload a file, or paste the text. 


  • You'll need to sign up with an account to use the free version of Scholarcy. 

  • It only lets you summarize three articles for free. 

  • The export function is only available with a paid plan. 

Summarizing Example 

Scholarcy article summary generator


  • Free Plan

  • Monthly Subscription: $9.99 per month 

  • Yearly Subscription: $90 per year 

Scholarcy plans and pricing

#3 TLDR This — Best Summary Generator for Technical Content 

TLDR This article summary generator free

Whether you're a technical content writer, an avid reader, or a researcher, TLDR This can help you eliminate information overload. The article summary generator free can transform articles in a concise and easy-to-digest manner. 

The highly user-friendly tool lets you create AI-generated advanced summaries with a few clicks. All you need to do is simply paste the article link under the 'Enter Article URL' section or the text under 'Paste Article Text' to generate advanced summaries. 

Key Features 

  • Summary Length Customization: With TLDR This, you can customize the summary from short/concise to detailed/section-wise. 

  • Keyword Detection: The AI tool lists the important keywords of the article, so you don't have to manually find them. 

  • AI (Human-Like) Summaries: TLDR This's paid version lets users create advanced human-like summaries. 


  • Chrome and Firefox browser extensions let you summarize any webpage in a single click. 

  • The article summary generator extracts the title, reading time, author and date information, related images, etc., in one place. 

  • It eliminates ads, graphics, pop-ups, and other online distractions to promote focused reading. 


  • You'll need to sign up to get advanced human-like summaries. 

  • The summary history feature is only available to paid users. 

  • You'll get priority customer support only in the expensive professional plan. 

Summarizing Example 

TLDR This summarizing example


  • Free Plan

  • Starter Plan: $4.99 per month 

  • Professional Plan: $9.99 per month 

  • Business Plan: $19.99 per month 

TLDR This pricing and plans

#4 SMMRY — Best for Long Articles 

SMMRY summary generator

SMMRY is one of the most popular and free AI-based article summarizers online. You can summarize as much as you want without limits or upfront payment. 

The tool has a clutter-free UI (user interface) that suits beginners and professionals. 

One feature that makes SMMRY a great choice is the customization process. You can modify the summary to focus on a specific topic or theme. 

Key Features 

  • Heat Map: SMMRY colors the sentences by importance. For instance, the most important sentences are colored red, whereas the least important are yellow. 

  • Free API: The free API lets you generate 100 inquiries per day.

  • Remove Unnecessary Text: The AI algorithm of SMMRY shortens the article by removing transition phrases, unnecessary clauses, and excessive examples. 


  • You can change the sentence length of the summary from 1 to 99. 

  • It has an easy-to-use design with a lot of features. 

  • You can copy-paste the text, upload the file, or insert the URL. 


  • Sometimes headers are retained in the generated summary. 

  • It might be inaccurate at times. 

  • It does not have in-built plagiarism and grammar checkers. 

Summarizing Example

SMMRY summarizing example


  • Free Forever Plan 

#5 Resoomer — Best for Argumentative Texts 

Resoomer argumentative article summary generator

If you want an argumentative article summary generator tool, then Resoomer is ideal. Resoomer helps you summarize by copy-pasting the text or the URL of your article. 

The AI tool is suitable for condensing essential ideas and facts in documents in 1 click. In addition to text-based inputs, the paid plan lets you summarize YouTube courses and lectures in multilingual languages. 

However, it shows a lot of ads that can be frustrating at times. The user interface can be bulky, making it more complicated. 

Key Features 

  • Multilingual Support: Resoomer supports multiple languages, including English, Indonesian, German, Spanish, and more. 

  • Summary Modes: It offers various modes, including assisted, automatic, manual, optimized, and text analysis. 

  • Direct Share: You can export the summarized content to social media channels, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. 


  • You can summarize, translate, and rewrite the content in one place. 

  • It is a free tool with no character limit, so you don't have to spend money to start. 

  • You can separate keywords or topics in the summarized text. 


  • The user interface of Resoomer is bulky and full of ads. 

  • There is no character limit for summarizing, but it may not suit lengthy PDFs. 

  • You can translate by selecting a file and importing an image or YouTube video. However, it has less accuracy. 

Summarizing Example 

Resoomer summarizing example


  • Free Plan

  • Paid Plan: $10.83 per month 

Resoomer plans and pricing

#6 PrepostSEO Summarizing Tool — Best for Short-Form Articles 

PrepostSEO AI summarizing tool

The summarizing tool is an AI-based text summary generator that gives you an overview of the whole context. Imagine you've to read a 1000-word article but are running short of time. In this case, PrepostSEO summarizing tool comes to save the day. 

This journal article summary generator enables you to make your headlines short and impressive. For instance, if you're a journalist, you can ask PrepostSEO's summarizing tool to cover the full-day event in a few paragraphs. 

Key Features 

  • Sentence Length: You can generate summaries either by defining words or percentages. 

  • Supports Multiple Languages: This option lets you summarize text in over 10 languages. 

  • Show Bullets/Sentences: PrepostSEO's summarizing tool helps you convert the translated text into bullet points or sentences. 


  • The summarizing tool uses informative sentences to generate a summary and automatically proofreads the writing. 

  • The AI algorithm gives sentences a score based on accuracy, optimization, word selection, and structure. 

  • It allows you to summarize 2500 words at once. 


  • PrepostSEO might not be suitable if you want to summarize articles longer than 2500 words. 

  • You cannot import audio or videos. 

  • The AI summarizer option can condense only 1500 words at a time. 

Summarizing Example 

PrepostSEO summarizing example


  • Free Plan

  • Basic Plan: $10 per month 

  • Standard Plan: $20 per month 

  • Company Plan: $45 per month 

PrepostSEO plans and pricing

#7 Summarizer — Best Summary Generator with No Limits 

Summarizer AI tool

I've recently tried Summarizer to rewrite information into shorter versions and found it decent. This free summarizer tool has no word or daily limit, allowing you to summarize as much text as you want. 

Summarizer promises 100% data safety and privacy. That means the tool does not store any of the user's data. In addition, the AI tool lets you control summary length so you can modify the final output per your needs. 

Key Features 

  • Set Summary Length: The summarizer tool helps you manually set the summary length using the scroll bar. 

  • Show Bullet Points: You can click the 'Show Bullets' button to generate a summary in bullet points. 

  • Supports Multiple Languages: With Summarizer, you can get summaries in 6 different languages. 


  • Summarizer's 'Best Line' option works by crawling the entire text and writing the best lines. 

  • The advanced AI techniques extract the key sentences and phrases. 

  • You can download the summarized file in .docx format. 


  • The tool's interface has a lot of ads. 

  • It only supports summarization of file types like .txt, .pdf, and .docx. 

  • It lacks certain advanced features like plagiarism checkers. 

Summarizing Example 

Summarizer summarizing example


  • Free Forever Plan 

#8 Sassbook — Best for Long Research Papers 

Sassbook summarizer for research papers

If you're looking for an advanced AI summarizer tool, you can never go wrong with Sassbook. It lets you summarize around 2.5 pages or 6250 characters for free. 

However, if you switch to a paid plan, you can condense research papers up to 20 pages or 50,000 characters, which is quite impressive. 

Unlike other article summary generators, Sassbook configures AI summaries based on method and target size. For instance, it allows you to summarize the text in an abstractive (human-like text) or extractive (AI-like text) tone. 

Key Features 

  • Set Target Size: With the Sassbook research article summary generator, you can summarize the text into small, best, verbose, and custom formats. 

  • Developer API: This ensures users can fully automate their content summarization workflows using free credits. 

  • Demo Mode: You can select sample text to summarize and familiarize yourself with the features. 


  • Sassbook is a modern AI that creates summaries like a human expert. 

  • You can send your suggestions and feedback in the box provided. 

  • It can summarize short and large documents effortlessly. 


  • A few advanced features can only be unlocked with the paid plan. 

  • Sometimes the tool adds unnecessary verbiage. 

  • The paid plan can be expensive for some users who do not require the AI tool frequently. 

Summarizing Example 

Sassbook summarizing example 


  • Free Plan

  • Standard Plan: $39 per month 

  • Premium Plan: $59 per month 

Sassbook plans and pricing

#9 Rephrase — Best for Basic Summarizing 

Rephrase article summary generator 

Suppose you have written a long-form text and want to decrease the length. In this case, you can use Rephrase online summary generator

The article summary generator quickly scans the text and produces a shorter output without creative recombination. 

Rephrase's summarizer isn't much recommended to professionals due to lack of creativity. However, it can help you with quick basic summarizing. 

Key Features 

  • Fastest Summary Generator: You can simply copy-paste the text, and the generator will produce a summary in seconds. 

  • Supports Multiple Languages: With Rephrase, you can summarize text in English, Italian, Germany, French, Dutch, and more. 

  • Additional Tools: Rephrase lets you check plagiarism or paraphrase the text in one click. 


  • Rephrase is suitable if you want to change only the text length. 

  • It is a free tool with basic features. 

  • It can summarize essays, research projects, books, etc. 


  • Although the tool is free, it is basic and lacks advanced options like changing summary length. 

  • The summary produced is the combination of words from the input text with no originality. 

  • No word limit is indicated, but the AI tool is a less practical solution for longer text. 

Summarizing Example 

Rephrase summarizing example 


  • Weekly Plan: $7 per week

  • Monthly Plan: $20 per month

  • Annual Plan: $150 per year

Rephrase pricing and plans

#10 Frase — Best for Creative Summary Generation 

Frase creative summary generator

Frase is worth checking out if you want to generate a creative summary for short articles. It's designed to condense the articles with 600-700 words. 

Unlike other free tools with ads on the main interface, Frase offers an ad-free experience. The summary maker uses advanced algorithms to condense the main points efficiently. 

I tested Frase's free summary generator and was impressed with a separate title and section category. The output was of good quality with an affordable basic plan. 

Key Features 

  • Adjustable Creativity Level: You can adjust the creativity of the output text from 1 to 5. 

  • Bulleted Output: It quickly generates a summary in bullet points. 

  • Proprietary AI Model: Instead of depending on GPT-3 or other AI algorithms, Frase uses its proprietary AI model to provide custom features and more flexibility. 


  • Frase lets you generate high-quality SEO content in minutes. 

  • Most Frase features are available in the free plan. 

  • The results are generally accurate and reliable. 


  • Frase does not provide multi-language support. 

  • It has limited to no integrations. 

  • Unlimited summaries are available only in the team plan, which is expensive. 

Summarizing Example 

Frase summarizing example


  • Free Plan 

  • Solo Plan: $14.99 per month 

  • Basic Plan: $44.99 per month 

  • Team Plan: $114.99 per month 

Frase plans and pricing

Top Article Summary Generators: At a Glance 

If you're still manually summarizing your articles, PDFs, or research papers, you are wasting your time and effort. These AI summary generators are designed to help you streamline the summarization task and get quick information. 

Now that I've covered a detailed list of best article summary generators, it's time for a quick overview. 

Platform Price Range Top Feature(s) Best For
QuillBot One free plan and paid plans from $4.17 to $9.95 per month. Paragraph and key sentences mode. Individuals looking for a free article summarizer.
Scholarcy One free plan and paid plans from $9.99 to $90 per month. Interactive flashcard format and comparative analysis. Researchers need to summarize long research papers.
TLDR This One free plan and paid plans from $4.99 to $19.99 per month. Summary length customization and keyword detection. Users looking to summarize technical content.
SMMRY Free forever plan Heat map and removal of unnecessary text. Beginners and professionals looking to summarize long articles.
Resoomer A free plan and a paid plan at $10.83 per month. Multiple summary modes and multilingual support. Individuals and teams that want to condense argumentative texts.
PrepostSEO A free plan and paid plans at $10 to 45 per month. Sentence length customization in bullet points or paragraphs. Individuals and SMBs that want to condense short-form articles.
Summarizer Free forever plan Set summary length and support multiple languages. Users wanting a free unlimited summary generator.
Sassbook One free plan and paid plans at $39 to $59. Set target size and developer API. Researchers who want to summarize lengthy research papers.
Rephrase A free version and paid plans from $7 per week to $150 per year. Supports multiple languages and in-built plagiarism/paraphrasing tools. Users who want a free article summary generator with basic features.
Frase One free plan and paid plans from $14.99 to $114.99 per month. Adjustable creativity level and bulleted output. Individuals wanting to generate SEO-optimized content with creativity.


How to Do a Good Summary of an Article? 

While summarizing an article, you must focus on the main point or the core concept. The primary goal of your summary should be to help the readers understand lengthy text in short. 

Although you can manually summarize the short and long texts, using the AI tool to automate the task is better. Some free article summary generators include QuillBot, Frase, Summarizer, etc. 

What AI can Summarize Research Articles? 

Scholarcy is an AI-powered summary generator that lets you condense complex research papers in a concise and readable format. However, the tool might need help with jargon-heavy and technical documents. Therefore, consider TLDR This to generate quick AI summaries of highly technical documents. 

What is the Best AI Summarizer for PDFs? 

PDFgear Chatbot, in integration with ChatGPT, can summarize PDF files. You can upload one or multiple PDF documents, ask questions, and get an unbiased answer in seconds. 

The best part about the PDF summary generator is that it is free with high privacy. All you need to do is download PDFgear Chatbot on your Windows and Mac, and you are ready to generate offline PDF summaries. 

Key Takeaways 

The world is embracing artificial intelligence, and so should you. Whether you're a student, teacher, or professional writer, these free and paid article summary generators can help you summarize lengthy documents. 

These summarizers will help you get the gist of articles, save time, and improve productivity. If you want a free article summarizer with advanced features, try QuillBot. Or, you can consider TLDR This summarizing tool to generate human-like summaries. 

Those looking to generate transcripts and summaries of their audio and video files must check out Notta. It's a feature-rich recording and transcribing tool that can automatically transcribe the content in documents or videos. Sign up for a free account to explore its features. 

Transcribe & Summarize Audio & Video in Seconds

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