YouTube Statistics

100+ YouTube Statistics in 2024: Users, Revenue & More

Anyone who has started a YouTube channel has probably dreamed of reaching billions of people with viral videos. I know I did. With 1 billion hours of videos watched daily, YouTube seems like a ticket to virality and visibility. 

Well, I have been producing videos on YouTube for a while now, and I know how it can help anyone generate sales and serve their business needs. When it comes down to attracting the right audience, the only thing that matters is paying close attention to YouTube statistics — no matter if you are a video creator or a business owner. 

If you want to learn more about the YouTube channel to understand which content will work — and bring in business — you'll need to smartly understand the platform. In this article, I'll uncover 100+ YouTube statistics covering user base, usage, revenue, marketing, and more. 

YouTube Statistics Top Picks

Before I dive deep into 100+ YouTube statistics covering users, usages, revenue, ads, and more, let's quickly check some of the top data picks. 

  • As of July 2023, YouTube had approximately 467 million users from India and 246 million from the US. 

  • A 2023 survey reveals that 48.6% of YouTube viewers are men and 51.4% are women. 

  • 92% of YouTube users use the video streaming platform to gather information and knowledge. 

  • 3 in 10 respondents watch news on YouTube. 

  • Over 500 hours of new videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube. 

  • Nearly $35 million of YouTube revenue comes from the United States. 

  • According to Semrush, YouTube is the world's second most visited website after Google. 

  • 83% of SMBs believe YouTube helps them grow their business by growing their customer base and reaching new audiences. 

  • 59% of social media users believe YouTube ads are more relevant than ads shown on linear TV or other streaming apps. 

  • As of February 2023, T-Series is the most popular YouTube channel with 273 million subscribers, and YouTube Movies came second with 163 million. 

YouTube User Statistics 

YouTube — one of the popular social media platforms — was launched in 2005. By the end of the year, YouTube gained over 20 million daily active users (the number that has been increasing since then). 

In 2023 — or more specifically, as of July 2023 — YouTube had approximately 467 million users from India alone. The United States came in second, with nearly 246 million people viewing the content. 

Of course, the YouTube statistics by country reveal the popularity of the video streaming platform among the masses and help businesses understand if they should invest in the channel. 

1. YouTube TV is reportedly the only Live TV provider to add subscribers in 2023. 

The number of Americans paying for cable TV and live TV streaming services — Fubo, Hulu, and Sling TV — is dropping with each passing year. The main reason is the shift of cord-cutters from cable TV services to on-demand-only. Here are some YouTube statistics that support this claim. 

While many cable TV service providers have lost subscribers, YouTube TV hits around 6.3 million subscribers as of Q1 2023, which marks its popularity among the global masses. 

2. 92% of users prefer YouTube to gather information and knowledge. 

Not all YouTube users watch videos with one goal in mind — for example, some people watch videos for information, whereas others look for solutions to their problems. 

  • 92% of people watch YouTube videos for information and knowledge. 

  • 92% report they learn how to practically solve problems on YouTube. 

  • 77% of female users agree YouTube helps them with lifelong learning. 

  • 74% of YouTube users said the platform was helpful during the US elections as they could access timely information. 

Reasons why users use YouTube

3. 32% of respondents who prefer YouTube for news have an age of 35 to 44 years. 

According to the Digital 2023 July Global Statshot Report, YouTube's popularity as a news source is considerably more (32%) among people aged 35 to 44. 

  • 31% of respondents aged between 25-34 years said they used YouTube for news in the past week. 

  • People aged 55 and above have the least interest in using YouTube for watching news — with only 29% of respondents agreeing with the statement. 

4. 8 in 10 Internet or social media users use YouTube in the United States. 

Social media channels are becoming popular among people — though the number of users on each platform differs. 

  • 81% of Internet users prefer using YouTube among other selected social media networks. 

  • 69% of respondents used Facebook, and 40% preferred Instagram over others. 

The table reveals the percentage of US adults who use selected social media platforms. 

Internet users in the US who use selected social media channels

5. 93% of shoppers who use YouTube in their purchase journey make fewer returns. 

YouTube is influencing the shopping journey, and here are the statistics that support the claim. 

  • 93% of respondents who use YouTube keep their purchases more than those using Instagram or TikTok. 

  • 85% of participants said they have made, plan to make, or repeat a purchase from the brand. 

  • 79% of those shoppers are satisfied with their purchase from YouTube. 

  • 57% of respondents tell others about the brand they've purchased — though the percentage is lower than TikTok. 

6. 60% of Gen-Z have used YouTube to find more content about a movie or show they just watched. 

7. YouTube Premium subscribers are likely to increase from 2020 to 2024. 

YouTube Red — rebranded as YouTube Premium in 2018 — is the ad-free version of the platform. 

With YouTube Premium, users get access to YouTube Music and can play videos in the background — even after closing the app. 

I personally find YouTube Music a great addition to the package as the audio output and autoplay suggestions of YouTube are way better than Spotify

  • In 2022, there were 20 million YouTube Premium subscribers, as per Statista report

  • The number of premium subscribers will grow from 25.5 million in 2022 to 26.7 million in 2023. 

  • 27.9 million people in the United States are likely to subscribe to YouTube Premium by the end of 2024. 

8. People who prefer digital video are consistently increasing in number from 2018 to 2022. 

Out of all the video streaming platforms, YouTube is the dominant force by a far stretch. The number of digital video viewers in the US have reached 248.9 million in 2022

  • The number of digital video viewers grew from 228.8 million in 2018 to 234.5 million by the end of 2019. 

  • In the next year (i.e., 2020), there was a slight increase in users from 234.5 to 239.4 million. 

  • The figure jumped to 244.3 million by the end of 2021, which represents the growing interest of users in watching digital video platforms.

9.  In 2020, 55% of YouTube users were men, whereas 42% were women — though the percentage differs according to the 2023 survey. 

A survey by the Pew Research Center in 2020 tracked YouTube users to find how many people use this social media platform in the United States. The research said 55% of regular social media news users in the US are men, while 42% are women. 

  • Out of these, 38% of US citizens who use YouTube are between 30 and 49 years old. 

  • Nearly 29% of respondents are aged between 18 and 29, whereas 21% have an age of 50 to 64.

  • Only 12% of YouTube news users are over 65 years old.  

Demographic profiles and parties of regular YouTube news users in the US

As of January 2023, Statista's survey reveals that over half of YouTube users — or, most specifically, 51.4% — are female, and 48.6% are male.

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YouTube Usage Statistics 

What I've learned over the years — along with my experience in content creation — is that people love watching YouTube videos to check the latest news, listen to interviews, discover great music, and catch up with the latest trends. 

But did you know how many hours people spend every day on YouTube? Well, they typically spend nearly a billion (that's right, billion) hours every day watching YouTube videos. Take a look at some other time spent on YouTube statistics related to its usage for a strong example. 

1. 3 in 10 respondents watch news content on YouTube. 

YouTube ranks second among the social media channels for news. People in India (56%) are more likely to use YouTube for news, while the platform is less popular in Denmark (7%). 

2. 82% of US adults use YouTube, and only 17% do not. 

Google may be smart, but you can't watch videos or read descriptions — at least, not yet. For this reason, there are many consumers who prefer YouTube over many other social media channels. 

To support the claim, the Pew Research Center held a survey in 2022 revealing that 82% of US adults use YouTube, which is higher than the 72% score of the previous year. 

With so many creators creating different types of content, there's a large number of audiences (including me) who are ready to tune in and stay updated. 

YouTube Platform Statistics 

YouTube has been a pretty big name in the industry — and that too, since its launch. In general, YouTube is one of the six websites that can claim at least a 1% share of the global traffic to the top 10,000 websites. 

  • In 2022, YouTube was the third most downloaded entertainment app worldwide, with 154 million downloads.

  • TikTok and Netflix hold the first and second positions with downloads of around 672 million and 165 million, respectively. 

1. More than 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube. 

As of June 2022, there are more than 500 hours of new videos uploaded per minute on the platform. This equates to approximately 300,000 hours of new content per hour. With online consumers preferring to watch online content more, the amount of content on YouTube is growing dramatically. 

2. Many people believe YouTube is the #1 platform they trust. 

I love to watch content on my favorite YouTube channels in my free time because I trust the information — but not all the content floating on the Internet is trustworthy. According to a survey, there are many people who trust YouTube and its content more compared to other social apps. 

  • 68% of participants trust posts and videos by regular people available on YouTube. 

  • 68% of respondents believe consumer reviews on YouTube are trustworthy. 

  • 61% find posts and videos by sponsored creators and social media influencers worth trusting. 

  • 50% of respondents said they trust YouTube ads over its competitors. 

YouTube Revenue Statistics 

Many YouTube users spend money on YouTube Premium and even for in-app purchases. Here are some related YouTube statistics covering the revenue of the platform in the past years. 

1. YouTube generates nearly $35 million from United States users. 

As of June 2023's Statista report, the United States generated the most YouTube in-app purchase revenues of nearly $35.3 million. Japan followed the United States, with users spending nearly $20.3 million in IAP revenues. 

YouTube in-app purchase revenues in June 2023

2. 73% of US respondents said they are willing to pay less than $5 per month for a YouTube subscription. 

We all love free content, but a survey conducted by Statista reveals people are even ready to pay for YouTube services. Here is what the results have to say:

  • 73% of YouTube users from the United States said that they would be willing to pay less than $5 per month. 

  • 15% said they can pay $5 per month. 

  • 8% of the respondents surveyed said they are willing to pay $10 per month. 

  • 2% responded that they might pay $15 per month for YouTube. 

  • 2% shared that they would spend over $20 per month to watch the content on YouTube. 

3. The worldwide advertising revenue of YouTube reduced from Q4 2022 to Q1 2023.

YouTube's advertising revenue graph isn't a straight line — instead, there are many ups and downs from 2018 to 2023. The latest data — released by Statista in April 2023 — reveals the revenue saw a dip from $7,963 billion (Q4 2022) to $6,693 billion (Q1 2023). 

Worldwide advertising revenues of YouTube as of first quarter 2023

YouTube Growth Statistics 

YouTube managed to grow its audience and generate high revenue from 2005 to 2023. Here's a glimpse of how YouTube grew to one of the most popular social apps. 

1. The first video, 'Me at the Zoo' uploaded on YouTube — by the co-founder Jawed Karim — currently has over 289 million views. 

2. Back in 2006, Google purchased YouTube for nearly $1.65 billion. 

Just after the domain was bought, Google decided to purchase the video-sharing platform for $1.65 billion. Google — the new owner of YouTube — thought they overpaid for the platform, but considering the growth of the platform, we know that Google got a steal. 

3. In August 2007, YouTube rolled out ads. 

Video ads are hosted on YouTube and play mainly before, during, or after YouTube videos — which makes it a whole other story. These ads are generally used to promote products or even existing videos on YouTube. Even businesses can use YouTube as an advertising channel to reach targeted audiences and grow their customer base.  

4. According to Semrush, YouTube is the world's second most visited website after Google.

5. As of December 2022, over 55,000 YouTube channels of US citizens had more than 100,000 subscribers — revealing an alarming 15% year-over-year growth. 

YouTube Marketing Statistics 

YouTube is my absolute favorite way to find the latest news, watch videos, and spend some free time. Before I sip my morning coffee, I've already seen countless ads. 

According to a Red Crow Marketing Inc. survey, Americans see nearly 4,000-10,000 ads every day — making YouTube an effective channel for marketers. 

1. 66% of shoppers have found the brand they love on YouTube. 

Talk Shoppe partnered with YouTube to survey 2000 streaming video consumers in the United States and understand the importance of YouTube ads. 

  • 70% of participants agree they feel good about the purchase they made. 

  • 69% of respondents said they found honest information. 

Surprisingly, 61% of YouTube users and shoppers said they won't regret buying, and 66% believe they can find the brands they love on YouTube. 

YouTube vs other social media competitors

2. 70% of viewers said they purchased from a brand after seeing them on YouTube. 

With YouTube's popularity among users, marketers are investing money in advertising their products on YouTube. An Ads & Commerce Blog by Google reveals that 70% of people bought from a platform after seeing it on YouTube. It also said there was a growth of over 260% of active advertisers using TrueView for action in the past year. 

YouTube for Business Statistics 

Many small businesses and even large enterprises like Apple have integrated YouTube into their content strategy. And why not? YouTube has become an incredible way to connect with audiences, provide value, and ultimately generate sales and profits. You might be shocked to hear that Apple Inc. spent $273.15 million in 2020-2021, making it the largest advertiser on YouTube. 

1. YouTube is a great platform for US creators and partners. 

Right behind Google, YouTube is an effective search engine and a great platform for US creators, partners, and businesses. 

  • Over 430,000 US creators and partners receive income due to their strong YouTube presence. 

  • 1 in 3 US creators agree that YouTube is their primary source of income. 

  • Over 160,000 YouTube creators and partners in the US offer employment to other people on their channels. 

  • More than 40,000 YouTube channels in the US earned money from alternative monetization in June 2022 — a growth of over 30% compared to last year. 

2. 83% of small business owners believe YouTube helps them grow their customer base and reach new audiences. 

Lots of small businesses are creating YouTube videos with the goal of turning viewers into their customers. With the time spent on YouTube statistics revealing the popularity of the platform, it has undoubtedly become a channel that should be high on the priority list of business owners. 

  • 83% of SMBs with a YouTube channel said that the social media platform helps them bring in more business by growing their customer base and expanding their reach. 

  • 83% of businesses having a YouTube channel said YouTube helped them improve local visibility. 

  • 80% believe YouTube is a cost-effective method to train employees and staff members. 

  • 78% of SMBs agree YouTube is essential to their business growth. 

  • 67% of SMBs believe YouTube helps them grow their revenue. 

Statistics related to small business owners with a YouTube channel

3. 26% of respondents agree they discover products via YouTube ads. 

When HubSpot surveyed social media users, 26% of respondents said they discovered new brands and products via YouTube ads. 

59% of respondents in a survey by Latitude agreed that YouTube ads are more relevant than ads on linear TV or other streaming apps. These statistics are huge, as this data comes directly from the survey of social media users. 

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts has soon become the favorite of users — one reason is that these reels are more value-packed videos and can be watched quickly. But does that mean long-form video content does not work on YouTube? Well, no. The ideal length of any YouTube video is nearly 12 minutes but can vary from 7 to 15 minutes, depending on the industry you're in. Here are some YouTube Shorts statistics you should be aware of:

  • YouTube Shorts have an average of over 70 billion daily views

  • Video action campaigns with product feeds saw a 70%+ increase in conversation on YouTube Shorts over others without product feeds. 

  • While YouTube Shorts had 1.5 billion global monthly active users in 2022, the number grew to 2 billion by the end of July 2023 — which is relatively incredible. 

YouTube Channels 

As of February 2023, T-Series is the most popular YouTube channel with 273 million subscribers. The second is YouTube Movies, which have nearly 163 million people watching it. Let's check the ten most subscribed YouTube channels in 2023.

  • T-Series: 237 million 

  • YouTube Movies: 163 million 

  • Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes: 155 million 

  • SET India: 152 million 

  • MrBeast: 136 million 

  • Music: 118 million 

  • PewDiePie: 111 million 

  • Kids Diana Show: 109 million 

  • Like Nastya: 104 million 

  • Gaming: 94.3 million 

YouTube vs Social Apps

In cooperation with Kepios, Statista revealed the most popular social media networks — that are ranked by the number of monthly active users. 

  • Facebook: 2,989 million 

  • YouTube: 2,527 million 

  • WhatsApp: 2,000 million 

  • Instagram: 2,000 million 

  • WeChat: 1,319 million 

  • TikTok: 1,081 million 

  • Facebook Messenger: 1,038 million 

  • Snapchat: 750 million 

  • Douyin: 730 million 

  • Telegram: 700 million 

YouTube vs TikTok Statistics 

Although YouTube is a popular social media app, it is far from the only competent platform. TikTok was launched in 2016 — almost a decade after YouTube — but managed to gain traction from different countries. 

  • According to the survey by Statista, 60% of Internet users use YouTube multiple times a day, whereas only 54% prefer TikTok. 

  • 14% of respondents agree that they use YouTube once a day and 13% voted for TikTok. 

YouTube Statistics FAQs

How Much Does YouTube Pay for 1000 Views? 

A YouTuber earns $18 for every 1000 views but will vary depending on various factors like subscriber count. Of course, for many Youtubers, the answer is nothing or a little. 

How Much Time Does an Average Person Spend on YouTube? 

The average time spent on YouTube is increasing — at a slower pace — from the year 2019 to 2024. Here are time spent on YouTube statistics you must check out: 

  • 2019: 39.7 minutes 

  • 2020: 43.7 minutes 

  • 2021: 45 minutes 

  • 2022: 46.2 minutes 

  • 2023: 47.5 minutes 

  • 2024: 48.7 minutes 

What is The Average Length of YouTube Videos? 

The average YouTube video length is 11.7 minutes. Music videos are generally shorter by approximately 6.8 minutes, while gaming videos are longer by up to 24.7 minutes. While creating the YouTube content, make sure you get straight to the point and remove all the fluff. 

How Much is YouTube Worth? 

Back in 2018, Morgan Stanley pegged YouTube's valuation at around $160 billion. In 2019, Needham analyst Laura Martin estimated that YouTube could be a $300 billion company. Two years later, Howie Mann estimated the valuation for YouTube, which is around $183 billion — which makes YouTube one of the largest video and entertainment companies in the world. 

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YouTube can be tough to navigate, but you can turn it into a lead-generation machine. While getting discovered and growing your audience isn't easy, understanding YouTube statistics can help you win the race. 

Remember, YouTube is a hub of information, with thousands of videos uploaded every day. If you're a business owner or a content creator, make sure you tap into the market to generate more leads and revenue.